The Ferris Foundation Benefit Promo 2019

The Foundation Benefit is just such an
amazing opportunity to meet people from Ferris, that love Ferris, that are all
about the Bulldogs and what I loved about it last year was just being able
to meet those people. Being able to make connections that you’ll never be able to
make anywhere else, as well as celebrate all that Ferris has to offer and is
going to offer because of the Foundation Benefit. The Ferris State Benefit is so
important to Ferris State as a whole as well as to every single student that it
helps out and supports because everything that they do is because of
Ferris and because of the Foundation Benefit they can do so much. Ferris scholarships are so important because one of the main things, at least that I
found for Ferris, is that they’re so based on opportunity for students,
whether it be academic opportunity or financial opportunity. So, being able to
offer students scholarships to be able to come here more easily and more
readily, is just something that’s so important, and such a big part of the
culture of Ferris. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the
Ferris Foundation Benefit Gala November 1st at the DeVos Place
with our keynote speaker Bob Hegbloom He will be wildly entertaining, that I can guarantee. Looking forward to seeing all of you there,
and it is going to be an amazing evening.

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