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Today I would like to tell you happy news for International students through this vlog. This is especially for students who come to Sweden on a student visa. A Golden Opportunity. Hello Welcome everyone to Mallu Routes TV Today’s vlog is doing by me. (Kunjumol Rin) I thought to have a change. Today’s vlog is about how to come to Sweden on a student visa. Or What is the process for an international student for a Swedish student visa? What documents need to submit? What is its fee structure? How long it will take to get a student visa? Thes are the things I am letting you know through this vlog. I hope this will be a useful video for people whos are having student visa doughts. I AM NOT A REGISTERED VISA ADVISOR We came from INDIA to SWEDEN in a student visa. Then we completed the course. and got the Work permit and settled here and living here with my family. We doing this video in that experience. If there is any mistake please forgive me. Please comment under my video. I will clarify your doughts. ok Let’s start the process how to reach in Sweden on a student visa. first, I give you basic information about student visa to come to Sweden. Age is not a problem to apply for a student visa to Sweden. Next point We need to pay full tuition fees to all other countries, before going to applying for the visa. In Sweden, we only need to pay 6 months’ tuition fees, which means 1st-semester fees. Using that confirmation mail or receipt we apply for the visa. I choose a master’s course to come to Sweden. You don’t need IELTS If you choose Degree or diploma course You need IELTS IELTS score- 6.5 needed These are the general information. Now let’s see how to apply for a visa. The documents need for the visa visa processing Visa fees These are the details I am going to share with you next. I can tell you step by step. The first step to applying for student visa. Choose a course All the course has been selected through this website. Even if you take admission through an agency or direct, This is the same place they have to go through. We have to register on that website and take the course. Please go there and Create an account Use your normal email id and password to open an account. We can see all the list of Swedish universities on that website. We can see all the details of those universities on that website. How long the course will be and how much it will coast. You will get all the details from that website. So Please search for your favourite course you want. Please check which university has those courses. Then select your favourite 4 universities. Then you can give preferences to which university you take 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th When you choose your right university It will show you what documents you need to submit. The documents needed for the student visa are The mark list of your previous studies, Transcript Passport copy Then you need to attach a personal letter. You have to explain in that personal letter that why you took this course and this university. If you are doing the Degree course or Under-Graduate course you need to do IELTS. and attach that document. If you are doing the MASTERS course you don’t need to do the IELTS. Next step is to pay its fees Its the Admission fees. Admission fees are 900 Swedish kronor. I you convert it in Indian Rupees, it will be 7000 Indian Rupees It can vary depending on currency fluctuation. It might be 7000 to 7500 Indian Rupees. You can pay this amount by credit card or debit card. or University will provide bank account details to pay this amount. You can do Direct -Debit to pay the fees. Within this two-step admission process is finished. This process is easy to take admission. When the payment is a success, you will get a confirmation by email and post. In that letter, it will be mentioned when you will receive Offer Letter We choose 4 universities,They will confirm that which university you will get the admission. and details of when will the course starts. All the details you need will be in that Offer letter. Within two or three months. After you receive an offer letter, the next step is The next step is to pay the first Sem fees(1Sem-6months). You don’t need to pay the full course fee, You can if you want to 🙂 The first sem fee (6-months) you need to pay in a particular period. We need to pay. It might be 20- 30 days. We must pay this amount to secure the seat in the college and apply for a residence permit (Swedish visa) Bank details of the universities will be provided in the offer letter to pay the fees. When the amount is successful we get a confirmation email. Saying amount is been received. That paper needs to apply for visa process. This means that admission is OK. You are eligible to have a seat at that university. Then the next step is to apply for visa processing. To apply for a Swedish visa(Resident card)you need to go to google and search for This is the legal site which use to apply for Swedish visa All the details for this site will be provided in the description. You are all welcome to go and check it out. When you go inside that site. you will see the link to apply for a student visa. All the details will be provided in that site, please check it out. What all documents you needed, how much will be the fees. The common documents needed are The person who comes to Sweden in a student visa, how long period the course is for. need to show the living expense for that long period. For example, if