The War Against Boko Haram (Full Length)

para ver Muslim you a target if you appreciate I get this note that people like animal your wife she orchard by Bach wanna we just got word that the mi-24 hind is going on operate for air support vital my country and put that my country unlike that my country we’re gonna head down that ie D Weyden road for the final assault into Palma [Music] I’m in Nigeria it’s one of the wealthiest countries in Africa but since 2009 it’s been facing an insurrection in the north from a group called Boko Haram I traveled to Nigeria to embed with the country’s army as it ramped up its fight against Boko Haram has the only journalist on the frontlines I arrived at a unit located less than a kilometer away from enemy forces as we settled in for our first night in country we quickly discovered how frequently this unit engages in combat for me the first indication that there’s enemy activity is or that there’s a threat detected is I fear one of these gods shooting a shell so you do this every night pretty much well you’ve been nice 122 millimeter shell they shot it at almost nine kilometers downrange into enemy territory the most important is that once we sighted also saying I did a very cordial motorcycle we are [Music] it’s very effective yes favorite fritzy scared me Nigeria is almost equally divided along religious lines the country’s southern region is predominantly Christian and is home to oil and a thriving economy the north of the country on the other hand has a majority Muslim population with minimal natural resources the North is extremely poor a couple that with the lack of government presence and it’s become a breeding ground for the rise of radical Islam in 2002 Muslim cleric Mohammad youssuf founded the group Boko Haram the name loosely translates to Western education is forbidden so Mohammad youssuf the founder grew up right over there yes and then his mosque is right here and so this is literally where Boko Haram started yes and you know most of this young man ended up killing their parents what their parents their families their friends they have a list they go one after another in 2009 after Nigerian security forces killed Youssef his deputy the more radical Abubakar Shekau took over the group and violence increased exponentially they bombed the UN headquarters in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja in 2011 but the group was still largely unknown outside of Nigeria it wasn’t until 2014 with the abduction of nearly 300 schoolgirls from chibok town in Borno State that Boko Haram drew international attention and condemnation my husband and I are outraged and heartbroken over the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian girls from their school dormitory in the middle of the night the bring back our girls campaign was extremely successful at increasing awareness of Boko Haram unfortunately did almost nothing to prevent further attacks and Boko Haram continued to terrorize northern Nigeria causing thousands of refugees to flee their homes in rural areas and head to the city of Mata Guri I met one family who’s living among a community of refugees my name is Ricardo Martinez Jesus I do bukhara this is one moment Bukhari and this is the smallest one and I do module model Googlers entire family was abducted by Boko Haram they managed to escape by fleeing into the bush I had a gun should I say what I was thinking maybe suggest I’m of armies now so the gunshot was too too much I said no this thing not be and I’m when you left for New Year and they were in Thomas Hauk they were captured yeah okay yeah yeah cop goodbye okay all right and your wife she was detained along with many other women yeah any no yes satavahanas she says cachito good that you wonder Zeta Fiat 31 is eight years of my his honor don’t move she got Jasmine out well now look at you come yeah I’d say so buddy Justin wasn’t it oh she was – not yet – no no but I’m in Cuba and your son they sent two holiest training come when the boy jump by the class so you say he must want sees funny so he escaped fortunately just escaped what is the effect of Boko Haram ban on northern Nigeria his people die just deal you can’t say they are doing it for religious purposes no yes a job still they kind yet did I dream it honest ready they can keep the Christians they can kill the Muslims they can just do you need any help you said that things are difficult for you now you’re having trouble sleeping and you said you’re not thinking now it’s true it’s true because I’ve been thinking of how they come and disturb me from my from Wham living I had been drinking it’s only my brothers like I had me eating food [Music] it’s not it’s not it’s not easy it’s not you’d just right outside I met Elijah who was also a victim of Boko Haram so these people came um he’s had two fans around the side and if we’re both so one of the bone have octet thank you so many children like this after the first bomb some of my children’s they my child and some of his colleagues they all run to rescue the victims of that bomb blast so as a result of them we draw in or evacuating the dead bodies the second bomb erupted and killed almost