Teens React To Cardi B – Press (Music Video & Easter Eggs)

– I’m having like a sensory overload,
and I’m not okay. – She’s just a woman
trying to make it in the rap game, and it’s hard. ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ ♪ (tense music) ♪ – (gasps) Oooh! I know what y’all are up to.
I know what y’all are up to! Can I say who it is?
This is Cardi B, Press music video. – Is that Cardi B? – Oh, it’s Cardi! – She’s such a baddie, ooh! ♪ (tense music) ♪ (gun clicks)
– What are you showing me? (gunshot echoes)
– Whoa, that escalated quickly. Just right off the bat, huh?
Just right off the gate. (crowd cheers) – It’s kinda hard to tell
what’s going on. – That’s what I’d wear
in that situation, looks great. – I have never seen
anything like this. – ♪ Yeah ♪ – To be honest,
I find it kinda interesting. – She’s crazy, Cardi’s crazy! – ♪ Bitches be pressed ♪
– Okay! [bleep] out and everything!
– Oh she’s naked. She has no nipples though. What happened to her nipples? – I’m so thrown off with
the whole shirtless, no nipple thing. I’m all “free the nipple,”
but like where’s the nipple? – ♪ Who the [bleep] she gonna check ♪
♪ She be talkin’ that [bleep] ♪ – (laughs) She naked.
She really naked. – The first time I saw it,
I was not even surprised that she was like frickin’ naked. – ♪ Who the [bleep] she gonna check ♪
♪ She be talkin’ that [bleep] ♪ ♪ Talking out of her neck ♪
♪ Put blood on her dress, woo ♪ ♪ Bitches be mad when they see ♪
♪ Cardi step in the spot ♪ ♪ Said that you ’bout it ♪
♪ We know that you not ♪ ♪ I’ma pull up on bitches ♪
♪ As soon as I drop ♪ – I’m having like a sensory overload.
And I’m not okay. There’s so many things
happening at once. – ♪ [bleep] Be flexin’ ♪
♪ We know what you got ♪ ♪ Cardi done had got ♪
♪ The game in a knot ♪ [bleep]
♪ I got him on lock ♪ – I don’t know what she’s saying
to be honest with you. (laughs) – They’re all naked!
Mom, I’m sorry! – ♪ They throwin’ [bleep] ♪
♪ ‘Cause they see me on top ♪ ♪ Tell that bitch to pull up ♪
♪ I’ma send you the drop ♪ ♪ Press, press, press, press, press ♪
♪ Cardi don’t need more press ♪ – I love Cardi, oh my goodness! – ♪ Press, press, press, press, press ♪ – (sings along)
♪ Cardi don’t need no press ♪ – ♪ Kill ’em all ♪
♪ Put them hoes to rest ♪ ♪ Walk in, bulletproof vest ♪
♪ Please tell me who she gonna check ♪ ♪ Murder scene, Cardi made a mess ♪
– I like Cardi on the choreo! – ♪ Pop up, guess who, bitch ♪
♪ Ding dong ♪ ♪ Must be that whip that I ordered ♪ – This is different
from her other songs. – ♪ You know a bad bitch ♪
♪ Gonna spoil her ♪ ♪ Got one in New York ♪
♪ Need one in Georgia ♪ ♪ New Bentley truck cost a quarter ♪
♪ My money still long like weave, woo ♪ – (sings along) [bleep]
♪ Wet like Florida ♪ – ♪ Everyone drop on the floor ♪
– Hey! – ♪ She was talkin’ but not anymore ♪
– Pretty cool music video. – Oh, angry old men
don’t understand her. – White men.
What’s new? – ♪ [bleep] Around, we gonna ♪
♪ Start a new challenge ♪ – She’s so angry! – ♪ [bleep] I’m Cardi Andretti ♪
♪ [bleep] At your crib ♪ ♪ We don’t go to no ‘telly ♪ ♪ I sit on his face ♪
♪ Whenever I’m ready, woo ♪ – Oh dang.
♪ Got the biggest house on my street ♪ – Why are you murdering these people?
What did they do to you? What happened!? – Wait wait, hold on, hold on.
Whoa, wait! What happened? – ♪ Put them hoes to rest ♪
♪ Walk in bulletproof vest ♪ ♪ Please tell me who she gonna check ♪
♪ Murder scene, Cardi made a mess ♪ – She mad, mad!
– ♪ Pop up, guess who, bitch ♪ – I’m still pretty confused
on what’s happening. – Went from being “oh I’m innocent”,
to just killing everybody! Oh! (laughs)
– ♪ Guess who bitch ♪ – No one’s safe! Cardi wildin’ like, okay. – I’m trying to get
a message from this, but the ending, so she drowned someone
so like, what was the message? – Cardi has been
in the press a lot recently, and I know she has been like…
She’s been in court, so I feel like her publicist
really wanted to push this video, this song through,
and it’s honestly working for her. – (FBE) So that was the music video
for “Press” by rapper Cardi B. – I thought it was kinda crazy.
