100 thoughts on “The moral roots of liberals and conservatives – Jonathan Haidt

  • How liberals see conservatives: oppressors, douchebags, unfair people
    How conservatives see liberals: what a bunch of idiots
    Libertarians: I`m just gonna smoke my weed while these two kill each other

  • I am conservative and I would go for the beauty of the intellectual craftsmanship. Bill would vote left because he is focused on one thing, quick to judge his own feelings. I think Liberals and Conservatives are close, its the Alt Left and Alt Right that clash.

  • On the first question, it may have been that way in 2008 however I. 2019 liberals are offended by everything. Even this post.

  • Conservatives, built modernity via capitalism, stopped slavery and engineered civil rights. Liberals are anti-free speech, high government control and compliance to a norm – their authoritarian norm. Conservatives are open minded not Liberals. Haidt does a clever straw model twist … just nonsense.

  • Actually it takes "openness" qualities to eat at Applebee's, admitting it's pretty good food, despite what other liberals will try to tell you.

    It's like TED doesn't even try to not display its blatant political biases.

  • Jonathan: Ok so Liberals tend to be more open
    A billion conservatives: WeLl AcTuAlLy LiBeRaLs ArE tHe WoRsT aNd ThEy SeEm To NeVeR tRy To ArGuE wItH mE.
    Hey conservative, please re-evaluate your life. If that's what you think then you're giving a reason as to why they shouldn't argue with you.

  • It's just an unfortunate thing that security and freedom are always at odds, and that even when perfectly balanced there will be people who want or need a change in that balance. But maybe such conflict just makes life more interesting.

  • Liberals do not crave diversity as it pertains to ideas. In that regard they are incredibly close minded and totalitarian.

  • "Which one voted for Al Gore and which one voted for George Bush? …. We all know that it's Bill." What? You mean Bill voted twice?

  • Video Title: Bait
    Video: The Eastern mystics are as close to the truth as you're gonna get
    Comment Section: Minnows n chubs

  • they see the beauty of the ultimate human form :O. but when they look at the american flag they see nazis. idk Mr.Haidt… im pretty sure the right is winning by a long shot.

  • If I'm supposed to be neither for nor against anything, then I'm supposed to be neither for nor against being neither for nor against anything? But if someone tells me to be neither for nor against anything, then he's for what he's telling me to be.

  • I completely understand what he is saying and have studied this, as well. What I have noticed, though, is that things might be splintering, in that there seem to be a lot of very libertarian minded people, who for example are in to different cultures, and advocate for the disenfranchised, might use cannabis, travel, etc. Yet, they are politically, more conservative. So I think this is changing in ways we don't quite understand.

  • Human society progresses as a dialectic. The end result is always topical equilibrium, yet this is never what the two biggest players initially want.
    Stop thinking like those two biggest players. They are a means to an end, temporary allies.
    When you start to find nuance as an individual, you'll suddenly find yourself able to predict the future.
    The only problem is – in the meanwhile, you will be considered a heretic by both.

  • A very well spoken man,that creates a unbiased solution to humanities complex and greatest difficulties,in 18 minutes.Bravo!People need to not only hear this,but also integrate this on all levels of interaction,for their own sake,as individuals,and as a part of larger collectives.

  • Indoctrination. Period.
    Both groups are made of illiterate plebes corralled into mob mentalities and neither group has a single thought to question anything they weren't specifically told to question.

  • The tribal exactly is the reason and yes we Americans should be tribal right now that means present day

  • I disagree. In America I like right wing people more. I prefer security. Maybe I am fighting nature. But of course anarchy is best. If I was in a protected country protected by America and allowed to experiment without needing to worry about our position in the world I would be more casual with my choices. If you think that there arent countries who wont give you a choice and that you can resist them then your all REAL high. It is not fun. We are just spoiled at this point in our evolution.