its a degree course. for 3 years According to Migrationboad, He or she needs to show Monthly 8,514 Swedish kronor, If it’s for 3 years, 8,514 x 3 years Next is for dependent (Spouse/Registered partner- 3,500 x 3years (Depend on the course time period) 3500 swedish krona= 45,000 / 50,000 Indian Rupees (It can change due to currency fluctation) It’s for the dependent Same as the main applicant, dependent need to show this amount of money for that long period. Next is for child Their coast is 2100 Swedish kroner x 3years(Depend of the course time period) So the total expense for one year(main applicant, wife/husband/1child)is 1,263,840.02(Twelve lakh twenty-six thousand)It can change. We need to keep this amount in the bank account and take the statement We need a copy of the passbook We need to attach this document for applying for visa. When we deposit this amount in the bank keep a separate account for the Main applicant (Student) and Separate account for the spouse and child(Dependent) You can keep the amount in two account So please take a separate copy for the bank statement and passbook for the student (Main applicant). Dependent separate copy and bank statement a passbook You don’t need to add your child’s name in your or your spouse’s account your child amount needs in your or your spouse account. These are the documents needed to apply for the visa. I will repeat it once again. Passport copy, for people who are all applying for the visa. Bank statement The statement means Bank statement Bank Passbook copy Birth certificate copy for children under 18 years old. A letter from the parents who are taking care of their children. It’s showing that all the responsibility as a parent to these children. Couse fee paid document from the university. Copy of the offer letter All these documents need to be attached for visa Then go inside Press Begin application Create a user name and password to create an Account This you need to create when you apply the first time. When you go inside you will get an application form online to apply. Do it online is faster and better. Paper application takes more time than online So just fill the form online and apply, Its fairly easy. They ask students details Their documents support the visa There will be dependent / Spouse details you can add. Even the children’s application options can be seen. If you have multiple children you can add information about them. So just fill those documents and give details of applicants and submit Next, we have to pay Visa fees. Visa application fees. The application fees are Main applicant/adult- 1500Swedish Kroner- ( per person) 13,000 IndianRupees (Per person) It can change depending on the currency fluctuation For children under 18years. 750 Swedish Krone (Per child) 4,500 Indian Rupees (per child) It can change depending on currency fluctuation For husband, wife and child coast – 3, 750 Swedish Krone around 30,000 Indian Rupees For application fees or visa processing fee We need to pay We can pay it with a debit card or credit card The process is almost finished. The last step is to do Bio-metrics For bio-metrics we have to go to Delhi, Its the only embassy for Sweden do Bio-metrics Once you applied for the visa and after 48hours you can go and do bio-metrics Which means after two days, you are allowed to do Bio-Metrics Please take all the original and copy documents you used to apply for Visa. Bio-metrics take around 5 -10 minutes You have to provide your address where the decision /visa (Residence card). They can Sent it to you You can choose either go and collect it from this embassy or registered post that delivered to your home. You need to pay around 500 Indian Rupees for the registered Post. If you want to sent the Resident card to your home. Now you have to wait for their decision It takes 0 – 90 days to make the decision on your application. So these are the process to apply for your student visa. We came here (Sweden) through the same process In student visa By my Husband (Rin Jacob Tholath) He came here as a student He finished the course He got an internship in IKEA – as 3D Artist for 3 months. The same company ( IKEA )-He is working for the last 2 years. In that experience, we are making this video Hope this will be very helpful for the students who wish to come to Sweden. I would like to inform you happy news through this vlog Students who comes to Sweden in student visa A golden opportunity Until now stay back period for a job search was 6 months From, 2020, They extended to 1 year. It’s a better option and a good opportunity for those who wish to stay here and look for job and settle All the universities are giving accommodation to international students. Universities are providing pickup service also. Both dependent and the main applicant can do a full-time job Until last year’s student visa permit, you get it only for 1 year. Means 13months Now if you take these 5 universities you can get a straight 2 years visa. I already explained all the details you need to know for a student visa to Sweden. I am going to publish all the links you needed to apply for a student visa. So everyone who wishes to come here as a student, please watch this video If you like to know more Please put comments under this video or email us [email protected] We will give you a reply ASAP If you find any mistakes We will clarify it ok We will come with a new vlog and new ideas Until then Byeeeeeeeeee- Kunjumol Rin

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