Half of it caught me off guard, ’cause like oh wait,
they’re all naked. – There were so many images
passing my eyes. (laughs) I feel like it was more shock value
than actual meaning. – (FBE) The music video has been
heavily talked about, thanks to Cardi’s different looks
throughout the video, the nude choreography,
and the violence, among other things. So before we dive into the questions,
we wanted to take a closer look into the video by analyzing
some portions of the video, starting with her lyrics. – Okay. – ♪ Bitches be pressed ♪
♪ They know how I’m coming ♪ ♪ Real bitch in the flesh, woo ♪
– Savage! – (FBE) So what do you think
she’s referring to here, when she says the first line
about being pressed. – Well pressed can be
like publicity press, and press could also just be,
oh like bitches be pressed, by like they’re angry,
they’re holding grudges against you. They’re so… they’re giving her
[bleep] for no reason. So it has two meanings. – I don’t know it could be
for like that whole Nicki thing, or it could be like
the actual paparazzi? – Oh no, there’s people protesting
at the beginning of the video. It might be like a feminism thing. – (FBE) Some fans speculate
that the use of press throughout the song,
versus the word Press, the main title, is a key to figure out
what Cardi means with this track. – I don’t know, I feel like Bardi Gang
looks too deep into it. I feel like it’s a rap song, I wanna know what we’re talking about
right now, ’cause it’s rap. If I have to go and evaluate it,
it’s like oh girl, I can just go read a book
or something. (laughs) – (FBE) So something that pressed,
in this context is referencing to someone being pressured
to act a certain way, whether it’s from fans, the media,
or even from other celebrities, and it seems to be aimed
towards everyone that judges her, not just the press and the headlines.
– That’s pretty good, actually. I didn’t even think of that. Maybe it also has a little something
to do about the allegations that she had a while ago,
with the stuff that she did to men. – The media on her,
is kinda deserved, because she kinda did
some sketchy stuff. – She’s obviously sick and tired
of people always talking about her, but that’s the thing
that comes with fame. – ♪ Done with the talking ♪
♪ I’m open to violence ♪ ♪ Ask anybody ♪
♪ They know I’m about it ♪ – Ooh! (laughs)
She ready to pop some bitches. – (FBE) What do you think
Cardi’s referring to here? – My best bet, ’cause I only know
a little bit about her drama, I’m gonna have to say
it’s the Nicki Minaj thing. – She wants to keep talking
about the problems. What else is she supposed to do?
Everyone’s ignoring her at this point. Honestly, violence might be
the key now. – I think she’s just fronting,
to be honest. She’s really trying to like big dog,
put pressure on. – People say, what is it, like,
all bark/no bite, something like that. I feel like she’s saying like that.
Like she’s gonna, like she’s not just about the talking, she’s about actually
doing something about it. – (FBE) Some fans think that this line
may refer to Cardi’s infamous New York Fashion Week feud
with rap star Nicki Minaj. – Yep, probably,
I wouldn’t doubt it. I just remember, you know,
the Barbz and Bardi Gang going at it. – (FBE) So the pair were rumored
to just not be getting along with users online speculating
that there are a handful of disses in their music that are actually aimed
towards one another, and they managed to pretty much
keep things cordial, until Nicki allegedly
questioned Cardi’s parenting, and then the two reportedly
got into a physical altercation, where Cardi attempted to fight Nicki,
and threw a designer heel at her. – I didn’t know that.
Dang, she be violent! (laughs) – Was it Gucci, was it Prada?
What was it!? It seems like a publicity stunt. They’re not in a hurry
to make it up for it. If they did, it’d be boring.
No one wants to see people get along! They love when people fight. – It doesn’t seem like it’s a posed,
like celebrity feud, for press. They genuinely don’t like each other,
and are throwing really bad attacks at each other,
and I like both of them, so it’s kinda hard. I’ve been a big Cardi fan,
but I also really like Nicki. – It’s just unnecessary bickering,
but it’s like fun and entertaining. – (FBE) So next we have
a couple of images that some fans
have been talking about. – Okay, I feel like her outfit
is symbolizing something, but I’m not really sure.
– She’s wearing all white, and then everybody in court whatever
is all white as well, so maybe that has something to do,
that she’s trying to say something about race? – The whole area where Cardi is,
that’s all women, and all the people
that she’s standing up to are men. – The people judging her
are all old white dudes. (laughs) And all the people on her team
are women. – (FBE) So, some have pointed out
how Cardi’s legal team here is all female.
