Terrified children dive for cover after armed robbers storm school in shootout

 Petrified children were forced to lie low in a classroom after armed robbers stormed their school during a shootout with cops  The terrified pupils curled up into the foetal position as gun shots rang through the grounds of Rodulfo Figueroa Secondary School in Cintalapa, Mexico  Footage captured by an unnamed teacher shows the students on the floor as the three gunmen open fire  In the clip, he says: “In these moments, we are here in the federal secondary school and there is a shooting Three guys have entered the school.”  The teacher added that the frightened youngsters in the classroom are a special needs group    According to local media, the incident started when an armed gang tried to rob a tortilla shop and were surprised by a police unit  Reports said that some of the gang members tried to escape the police by running into the school  State prosecutors are investigating the incident after six men and a woman were arrested after the reported shooting  The suspects have been identified as Francisco ‘N’, Pablo de Jesus ‘N’, Andres de Jesus ‘N’, Alejandro ‘N’, Juan de Dios ‘N’, Aurora Fabiola ‘N’ and Jorge Enrique ‘N’  Reports said that no one was injured in the gunfight.

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