all of them we lost up to 35 youths including yourself including my son and why did Boko Haram attack this area they attacked because they they targeted populations they are targeted population gatherings of people wherever there is a crowd does their target you said many of these children here their families our victim most of them they have there are victims of Boko Haram because some of their families has been displaced from various villages if we’re a Muslim you are a target if you are a Christian I get they slaughter people like animals which is not part of Islamic doctrine during the day there’s a ton of street life in Marguerite in the market school kids all that stuff you have to remember you’re in an active conflict zone so come dusk like 6:30 or 7:00 o’clock at night the streets empty out and everybody has to be in their homes because of this 7:00 p.m. curfew that’s been instituted on our way back from speaking with Elijah we stopped at a local market to buy goods it felt safe but two days after our visit here a Boko Haram suicide bombing killed 54 people because of the security situation in the entire region President Goodluck Jonathan declared a national state of emergency in an unprecedented and highly criticized move he delayed the national elections scheduled for this past February the president believed if he destroyed Boko Haram his election victory was assured this belief led to a massive escalation of force combining troops from Nazaire Cameroon and Chad and even that time-honored African conflict tradition the use of private military contractors collectively with the Nigerian Army they would try to end the war against Boko Haram so formerly this what appears to be abandoned building was the departure lounge of the Mata Guri Airport before Boko Haram seized this town and basically no civilian flights have gone out of here in two years now it’s become the ammo supply point the logistical hub for the nigerian army and they’re actually going to make their departure from here into the areas that are still controlled by Boko Haram I had the opportunity to sit down with private Jeremiah Friday who’s stationed at the de facto staging base at the mutter Guri Airport Gerry as his squad mates column is a proud ranger in the 72nd paratroop unit based out of mikuni in Bannu state along with 300 of his fellow soldiers he’s preparing for war Jane how do you feel about the effort against Boko Haram do you think this is important yeah we need to come here other than said to the piece because innocent I’ve been dying I’ve been killing the innocent so people have run away from their homes make them homeless those are in school the media run away from school the business no business no anymore you feel good about going after poking around yeah I want to fight for my country and for that for my country I know I die for my country when the book Warren started they were like burning churches so people thought they were Muslims why these people the fact the Christian effect the Muslim so nobody know about them we believe that I just got devil’s I don’t have heart to you know Christine to me and all Muslim and here in your unit you have Muslims and Christians right we love each other the Muslim pre the Christine sit around watch there must be Budi Budi no problem the Muslim and Christian we are all good who our friends brought us we pray together the Muslim go to mosque and Christine go to church we pray finish or come back to mr. parade everybody’s fine problem I saw you do it the bench press the other Wow right yeah ready train hard fight easy I believe when I train hard fight easy and we trade hard you read less during the war time well private fridays platoon was preparing for an offensive we got word that a Nigerian outpost was attacked by Boko Haram and there were two wounded soldiers who needed medevac we hopped a ride to join one forward unit tasked with defending the frontline in the city of Kunduz ah their location was 35 kilometers from might agree at the very edge of the conflict where no journalist had previously been allowed [Music] so the men of the hundred and third battalion have been deployed here for almost a year they come from all over Nigeria this particular firebase it’s basically loaded with ammunition and weapons you can see even here behind me this is where somebody sleeps among these ammo containers and that’s because this is the very front line of the fight against Boko Haram this particular firebase has been attacked 13 times most recently just last week but the guys who are very proud of the fact that this village has never been overrun since they’ve been deployed here and they’ve suffered only a single combat loss and that’s when one of their fellow soldiers who had shot in the head and killed by a sniper right over the wall let them clean if they come nine years ago whoo da-da-da-da-da-da-da yeah check their ass I have my commando knife I just let up Boko Haram with this I used to slaughter them with this when I got them I slaughter them the formation that they’re using the push into Boko Haram territory is an arrowhead formation so the rest of the forces flank out in this