Study finance | University of Strathclyde International Study Centre

I think the business school is a very welcoming
environment, the first thing that strikes you- it’s rather modern architecture and
everything there is new and it is really like when you come there you feel like you’re about
to start learning something. In the labs you have certain terminals with the Bloomberg
platform, that’s the terminal they use to check securities, check prices, price movements
and all those things. That allows students to train on the platform as well. Upon finishing
this I’m definitely going to make applications to banks, security firms, pretty much any
players in financial services industry. They have career services, they are quite connected
to industry players, working towards your grades and your school work with the awareness
that this should translate to some kind of job placement or some kind of prospects with
an employer. I think long term I will travel back to Nigeria and be quite involved in
communal development because there will be certain issues there and I think the country
is definitely going to grow both demographically, resource-wise and also economically too like
it is already doing now.

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