  • This video is horrible! 1. Promotes the lie that is evolution 2. Has a negative view of conservatives(the map) who are traditionally Christians 3. Promotes other religions over Christianity.
    People of YouTube, Do not listen to this person. His views are wrong

  • Strange listening to this in 2019, 3 years after the "liberals" have plunged into their progressive regressive rabbit hole

  • It’s important to note that the speaker is a liberal. His opening experiment with the statue is somewhat misleading and I think reveals an implicit bias. What if he showed a picture of a religious symbol such as a crucifix and observed the reactions of a typical secular atheistic liberal and a typical conservative? The atheist would get enraged as he sees religion as oppressive and offensive while the conservative will see beauty, love and peace. The liberal in this scenario is not “open” to see the beauty in religion as the conservative. I’m a conservative and what I see ever day are liberals and progressives rioting in the streets when conservatives are invited to speak at universities. It’s the liberals who are always getting triggered not conservatives. I may suffer from confirmation bias but that’s how I see it

  • I am an Atheist, I am fine with abortion in the first trimester (three months), I am against taxation, I am pro 2A, weed should be legalized, I am for the Wall, immigration should be merit based, I am for a living wage, I am against Medicare for all, and I will be voting for President Trump again in 2020. ❤️🇺🇸

  • One major difference is how the left and right explain differences in outcomes (inequality). The modern right emphasizes the role of personal responsibility and action taken, while the modern left emphasizes the role of circumstance and environment. Something like "Fairness" could be interpreted either way: Liberals could say "we need to make the world more fair by redistributing wealth", while conservatives could say "we need to make the world more fair by NOT redistributing wealth" (thus letting people keep the results of their labor, encouraging responsibility and discouraging irresponsibility.) I bet the way the researchers phrase questions heavily influences the measurements of "fairness". You could probably influence the results on the other moral values by similarly rephrasing the questions. Not to say that it's a bad metric.

  • Those are liberals of the past, when both sides were fighting for what's best for America. Modern liberals don't wan't to talk or debate, they just want to scream until they get what they want, like the children they are.

  • Liberals are generally very singular thought individuals. Multi-faceted thinking is not their strong suit.

  • I would strongly recommend that most people view as many Milton Friedman videos as available.  The US Constitution  written by the Founding Fathers based their writings on the history of governments and this limited governments power.  As individuals citizens have the freedom to follow their own beliefs and thank goodness people differ.  Liberalism reaches a limit when you run out of other people's money!!!

  • The Man Jesus put it best – as He said, "Those who are not against us are for us." If we think not in terms of our enemies, but rather our potential allies, this opens the way for dialogue.

  • I'd like to believe that there is no inherent truth for all situations, rather each truth for each circumstance. And mind you, there are infinite circumstances, and possibly infinite truths.

    Simply put, no one is right and no one is wrong.

  • I like art, local restaurants, travel, experiencing new places and probably will never step in an applebees. I’m a conservative.

  • Every person in the comments, both liberal and conservative, missed the point. Like I get that you have a 6th grade problem solving level but jesus

  • I stand for men like Ross perrot. My grandfather was a off conservative so I was so desperate to be a conservative around him. Truth is I only care facts and morality I lean towards the right but I'm not blind by issues that are on the right

  • The overall problem is once the experiment is engaged, you can never erase the damage that has been done.

  • Although this may have been (somewhat) accurate at the time the speech was given in 2012, this philosophy no longer applies to liberalism and conservatism in 2019. The political world has changed so drastically in just seven years that liberalism almost seems unrecognizable. Being the ideology of change, it makes perfect sense. Conservatism, on the other hand, is the ideology of conservation and staticity, and has remained mostly the same, although it may appear much different from its true form due to extreme bias in the liberal-dominated mainstream media. Although an obvious bias was present in this speech, thank you Jonathan Haidt for your insight into human psychology.

  • What's this about conservatives being closed minded when literally all of the top comments on this video are from conservatives complaining about the closed mindedness of the leftist we harbor in our colleges?

  • No—-wait…!!! Ted Talks, "Is it bad to hold your Pee," is my new favorite video, over Haidt's penetrating analysis of the Liberal/Conservative personality analysis….!!!

