The Lion Cub – Panchatantra Stories in English for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

The Lion Cub One day, all the mother animals of the jungle
had a serious argument. All of them were really proud of their little
ones and each one of them felt that their kids were the best among all. They were, however, trying to find out which
one of them had the largest brood. Mother deer who was affectionately licking
her three little babies said, “It’s definitely me…I have the best and the largest brood.” “Certainly not! Look at my babies. How sharp their teeth are!” said mother
jackal. All her five cubs immediately bared their
fangs. Rest of the animals got scared and moved away,
but mother jackal assured them that the cubs wouldn’t harm anyone. Mother sparrow flew up to her nest flapping
its wings and said, “I have nine little birdies, that’s more than both of yours
put together.” The tiny little birds tweeted putting their
heads out. “But none of you can match my record,”
said mother cat, pointing at her little kitten army. “Your babies are not even worth being counted,”
said somebody from the crowd. Mother cat got angry and said something back. One argument led to another and soon it ended
up in complete chaos. Finally, they all decided to go to mother
lion to settle the argument. “We all have so many babies, but we do not
know who has the largest brood. What about you?” one of the animals asked
mother lion. “I just have one,” said mother lion, and
looked at the little cub with pride. The cub ran about innocently around its mother. “Just one? That’s all?” asked the animals surprised. “Yes that’s all,” said mother lion smiling. “I have just one cub and it will become
the king of the jungle one day. Why do I even need a larger brood?” All the mother animals became quiet and realized
that in future the lion cub would matter much more than all of their offspring put together.

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