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– What’s up, guys?
– Hi. – We are the cast of “Sex Education” and we are playing “Don’t @ Me.”
– “Don’t @ me.” – Don’t @ Us. – Just don’t do it. – Oh! Ow! (Emma laughs) Croissant is a bread not a pastry. Well that’s just (bleep) ridiculous. A croissant is, like,
actually what’s the difference between a bread and a pastry? – The amount of butter. – But you could have a croissant with no butter in, a vegan croissant. – That’s true, yeah but it’s not bread, it’s not bread, it’s too air– Sorry, I’m involving myself. (all laugh) It’s buttery, aerated pastry. – What is the difference between bread and pastry? – How dare…how dare someone
say croissant is bread? I’m gonna find that– If it’s one of you, yeah? (crew laughs) This is why I don’t play games. (all laugh) – Alright, Emma. (paper crinkles) – It’s a nice noise.
– Ooh, nice noise. – Pineapple on pizza isn’t that bad. I just don’t really care. I don’t see why this is such an issue. People eat so many weird things. Pineapple is a fruit, people
have sweet and sour, whatever. It’s not that big of a deal. Like, the world is on fire. Also, pineapple is good for your…health. (all laugh) – Take it! – The case for never cleaning
out your email inbox. Oh, I…yeah, I never
clear out my email inbox. I think I’ve got 30,000
unread emails in my inbox. And I really like it that way, because– – Why? – Because I’ve got a PhD
in airing people (laughs). – I’m disapointed.
– In what, in the emails? Emma, (laughs) oh my god. – Candy corn isn’t that bad of a Hallow– What is candy corn? Nickelback has some great songs. – Oh, they absolutely do (Hums). (Hums) Ah, Nickelback, man! Bangers! – If that is not an argument for Nickelback,
then I don’t know what is. – For Nickelback. If that’s not an argument for Nickelback, then I don’t know what is. Milk before cereal is the
only way to make a bowl of cereal. – Finished! – You people. (laughs). – Well you can’t judge the quantity. – Exactly, cereal first, then milk, then it doesn’t overflow,
it’s not complicated. This is making me very
angry, I need to calm down. I need to calm down. You’re smug, you’ve got one, haven’t you? You’ve got a really good one? – I was gonna say which
team I was, Adam or Rahim. – Oh.
– Oh, that’s dangerous. – Do you know what I mean? – Team Rahim.
– Team Rahim, yeah. – My unpopular opinion is
karaoke is criminally overrated. – Overrated? My unpopular opinion, rugby is
a better sport than football. Better to watch, better to play. – Fair point.
– I think that’s fair. – I think it’s fair, but I don’t go into it as a popular opinion. – Yeah, especially in the UK, innit? My unpopular opinion is, I do like pineapple on pizza. I love it, love it.

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