The Secrets Of The Incas – Part 1 of 2 (Ancient Civilization Documentary) | Timeline

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  • What an unmitigated stew pot of mewling hand-wringing. Try real history. Not even worth looking in on Part 2.

  • The Inca creation myth sounds like it's describing Moses from the Exodus to a T.
    Very strange.
    Also they have statues of him in Bolivia & Peru & the man from the myth is shown at the top of the mountain carrying 2 tablets again just like Moses

  • The Church at that time was not afraid of astronomy. They only did not like the Genesis account discounted – but in fact Genesis does not say what revolved around what anyway. The Andies peoples were usual: the ancient civilizations all used the stars for daily life. As Genesis said, "Let there be lights in the vault of heaven to divide day from night and let them indicate festivals, days and years." To know what to plant and when to harvest in daily life depended on the seasons. Some men sat inside a large circle of stones which were joined at the top with other stones laid across, When a constellation exactly filled the circle then it was time to plant the maize or whatever. The moon marked the months by regular 28 day cycles so was also used to count time. All became  '"religious" when personalities were ascribed to the stars  and planets and began to be worshipped as 'gods'. Being born under a star sign meant that astral god ruled and fated your life. Due to these superstitions in man, spirits appeared to them, and still do today, who claim to be the spirit of this or that constellation or planet. Many people believe this and call seven main spirits the ascended masters and the spirit of Venus to be Lucifer. The Lucis Trust, consultative body to the UN, on its site promotes books on these spirits of the stars and planets which were written by Alice Bailey claiming on of these spirits were in communication with her – these ascended masters were the same seven of ancient Hinduism and which are now claimed to be communicating with western clairvoyants. Times have not change at all! Humans are the same – the need for spirituality transposed onto the star and planetary systems!

  • Well done documentary. I love how the Incas had a different perspective of astronomy that included the dark shapes of the cosmos. But I believe that Spaniards completed a genocide of the South (and Central?) Americas that obliterated the peoples from top-down. When the were faced with later armies, they employed the use of biological warfare, through small-pox (same as the US vs the Native Americans and their gifts of small pox contaminated blankets during winter). The end result was over 90% mortality of the indigenous peoples (starting with their most learned). If you killed off the top 90% of the US populace, destruction of its centers of learning and technology, enslavement of its people, and typical Western colonization tactics (draw countries that include bitter rivals and support the minority in its power and subjugation of the majority – Look at how Africa has never recovered), how do you think we'd fare under 300 plus years under that oppression?

    anyways.. on to part 2!

    and on a personal note I believe… (read in replies to see a bit of my beliefs)

  • My elders didn't realize just who Francisco Pizarro and his band of murderess were and that was their downfall, they could have easily defied 163 men, even with horses and swords 100,000 thousand Inca warriors could have killed them all in one battle. After that the Jesuit priest did the rest. Now the land of my people is no more, just a few stories of how I was dismembered by four horses after we gave the Spaniards tons of gold and silver, which to this day has never been found.

  • Since man learned to organise to create an Army to conquer their neighbours to get their stuff, they also learned that they had to change the conquered Nations religion an Gods to fit theirs. Imperative to control their beliefs for a docile working class for their needs. Generations after generations also demand that they too can make their marks of ownership to the new cultures as well. We talk about our Heritage and Culture an that is all, but never ever where it came from. We talk about the mighty Romen Empire which were roaming bands of uneducated Barbarians that robbed their neighbors ideas an inventions of war machines aqua ducks, roads an mighty ships which had never ever been invented by a group of Italian wine growers an brutal thieves. The Egyptian government today will do anything in his power to prevent further scientific exploration on their pyramids or anything else because they want to protect their new culture that they alone an no one else, but their God an milirary created all things under their sun, since their Gods created this earth for them for their pleasures are not going to allow some forigin stinking filthy archaeologist exposing anything without burying him alive under their megaliths and pyramids which they invented an no one else. America which was always a new experiment was founded by what was called a Christian Freemason enlightenment, also metamorphosize into a none CHRISTIAN anti Rome charity, into what is known as a Bankers zionist NWO Government controlled culture replacing all forms an ideas of Christian Faith, Morals and Ethics which are a danger to their Irreligious prospectives of what they want AMERICA to become. With a very weak disconnected divided Christian churches it should be very easy for them to accomplish that within 75 years. An on it goes as before, the powerful forces of negative an positive that actually need each other to survive untill another force from outside will eventually arrive to crush it for their use ! The laws of the "Big Bang" are not going to go away, but you will eventually !!!!

  • the same evil that killed the inca,is coming for you,us next,history repeats its self.wake up people we are next ,they have made it clear.look up Georgia gide stones.they plan on killing all of us 🙁

  • I personally appreciate you telling the truth about religion. Any journaling that would praise a religion in history is suspicious.
    As it has been made clear,we do not have more history of these people directly due to the Catholic Church.😠! You owe us that history. Cough it up!

  • 7:17 what a pile of pretentious condescending garbage. Woke history is as useful as woke advertising. stick to the facts.

  • the people of south america are much better off with the catholic church than there old ways look there is no secret message but the indian people are so beautiful

  • Most of the Inca's were prettymuch unchanged even today…The uneducated at the bottom..With the rich and powerful at the top.

  • At 650AD….Verracocha left the Incas to focus on another tribe.
    The Arabs.
    And the Arabs Muslims go on to spread Islam throughout the world.

    We are dealing with the same God here.
    Still One God here. Not 3in1 God.

    We shud look at the corresponding history of mankind as a whole.
    Join the dot to get the overall picture on the history of the world.


  • Yeah, the Incas were so "precious" they used to kill people for sport as part of their religion… Yeah, very "precious."

