“The network of Sanford grads in DC is amazing”

(Music) This is really a much more interactive
environment. We bring undergraduates from Duke to Washington for a semester
of study and an internship. The program is great because it allows
students to bring life to some of the principles and concepts that they
learned their courses. And they also do a 28-hour-per-week
internship in agencies of the federal government: Congressional offices, lobbying firms, nonprofit organizations….
And network with our mighty alumni base here in Washington. The competencies you learn the Duke program are incredible for work in Washington, and the network of
Sanford grads in DC is amazing. I’ve often actually worked with the
current crop of policy students. It gives you the set of skills that you need to
have to do these jobs for real in Washington. Duke Sanford does have a very
good presence in Washington both through the alumni of the University and the
networking opportunities that those sort of give you. To be able to apply what you
are learning and to work in an environment in a government agency, in a
think tank, in a non-profit it gives you, I think, a leg up as you sort of
think about what you want to do professionally after you graduate. It’s great to learn in the classroom
especially because we have a lot of the practitioners and former practitioners of
politics and policy at Sanford but it’s also great to see those leaders in
action. Being here shows you frontline you know what I’m gonna be
doing after graduation and it makes me really excited to see it firsthand and
hear from these people. These amazing, amazing people with this wealth of
experience. They’re able to essentially teach
classes in a way that a professor really can’t. Where better to get that experience
and see firsthand what I’m going to do one day than to be here in Washington DC?

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