The Residential Colleges

I think that being in a Residential College has greatly impacted the closeness I feel with the people I’m living with. I’ve heard other people talk about their halls, and how yeah they’re friendly with people, they say “Hi” and they smile, but they don’t really spend a lot of time with each other. Here at least I’ve experienced so much closeness between me and the people I’m living with that it’s been really, really cool. I think that was definitely something I was worrying about before getting to college. I think living in a Residential College is amazing in the sense that you get to meet your professors. It’s a smaller ratio of students to professors. You get to meet your peers since you’re taking classes together. The Residential College is basically a college within a college. So, if you’re a senior that really wants to have a more personal or close relationship with your professors and with your peers, then I would strongly suggest coming to a Residential College because it really helps you learn and grow as a person, and I’m really grateful for the experience. At the Residential College, every single week there is an activity or something like that. So, on Tuesdays it’s Tea Night. We get together and they brew some tea in the kitchen area. We played silly games like Duck, Duck, Goose during the tea party. Some of the other activities are, we have Monday Movie Nights as well as this thing which I’m not allowed to tell much about because it’s our secret organization in the dorm but it’s called Pudding Night. That’s all I can say, just Pudding Night, and you gotta be there to experience the full potential that Pudding Night can give you. But it’s things like that that have been, like, the best part of living in a Residential College. Any day you’re bored, you have something to do. You’re never in a spot where you’re just like, “I’m bored, I don’t know what I should do. All of my friends are busy.” You can just go down the hallway and something’s happening. Being in a Residential College has helped me realize a lot more about myself. I know what it is I want to do a lot more, and I am a little more clear on my vision for what my life and my career look like because people around me are also trying to figure out what it is they’re wanting to do with their life and with their career. And also, being in a college that focuses on sustainability, or if you were at Mary Foust, that focuses on literacy, and Grogan which is like the professional school. You’re just around people that can inspire you to keep going in whatever way you want to go. It’s not just the students who are a part of this community; I live and work alongside some of the university’s top professors, an opportunity I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. It really feels like home here. I’m supported, but I’m also challenged, and that’s a combination that works ok.

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