The Story of Faker: The Greatest of All Time

born on May 7 1996 and raised in Seoul
South Korea Faker was raised by a single parent his father who believed that
Faker was born to be a pro gamer as a as a child Faker played the Moba Chaos but moved on to League of Legends in December 2011
when he found the game while browsing the web it didn’t take long for him to
become sought after by several Korean teams however having just entered high
school at the time the decision to turn pro was a tough one in the end a Faker
would drop out and join SK Telecom’s T1 secondary squad a team which was
specifically built around his prodigious talents the team immediately performed
topping their group during the og and Olympus Champions Spring in 2013 SK Telecom will win a 52 minute game they to get the duo and come out of the group
stages at champions winter with a perfect score and eventually finishing third in the playoffs Faker quickly made a name for himself
his solo kills against Ambition and a dominant game on Leblanc against MVP
Blue gained him significant attention is wow wow Ambition what Faker just execute Ambition in that mid lane but it wasn’t until 2013 Summer Finals where Faker were truly shocked the world you have just make are nightmares you wake up in a cold sweat your like Faker behind me I know right (Casting) SK Telecom T1 K won
their first Og title that day earning them a spot in the 2013 World
Championship and giving Faker a chance to prove who the medal internationally SK Telecom T1 K carved a trail through the event sweeping Royal Club 3-0 in the
grand finals to claim their first Worlds tittle potentially gonna go down this could be a 20 minute game for SK Telecome they will be the season 3 World
Champion here at the Staples Center as if it were possible his dominant
performance on the world stage even further increased the buzz around Faker and he was looked to as the best in the world most impressive victory at the end SKT is
the team Faker and his team returned home on top of the league of legends world
and continued his nearly unhindered success (Casting) the path seemed set to another world
appearance however Faker and his team which faced their first stumbling block
with back-to-back disappointments in the spring and summer season of 2014 (Casting) with one last shot at worlds through the
regional qualifiers SKT T1 K came up short to NaJin White Shield 3-1 (Casting) the disappointing finish to the year
called for a change Impact and Piglet left the team and due to the removal of
sister teams in OGN leaves SK Telecom’s two squads were merged into one bringing
in the fresh talent of MaRin Easyhoon Bang and Wolf into the picture for the
first time Faker had competition for his starting role and he and Easyhoon would
split the duties throughout the season (Casting) despite the changes to their roster SKT
went 11 and 3 and were able to punch it to get to MSI there they swept through
the group stage however during the finals against EDward Gaming SKT decided to start Easyhoon against Pawn a player against whom Fake had famously struggle right now imported to know that Easyhoon will be starting in game 1 as sad as I am to not see Faker couple game 1 I think it’s the preferable choices
yes Easyhoon played the first three games and SKT went down 1-2 whatever they want at this point SKT forced to surrender there was
no way they’re coming back their back against the wall Faker would swap back in for the fourth game with the set
two-on-one (casting) for SKT Calvary here Goro is trying to
take everything he goes down to bang now 4:02
SKT very low and this is going to be the pawn cleanup ships over the wall that
stops it goes over the wall these deaf (Casting) SKT won forcing a deciding game 5 during the draft EDG decided to leave LeBlanc open a champion on whom Faker had never lost a competitive game (Casting) it was a decision that
would go down in history as the decision proved to be a bait so Morgana is
actually a lane count for match up to Leblanc
Faker would have to find other ways of winning this game whether it’s to
banking or to roaming (Casting) while Faker tried his best playing well despite the counterpick EBG would win the game and
the MSI title handing Faker this first ever lost on Leblanc the lost left Faker distraught (Casting) after their loss at MSI SKT bounce back (Casting) Faker was returning to his dominant form
and now had the opportunity to win his second world championship (Casting) no matter this teammate no matter the opposition that rose against him Taker and SKT proved to be
all but unstoppable so with two world championships under this belt Faker set this sights on the only international tournament he had yet
to win MSI welcome ladies and gentlemen to the League of Legends midseason
Invitational Finals after the disappointment of MSI 2015 this was Fakers chance to redeem him self (Casting) the MSI coupled with SKT’s triumph at IEM Katowice earlier in the year meant that SKT and Faker could complete the international grand slam with a victory
that worlds and that right there makes it all worth it but nothing worthwhile
comes without a fight welcome to the 2016 League of Legends
World Championship final live from LosAngeles California I’m games I think this is going to be one for the record books SKT
best of all time (Casting) despite a very close match SKT came out
victorious solidifying back-to-back World Championship wins to go along with
completing the international grand slam we have to highlight our world’s MVP who
did some serious serious work over the last month competition to bring SK
Telecom T1 to their third championship and no surprise it’s the man himself
Faker and you doubted him you talk you know this is a guy
honestly he’s had such an impressive world run this guy is a he deserves it he’s the best plan to ever pick up a mouse and keyboard in League of Legends this also
marks Faker’s third world championship making him and his teammate Bengi the
only two players in League of Legends history to complete the feat SKT and Faker returned home to Korea as world champions once again with an even bigger
target on their back but despite super teams forming to challenge them and
significant roster changes along the way Faker finds himself once again back at
MSI set to add another championship to his already stocked cabinet of trophies

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