Tennessee Home Inspector Licensing and Continuing Education

Hi, I’m Ben Gromicko from InterNACHI. The
state of Tennessee approves InterNACHI as a pre-licensing provider and Continuing Education
provider for home inspectors in Tennessee. Now, go to this webpage www.nachi.org/tennessee.
And there you’ll find all the information you need to be a successful home inspector
in Tennessee, including our licensing course, which is online and free to members. And there
on that page, you’ll find the 90-hour pre-licensing course that’s approved by Tennessee for home
inspectors. It’s actually a list of individual courses adding up to 90 hours. The Continuing
Education for home inspectors in Tennessee is also online and free to members. And there’s
a list of all the Tennessee-approved courses. Click that link and there you are. So, for
example, Inspecting Water Heater Tanks is approved in Tennessee for Continuing Education
for four hours. Again, all of our courses for pre-licensing and Continuing Education
are online and free to members at this website www.nachi.org/tennessee. Thanks.

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