– Yes! (snaps fingers)
Girl power! – (FBE) But as you see
in the image below, she’s standing trial
in front of all male judges. – Well this just basically represents
like now, and just the outside world and how it is now. There are these women
going through lots of stuff, and have to go up against
an all white, all male jury. – That’s definitely a message,
because there are too many damn men in office.
I’m bored! – (FBE) The last image
that we will show you is from Cardi’s Instagram
that she posted to promote this video. – That’s Aileen Wuornos, right?
– (FBE) Mm-hmm. – Ew. – (FBE) In this image,
Cardi seems to be referencing the infamous serial killer
Aileen Wuornos. – It’s a serial killer,
oh, woah. – (FBE) Wuornos was sentenced to death
after she murdered seven men in Florida between 1989 and 1990.
– Dang. – (FBE) Before even going to trial,
the general public scene had already made up their mind
about Wuornos, and they viewed her as a monster, and they were disregarding
her innocent claims that her victims had either
raped or assaulted her, because she was a sex worker. – Yeah, I’m sorry, that still doesn’t
justify her killing seven men. The one thing I’m thinking about
right now is the younger audiences that are taking this in,
and they’re taking it literally, and they’re not getting the message,
and they’re just thinking like this woman on the right
is a good person. I don’t think this is a good message. – People are trying to say
that Cardi’s a bad guy in a sense now, but at the same time, you know,
she’s just a woman trying to make it in the rap game,
and it’s hard. But she feels like all these people
are attacking her, so I definitely do see how
the photographer would use that image. – I would love to give her
the benefit of doubt that maybe yes this is a message,
saying innocent until proven guilty, but for me it feels like
it’s more for shock value. – (FBE) So the music video for Press
came just days after Cardi plead not guilty
to charges stemming from a physical altercation
in a New York strip club in August of 2018. So a headline like this can
sometimes ruin a celebrity’s career, but some are speculating
that by releasing this video, Cardi seems to be taking those issues
and creating her own narrative out of the situation. – And she’s doing
a damn good job of it too, because like I was saying recently,
there’s no such thing as bad publicity when you’re getting it, and obviously,
she’s being in the limelight and this is probably even creating
more fans who like to see this rebellious, badass woman
coming to the scene. – (FBE) From your perspective,
what do you think teens today think of Cardi B?
– I mean, the whole entire, the people I hang out with,
we don’t like Cardi B. Everyone just kinda thinks
she’s a fake Nicki Minaj. – I feel like a lot of teens like her,
I feel like a lot of teens stopped liking Nicki and just started
going towards her more. – People hate her, people love her.
There’s really no in between. – A lot of people respect her,
but then everybody has already given her
that title of crazy. – I feel like most of my friends
and I have the same opinion, and it’s that you love Cardi
for who she is, but you know she’s problematic,
and you just have to accept it. It fits with the narrative
that she’s already selling. – (FBE) So, the music video
has ignited the press and social media with many pointing out Cardi B’s
murderous encounter with the couple, her own girl army,
and even the supposed murder of her own cell mate. Cardi B took to Instagram Live,
where we learned that she spent about two weeks watching videos
of women serial killers on YouTube to get inspired for this one.
– Wow. That’s kinda graphic. As long as she doesnt’ like it,
she’s like “yeah, I love killing!” You know? (laughs) As long as she doesn’t do that,
then I don’t mind. – She did her research.
She did what she had to do to make this iconic video. – (FBE) What do you think
about an artist like Cardi B diving into these darker areas
for this video? – I think it kinda is shock value.
You know, again, you get publicity. – As much as I am
also interested in true crime, I feel like there’s a fine line between profiting off of that interest
and having a certain interest in it, and being interested in the mind
of those types of things, rather than romanticizing it. She shouldn’t make it
seem like it’s okay. – The blood and violence,
which is so, so sad to say, it really doesn’t turn me on,
if anything, like America’s obsessed with just like all that.
That’s what I feel like. It was 100% for shock value. I feel like it was just
trying to trigger people. – (FBE) So finally, despite the situations
Cardi has found herself in, like the feud with Nicki,
and her altercations at the strip club she has stayed massive
for a while now, despite the reports
that are swirling around her. So do these type of situations
affect what teens listen to? Or do you guys mostly
just care about the music? – I don’t really care about the music.
It’s not gonna change my opinion on how I feel about an artist
or a song. – I mostly just care about the music,
and she knows that ’cause she’s milking it! She has music that people like,
and has the drama within the music so best of both worlds. – I tend to like just
pay attention to the music, pay attention to
the person’s goals now. I don’t really care about their past,
’cause it’s about who they are now, and who they’re trying to become
in the future. – At the end of the day, the reason why you like that artist
is because of the music. Can you separate the artist
from the art? I feel like that’s the main question
people have to ask themselves. – Thanks for watching this episode
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so you don’t miss an episode. – Thanks for watching, bye bye! – Hi guys, I’m JC,
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