Study Business Management on Demand with UniSA Online

The Bachelor of Business Management is a
degree that helps students to learn the foundations of management – how to manage
the resources of an organisation and different management styles.
I think people going into a Bachelor of Business Management are looking for a
career in business, but they’re not specific so they don’t want to be say an
accountant or marketing – they really want to go up those sort of different levels
of management and have a broader view of the organisation. Where in the past we
might have seen online courses that are a modified version of an on-campus
course, at UniSA Online we’ve really tried to remake the courses specifically
for an online audience. We’ve got a rich media resource where
we’re presenting information with a combination of video, audio, moving
diagrams, still images, words on the page because we’re really trying to get
people to engage. Things are broken down into bite-sized chunks – much more
manageable you know rather than sitting through an hour, hour-and-a-half long
lecture. Everything’s broken down so that we can deal with each learning objective
as a piece and students can actually try and see if they actually understand that
before they moving on to the next bit. There’s going to be some structured
interaction in terms of the learning tasks that we’ve set and getting people
to work together because we know that building communication skills and
teamwork is something that employers are definitely looking for. And then of
course there’s just the incidental interaction where one person asks a
question and another person answers it, and all of a sudden a conversation
emerges – and we think those conversations are really important.
That’s where the learning happens, rather than the student just being out there
alone. We really do want to link in much more heavily than we ever have by having
very proactive tutors and I think it’s important in online to try and build up a
sense of community so the students feel like they belong. You’ll be using case
studies, you’ll be working through questions and examples, getting ideas
about how you can manage better – and the advantage is you could be learning that on
the weekend and Monday morning you walk into the office and you can apply it.
We’re not asking anyone to come on campus, we’re not even asking them to be
online at a certain time for some kind of get-together or online chat.
Certainly those opportunities are available but it’s not a requirement. The UniSA Business School
is ranked in the top 1% in the world and we are one of only nine institutions in
the country that have EQUIS accreditation. That then gives the
students assurance that what we produce is high quality. Here’s an opportunity to
actually learn about organisational leadership and systems within an
organisation, better understand your workplace and help you to step up to a
higher level in the organisation.

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