Surprising Things During My First Few Months in Canada (w/ENG Subs)

When I came to Canada, I spoke Portugese for two weeks because my
English is really really terrible… was, was really terrible. Like uh… I couldn’t speak… almost nothing. Just answer “yes” and “no”. So I came to Canada in 2013. That was six
years ago. I joined Grade 11 at West Van’s Secondary
High School. So at this time, the English school I think
had a lot of Asians. I had a friend in this school. So he was like
a Japanese person. And when I spoke English it was funny because I was speaking English and Japanese together. Because I know a little bit of Japanese because
I learned a long time ago. And uh… I wanted to say something in English
but I don’t know what’s the word. So I just used the Japanese [word]. The thing that really surprised me about Canada
was how casual it is to strike up a conversation with strangers. And coming from you know, Thailand, which
is a place where it’s quite conservative and it’s hard to, to approach a stranger, I find that it’s very… it’s very… It’s
very casual here. And now I’m in the college so I can learn
a lot of English in the college. Like talking with people and also in work.
Because I can work part-time here. And in my work, I work in a restaurant, and
it’s like a big restaurant. And almost all people there are Canadian so I can learn slangs I can learn a lot of some things. I would encourage you, as international students,
to really put yourself out there. And don’t be shy. And you know, try to talk
to as many people as you can. And you’ll really have a great time here in Canada.

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