Students Find Creative Solutions in AT&T 5G Course at Mizzou

M-I-Z. STUDENTS: Z-O-U. AMBER: About six months ago we started an effort with the University of Missouri to bring a 5G course to the university campus. “They need a secure integrated connectivity within their own network.” AMBER: We put together this curriculum, brought in 20 students that were handpicked across a number of different colleges and so, they’re here today as a kickoff for their semester. JONATHAN: Students are going to get firsthand knowledge about the foundations of wireless technologies, about the evolution of 5G, as well as, the opportunity to see firsthand in an immersive experience, 5G in action: out at AT&T Stadium here at the AT&T Discovery District, as well as, AT&T Foundry in Plano, Texas. KAITLYN: I think the hardest thing is gonna be how many possibilities there are with 5G. It is such a big field that we really don’t even know what question we’re answering yet. DR. ROSS: What we’re doing is taking our students off the campus, out of the state, to take education to a futuristic level and we’re building these collaborative interdisciplinary teams to attack a real business problem. ♫ MUSIC ♫ SOLOMON: Immediately pulling up on the bus to the stadium. It was just sort of mind blowing, like how big it was. “You don’t have to be a Cowboy fan to appreciate the architectural marvel you’re about to see.” SOLOMON: And then you step inside and you’ve got the field there. “That’s so cool.” Just going through the technology that’s behind the stadium, we were talking about these theoretical things and like what it can enable for the consumer and then to actually go to a stadium and sort of see it in practice. “Each one of these columns has one of our 5G Wi-Fi hotspots hooked into it.” TAYLOR: We hear about these experiences, VR and AR, and you don’t get a chance to actually use them and so, I’m already thinking about how I can bring that to my campus. (GROUP SHOUTING) “This is our unsteady foundation and it’s gonna represent the access that we bring to the students on campus with 5G.” BECKY: The goal of today is to get them thinking differently, so taking what they learned yesterday about 5G, what they’re learning about AT&T, and thinking about how we can implement that on their campus. “Should we put anything on the lamp post so they say it’s like a sensor?” “Yeah, no, there’s tiny pieces in here. We can definitely cut these up.” TAMY: It’s real exciting to watch them using their knowledge and their skills and their creativity to come up with solutions that will help improve the lives of everyone. ERIC: Basically it’s game day traffic control, so like you’re going to allocate security and police officers towards like the actual crowd. ANNETTE: This whole interdisciplinary way of doing things is like I’m finding my superpower, I’m finding my place in the world and my potential. CHRISTINE: It’s really exciting to see the fresh ideas, hear the questions, hear the perspectives of these students and to see that coming together and it’s truly the ultimate immersive learning experience. BRANDON: I want people to know that we’re preparing ourselves and AT&T, as a whole, to provide the best product possible with 5G and incorporating that into everyone’s daily lives. AJAY: I couldn’t be proud of about our students. When you look at technology and 5G as your crown jewels, these are my crown jewels. Our students are our assets. My hopes and aspirations are these guys are going to be the future business leaders. Not just here, but anywhere. ♫ MUSIC FADES ♫

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