Technology Advances Help Deaf Students

Technology has done a lot more then
create portable gaming and cool phones. Much to today’s advances allow deaf and
hard-of-hearing people to gain access to things they may not have had before. Christie: “Now we have video phones, we can make calls by ourselves. We don’t have to depend on others and it
really helps with privacy.” A counselor with the Phoenix Day School
for the Deaf, Christie Abrams, says this kind of
software gives her more independence. She says that it also helps with
communication for her students. Christie: “With some of the students, their families don’t know sign language.
It’s really important for me to be able to call them if I want so I can explain
and tell them about what’s going on.” Video Relay Services provide
interpreters for different languages like Spanish. This allows communication
to be easier for everyone. Christie says being able to see what
options are out there is a major benefit for kids in Deaf schools. Christie: “If they are in a Deaf school there’s more of a chance that they will know about the different technology
accessible to the Deaf.”

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