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I grew up in Orange County. Moving to Canada was kind of a shock. I’m from India and I’m doing my master’s
in biomedical engineering. Hi, my name is Felipe Luzardo. I am from Colombia. Hello, my name is Aisha and I am studying
in international management. Hi, my name is Anna. Hi my name is Anastasiya. And we are from Ukraine. And we study nursing. Hello, my name is Tong and I’m from China. I came to Canada in 2010 to study master of
public and international affairs. Hi, my name is Aziz Nasher. I’m from Yemen, and I graduated with a bachelors
of commerce in accounting. Why study in Canada? So why I decided to come to Canada, that is
a really great question because… A lot of my friends thought, “Oh, you’re
going to Canada? It’s not an American University?” But the quality of education, the professors,
they come from the most prestigious universities. To me, the quality of education is the fact
that it’s recognized all over the world. It offers you an edge over the others. So if you compare the quality and the price,
I think Canadian universities is absolutely the better choice. In terms of cost, I was paying a lot less,
but the quality was on par with what I had already experienced in an American university. The cost for me to stay in Canada for about
two years can only support me to stay in America for only one year. After I submitted my application, it was three
days that I got my visa in my hand. I did it, everything on my own. I just went online to the immigration website
and I got all the forms from there. I filled it myself, and everything is like
crystal clear. I really had fun enjoying the winter activities
here. There’s lots of stuff to do: there’s skating,
there’s cross country skiing, downhill skiing; there’s outdoor activities everywhere as
long as you go outside and know how to take advantage of it. I came here like two years ago to study English. I fell in love with the country. I want to emphasize that bilingualism was
a really great opportunity for me to come to Canada because my mother tongue is, in
fact, French. I came here when I was fourteen just to study
English and I like it. And I decided to come back here, to college. How interesting it is being in college here,
there’s so much hands-on experience and you learn what you really have to do when
you go into the field. The lab practice, it just gives us more confidence. I am studying hotel and restaurant management
in a college and my future plan is to open my own restaurant. I want to open something different. I have ideas in my mind. I want to bring some of my culture here. After graduating with my bachelor’s degree,
I decided to become a citizen. I’ve met people from Haiti, from South East
Asia, East Asia, from the Middle East, from Africa, from Europe. I’ve met people from all over the world. Well, at least the metaphor that’s used
here is the “Mosaic.” Everyone comes from the same different walks
of life, from the same different corners of the world and that’s what’s beautiful
about it. There are no homogenized Canadian identities,
that we are all a part of society as one. Even though my family is far away in the Ivory
Coast, I do not feel foreign or unwelcome, and I feel really good here as I am easily
integrated. People are friendly and everything is fine
here. They want you here. I like the teaching style and they taught
me how to think. You get more confidence and then you really
learn something… After graduation, I had the opportunity to
work in my field of study, and I’ve now become a chartered accountant working for a Canadian
firm. I chose Canada in the end, and I never regret
my choice. It’s fun and it’s a very different experience
that I think everybody should get in life once. You take home more than just a degree; you
take home an experience of a lifetime that’s unmatched anywhere else. So it really wasn’t much of a choice, it
was obvious. I had to come to Canada. It’s beautiful, it’s Canadian! EduCanada
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