direction and at the very tip is this t-72 tank and these trenches these you know four-foot deep trenches that are dug behind me and why is this place significant because as I used to say I have a small sketch I used to discuss with people about in this place is captured Boko Haram who have is asses to made agree so this place is very vital because it’s an ass’s from the sambisa forest just to the south not far away from here executed six kilometers away from here is a Samsa first and we know since the Nigerian Army has been on the offensive that they’ve been fleeing to the sambisa forest rice yes and they take refuge in there yes and then they come out and they try and approach this area yes one thing that I noticed about observing your unit is that you don’t have you have staff officers but your staff officers are in the trench also yes there’s nobody back at headquarters yes it’s your the Intel officer and this is your trench right of course no everybody is trained infantry officer and everybody’s deployed in the field as first primarily as a soldier yeah this is your office in many ways you have a tent over there where you keep your things yes but primarily you sleep and you live here so you sleep right here with my combat here you sleep here yeah and why is that yes here you don’t sleep far away from your trench because the spook could crow when the crow they come close to your trench and begin to engage you so you have to be close enough there’s a biggest century there that observes the activities of the night yeah those ones do not sleep absolutely have to oh shoot after tours and represent comes in but you have to be here so that once you here and if I you – in and then give it some fire when this fire base gets attacked by Boko Haram everybody comes and jumps in this trench and starts firing back you can see they’ve basically shot the out of that series of buildings that the Boko guys have been attacking from and if you look at this berm right here it’s just littered with shell casings captain mashella was another soldier who had a special relationship to Mata Gary it happens to be my stage so I’m talking to you my parents I immediately they have been displaced from my own village shafa so what do you expect me to be I just have to do this even if I’m here even if I’m not here if I am acts will you come here voluntarily oh come because my family is a medley and they attack from the school yeah that’s why it’s all shut up so that was a school right I’ll just do how do you do you ever think about like oh my god we’re shooting at a school you don’t think of that one because you only think of what the enemy can do and you don’t allow them to get to you yeah because once you allow them to over on you then things will get worse over 20 different attacks and I believe over 1000 before arms the idea you’ve killed over a thousand broke around here different attacks yeah that’s incredible yeah we will protect wherever we are deployed with our lives here every soldier is ready to die defending this ground yeah I’m here we live we are one family here [Music] while the hundred and third is at the tip of the spear they’re supported by more forces camped out at a former school a thousand metres behind the frontline so basically this is the old Canoga girls Elementary School it’s now being occupied and used as the brigade headquarters for the army do you have soldiers sleeping in classrooms the old principal’s office is now the operations office so this used to be the guidance counselor building now it’s a Depot for ammunition RPG rounds laying around so this one’s the old mathematics lab you see this is where the students used to stay and study still says mathematics and ratio on the board they can see this this whole place is just bombed out to schools that used to be places of learning and education had now become graveyards [Music] for six months the one Oh third Battalion has been a stalemate with Boko Haram in Kundu done other advances have pushed the remaining Boko Haram fighters to a defensive position in the city of bomber one of the last strongholds of Boko Haram despite three failed attempts the 103 is making a final advance on the city the combat started 24 hours prior to the ground assault with a kill zone of a hundred meters each shell was eliminating all life within the size of the football field [Music] thing to remember is that this isn’t a practice range the front is right there the next objective Bhama is right there and they’re lobbing these 155 high-explosive pallets or shells 13 miles downrange into enemy territory after bombarding the enemy for hours on the eve of the ground invasion the soldiers made a ceremonial toast knowing that for some of them it could be their last you just get those on life we’ll fight it we fight again is noblest rate with bio briefs you give us everything [Music] very nice soldiers relaxed they basically don’t go to sleep because they stay up all night and sleep during the day in case they’re spoke over on it if anything happens jump right in this trench that’s it that’s why from the front line I got the edge to keep awara every time she did well what if Abukar does it