  • I used to be part of the left but I noticed how most of them tend to generalize people as the bad guy simply because they have different opinions/beliefs from them. Not that the right is any better, they have flaws too and political parties tend to have extremists hiding behind them which is why I'm an independent so my personal beliefs can't be confined to a party

  • Evolutionary psychology, especially evolutionary morality is a scam. It has as much credibility as believing in evolutionary astronomy. It's all conjecture, stacked on hypotheticals, reinforced with the most tenuous evidence.

  • I am a voluntaryist (some would say a libertarian “anarchist”). I find that I am in some sort of no man’s land here. I am personally morally conservative as I am a Christian, but I also don’t believe I can force that on others with laws (e.g. I think prostitution and drugs should all be legal – no victim, no crime). I am an artist. I love art, new experiences, and loath the idea that people are so willing to bow to human authority. I’m appalled at how humans want to use violence and coercion to get their views shoved down everyone else’s throat. I’m some weird mix between the conservative and liberal side of things… interesting. With that said, I think the left has swung more toward the authoritarian side of things in recent times… which is interesting. I wonder what Haidt would say to that.

  • I'm a outside observer, I've noticed two particularities that produced the polarization in America
    1 A small but loud group on the left have dissuaded right and conservative advocates from seeking discussion and debate. Because as soon as they express their opinion they're branded as extreme right.
    2 Conservatives have given up trying to understand those on the left, because as they have their leader holding the presidential office, they see no point in trying anymore.

  • that chart needs an update on their “in-group and authority” lines considering how ridiculous the left has gotten.

  • The Democratic party has betrayed the white working class, their main voter group, and like philosopher Richard Rorty predicted in the 90s, they stopped talking about the suffering individual, to talk about just groups. The working class, no matter race or cultural background, used to have healthy pride, and the democrats embraced that nationalistic pride as something we all came together under, no matter race or culture. Now their strategy is shame and creating racists who are non-white, by smearing all whites. I believe they will fail, but it is a dangerous development as this will only alienate good white people to options that were traditionally seen as flawed. They are also not just removing belong to a country from peopke through this, they are sending us to the tribal ages, where we are not to sort ourselves under nations, but as people group themselves anyway (antifa or other grouos), we will be in tribal grounds with no reason to live together at all. Borders are defined through shared principles, like honouring freedom of speech.

  • Lotsa asian philosophy and religion, so send this guy to asia to give a speach like that and see the liberty asia will provide him with

  • I think I've got the very complicated paradigm of left vs. right sniffed out pretty well, and I see it as, there is no left or right. We all have our virtues and faults. Yin yang, again. But there is a tendency, for certain traits that we have of ourselves we don't like, to be disgusted when seeing the same traits in others. I think that's just a normal psychological reaction. I think maybe people on the 'right' (symbolically), are afraid to expand their positive aspects, because of the phobias they've developed seeing those aspects in others, aspects they don't approve of. So we all have phobias toward kindness, it's just that those on the symbolic right have more.

  • Clever, he believes he is. I don't. Sure, I began listening reasonably open and then 17:35 truth won over my moral standing inside my judgement.

  • I'm curious what Haidt thinks of the six years since this video. Clearly the message has not reached his liberal audience.

  • I feel Liberals generate more harm than they can imagine in the name of some ungrounded notion, saying this as a former one.

  • Everyone that watched: that was a really good lecture, I'm gonna try and be more open to make changes and be more accepting.
    Comments section: the problem with the other side is……..

    … And the things we learned go out the window and everything's back to the normal fighting as usual!

  • Conservative= Government role is secure liberties and maintain security. Both Leftist oppose. Our view has not changed for a long long time. The left however becomes their own enemy every 10 years..

  • Morality comes from the scientific observation of nature. That simple. Nature is not moral. The abstract of nature is moral.

  • Conservatism is to favour ethics, and a strong moral society over money. Liberalism is greed, and the individualistic pursuits of the commercial business elite.

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