  • Because mexicans Think there the Next….. But there not….Not.. Jokes the mexicans… J o k e s…..

  • The Incas were really big into (child sacrifices) to their god inti so them being conquered wasn’t necessarily too bad of a thing. Sorry not sorry 💁🏻‍♂️

  • I think it would be only fair for him to acknowledge Santillan and Von Dechend’s 'Hamlet’s Mill' – this was their idea. He followed it up. I think it means you need to think less about the short-lived 'Inca', whatever they were, and rather more about the people that implanted a created culture, in which they took root.

  • Those Spanish churches were built upon megaliths built by a civilization WAY before the Incas … 100,000 years ago or more .

  • that guy is clearly trying to tell the viewer that the earth is flat, and the the inkas beliefs are really they same as whats in the bible, dropping hints because he is not allowed to tell us the truth, the europeans were trying to erase that from history thats why they were wiped out, and the "gods" that were wiped out from the flood was the giants, nephilim that built there ruins

  • This isn't solving the ancient structures.The European culture advanced through attrition.These Indian myths are in all cultures and nothing stands out about the Incas..The American Indians are the same with inherited knowledge.. Using mythicality to pass it on..

  • I have travelled in many parts of this world but the area that really captured me the most was Peru, i travelled extensively within its borders and outside it, the people, the culture and her history completely moved me ,i would recommend that journey to anyone.

  • The Great Flood it's in the Bible. It's a real evidence of Noah's ark story. And the flood covers the whole earth. Same here in The Philippines we have a myth about great floods also. 🔥🔥Glory to God

  • Bill Sullivan's argument that there's astronomical secrets embedded in Incan mythology certainly sounds cool. It also sounds a little Da Vinci Code-esque, so I'm skeptical. It doesn't help that Sullivan talks about his research like he's on a supernatural quest. Can anyone out there with a solid education in Incan history speak to the veracity of this?

  • These Incans didn't want a little bit of diversity and multiculturalism in their lives? What bigots.

  • Incas used to habit in the South of my Land Colombia 😭😭😭😭, poor people 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  • it was also 1561 when spaniards discovered Philippines. Name it after King Philip and a hundred years later enslave us for 333 years. I could say that if Filipinos never rise our hands against them.. We will be fore enslaved by thos greedy white Spaniards

  • My family arrived 100 years ago from Europe ,i'm 3er gen Peruvian people,I'm proud to be Peruvian and part of all this beautiful legacy!

  • Incas were a barbaric civilization who took over megalithic structures that were there way before them and chopped off heads daily, secret of the Incas? really? they were around 500 years ago not 5000. I could care less about their secrets.

  • They came ruled took over that way went killed my people now we got America. Full of immigrants. Claming it as there Owen that just way it gos 4 us natives to this land.

  • As it happened in the rest of the planet and in all cultures, including the Incas and Aztecs. The strong and adapted win, the weak lose.

  • Oh, please, people!!! The Incas were the most feared warriors in the Hemisphere, conquering nation after neighboring nation. Bloody, savage and cruel, they annihilated many tribes. "There was also a religious element to warfare as the Incas saw their conquests as furthering the worship of the sun god Inti." (Cartwright, Mark. "Inca Warfare." Ancient History Encyclopedia. Ancient History Encyclopedia, 19 May 2016. Web. 31 Aug 2019. )  Oh, my God!   Imagine a civilization conquering another in the name of their God?!?!???      Grow up.

  • The Original owners were gone long before the Spaniards got there. The Spaniards only witnessed the current occupants. Like Egypt. The Egyptians didn't build the pyrimids .

  • truly amazing documentary. The best on the subject. Loved the narrator. And certainly appreciate this unique approach of this wonderful Historian- Researcher to the history of the mysterious Inca people. One could immediately notice the deep respect and certain reverence he has for the culture and people. I think it is his love and respect that make all the difference. THANK YOU !!!

  • My pops neighbor was 100% Inca. We called him Inca. He loved it. He was an awsome dude he had 6 kids and a white redheaded wife. Was really family orientated man.

  • I find this documentary slanted. Portraying the Spanish as purely evil. The Inca we’re highly advanced in some ways, but they were also ruthless. There is no mention of human sacrifices by the Inca. The Inca subdued their rivals by intimidation and human sacrifice. Much like the Aztec and Maya did. The Europeans were appalled by this, and thus did everything to stop it.

  • The Kichwa and Canari of Ecuador were there way before the Incas.. about 10 000 years or more.. in Peru it were the Moche and Chimu Cultures and the Quechua and Aymara who were there way before the Incas.. you can see the difference in building in Cusco where monumentally huge stones were used vs I.e Ingapirca in Ecuador or Macchu Picchu.. it shows clearly that the two are separated by vast antiquity..

  • Read Dr. Sullivan’s book 20 years ago and I still ponder over it. Does anyone know if he still does solstice expeditions? There doesn’t seem to be anything online about it.

  • "worldwide shared code" — shades of the exploded myth that Christian revelation happened worldwide simultaneously and then got corrupted. Buh bye.

  • I wonder why the Inca had warriors if everything was so peace full??? And also what about the wars I thought peace ment no wars like thoes evil europeans????

  • …exactly, I have been telling people for decades that they used the astronomy to predict the next natural catastrophe.
    …the megalithic buildings r NOT temples, they r astrological observatories to monitor the stars for the next planet wide catastrophy.

  • This made me want to cry. Europeans really did destroy everything in their paths. Whole systems of knowledge, cultures, languages, just diminished to tiny numbers. Europeans were evil.

  • We and every person who knows real history knows why the Inca didn't stop them. But this leftest revisionist history BS. won't say it. And what do ta know another flood story from another culture imagine that. Everyone who knows Graham Hancock or Brien Forester knows why.

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