what if Abu baraa kill dazzle Italy I notice to keep til para it’s 5:00 a.m. before one of the advanced movements forward into Boko Haram territory and the guys are doing a Insurance Service prior to the operation the Nigerian Army unit that I’m embedded with is gearing up for a final assault on one of the last Boko Haram strongholds so once the unit is fully up and ready to go and all the troops are assembled we’re gonna head down that IEDs Laden road for the final assault into Palma [Music] [Music] we’re on a patrol in a queue of about 300 to 400 soldiers moving towards Bhama these guys are on a foot control they’re staying in one line with some tanks at the front and some support vehicles at the back because the road supposed to be lined with IEDs so it’s safer than sort of pointing out in a tactical direction and basically they’re advancing to a point where they’re going to dig in and the other assault force is going to come from the left flank but right now we’re doing about a four kilometer walk to the objective [Music] you can see all of these villages to my left and right which used to be fully occupied and now they’re shot out and abandoned it’s a consequence of the Boko Haram insurgency and the campaign against them a little further up the road we passed a Nigerian armored vehicle it had hit an ie D a week before on one of the failed attempts to take bomber all four soldiers inside were killed so because the Nigerian Army hasn’t pushed this far forward this is mainly been either a no-man’s land or Boko Haram territory all these houses are abandoned sometimes Boko Haram fighters live in them and one of the things you notice when you drive through is other than the soldiers it’s eerily quiet out here in the middle of the road right there is the EOD the explosive ordnance disposal officer from the 1o third battalion they found a divot in the middle of the road that they’re now probing with sticks to see if it’s an ie D shitty part is that we just rolled right over that divot in our conflict [Music] [Music] the tanks returned after doing floored reconnaissance there had been a blue on blue incident otherwise known as friendly fire apparently two soldiers had been killed when the fire force approaching from the left flank had mistaken another unit for Boko Haram the invasion of Bhama was stalled the hundred and third was ordered to spread out and hold their position they dug in and prepared for a night in the bush I [Music] caught wind that another assault was planned for the following morning this time it would be led from the air so I hustled back to the Mata guerrier port where I hope to catch a ride with the air assault force on one of the mi-24 hind attack helicopters [Music] okay it’s 5:00 in the morning today is the most significant day so far in the campaign against Boko Haram this morning starts the invasion of Bhama so I’m going to be in one of the attack helicopters the mi-24 that’s going to commence the attack after which the ground forces are going to move in an attempt to rout Boko Haram from the city of bombing the private military contractors provided technical advice to the 72nd mobile strike force in addition they’ve provided a fully operational airway we were able to accompany the air wing for the first part of the assault on bomber then my 24 hind attack helicopter is basically a flying tank it was built by the Russians during the Cold War and can fire up to 4,000 rounds a minute it’s truly a devastating piece of military hardware and a game-changer for the Nigerian Army [Music] [Music] [Music] after two hours the helicopter assault team returned to base the ground forces would move in I waited on the tarmac for reports from the ground forces within 24 hours we learned that the assault was a success Boko Haram was routed from one of its major bases scattering the few remaining fighters into the sambisa forest the following day Nigerian tanks rolled through Obama with President Goodluck Jonathan in the lead this marked the first time a Nigerian president was able to enter Bhama since the beginning of the insurgency much attention has been given to the reports that foreign military contractors were involved in the war against Boko Haram while the fog of war always blurs the line between multiple sets of combatants and non-combatants and there were many actors involved from neighboring chat Ian forces to private contractors it was my experience embedded on the ground that this was a Nigerian military victory despite the success of his army president good lucks luck ran out one week after the assault Obama he lost the election to his opponent former General Muhammadu Buhari but the battle is far from over the new president has promised the people of Nigeria he will finish the fight against a week in Boko Haram this will not be easy the next stage of combat is likely a complicated counterinsurgency battle an unconventional fight against an unconventional enemy but for the Nigerians who have been living in terror for years and for the soldiers who have been fighting Boko Haram they’re finally exists some glimmer of hope [Music] [Music]

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