Study Early Childhood Education and Care — Laetisha Scanlan

Hi my name is Leticia Scanlan and I’m an
elite athlete in the sport of clay target shooting. I’m a two times Commonwealth Games gold medallist an Olympic finalist and currently ranked
ninth in the world. What got me interested in child care was probably
only a couple of years ago when I was playing with my little cousins and I
realised that I could actually get paid to do something like this.
I just love kids and I was really excited at the opportunity to start a
course in childcare, and it was probably after the Olympic Games that I realised
that I needed a better work-life balance and I thought, what can I do that’s going
to be rewarding, and my first thought was childcare. One of the reasons that I did
choose Selmar was the fact that they offered a course via correspondence
which I think is invaluable to what I needed at the time. It allows me to travel and I can still study and email my teachers
and, you know, whenever I’m having a difficult time they’re always there for
me. I was speaking to some of my friends and their partners had all studied at
Selmar and they said it was a no-brainer in terms of the support that they offer
In saying this, I’ve been studying with them for the last three months and I can’t
speak more highly of them they’ve been fantastic, and they’ve really understood,
you know, the time and things that I’ve needed just being an athlete and really
trying to focus on getting my assignments in on time and things like
that. So I wouldn’t choose any other organisation and I would recommend Selmar to everyone.

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