Study Psychology Online at Curtin University!

Hello and welcome to the School of Psychology
and Speech Pathology at Curtin University. My name is Adrian North and I am the Head
of School. Thank you for choosing Curtin to study psychology
in a way that fits with your own lifestyle. Psychology at Curtin is consistently ranked
in the top 150 psychology schools in the world. We have around 1200 students, and more than
60 world-leading research and teaching staff. Our Bachelor courses in psychology are accredited
by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, making them your gateway to a range
of exciting career opportunities. All our teaching is produced by the same award-winning academics who teach in the classroom here in Perth, using the same materials and resources
as students learning on the campus. The lectures are pre-recorded so you can watch
them wherever and whenever you want to – even on your mobile. You take take part in
specially-developed learning exercises as and when it suits you. And you have the same
level of access to teaching staff as campus-based students, and access to a range of online
support resources, such as Curtin Life, which provides guidance on study skills as well
as a portal to a range of health and well-being services. The psychology course includes developmental
and biological psychology, research design and analysis, cognitive and social psychology,
abnormal psychology, perception and personality, and psychological testing. Our focus is on
applying psychology to the real world, so that when you graduate you’re in a position to make a real difference. I wouldn’t say my life is exactly standard. So far this year I’ve been to Egypt, Vietnam and Bolivia on assignment. With my lifestyle I thought I’d find study hard, but thanks to Curtin Online wherever I go, my studies follow. Doing a degree through Curtin Online really works for me. I didn’t really have any idea what online study would be like but Curtin Online is so much more than I expected. My lectures are pre-recorded, so I can watch them wherever and whenever I want to. Even on my mobile. Many tutors set aside time each week to keep in touch with their online students. I love all these opportunities to interact with my teachers and classmates. I’ve met awesome people, had some really interesting discussions, and even made some great friends. Most of the support services available to on-campus students are also available to me online. Unilife for example, is packed with academic guidance and support resources. As well as heaps of health and well-being services. No matter where I am, I really feel like I’m part of the Curtin University community. With Curtin Online, I’m working towards the degree I want. After completing an undergraduate psychology
degree, graduates are equipped with critical thinking skills, research training, communication
skills and other talents which are highly valued by a wide range of employers and industries. Wherever, whenever, or however you choose
to study, you will feel a part of the Curtin psychology community. So welcome to the School
of Psychology and Speech Pathology and to our online psychology course. I hope that
your time with us helps to make your tomorrow better.

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