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I’ve always been quite passionate about the café
industry. A lot of my previous careers were people-based so I’ve always been working with
people. I figured that what better industry, other than
hospitality, to take that further. So I jumped online, did some research, came
across Chisholm and was glad that I did. I chose Chisholm because I found that it’s
a big organisation, one that has been around for a long time, so reputation played a very
big role for me. What I like about the hospitality department
here is we have a patisserie where whatever we cook in the kitchens actually comes out
the patisserie and is sold to real customers and it’s a business environment so there’s
a model for you to emulate. If you’re looking for holistic training, where
you’re trained from step one, I think it’s a great place because the teachers are really
patient and they actually take their time out to go to individuals to find out what
their needs are. And that has been really great for me, because prior to coming here
I’ve never cooked in my life so that was a revelation that my chef took on board, he
was like “Yep, don’t worry – you’ll be fine”. So that’s a good thing and I think that’s
something that comes with the culture of Chisholm. I think it’s important to follow your passion.
To me if you do something you’re passionate about it doesn’t really feel like work and
that’s something that I currently identify with. Chisholm has helped me turn my passion
into a career, and I’m sure it can do it for you as well.

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