The World’s GREATEST SCAM – Truth About Education

Hi my name is Daniel Kwak and my name is Sam Kwak and we are entrepreneurs investors and the authors of the book fire your boss and in this video we want to share two sides of how our society is getting educated. Now, when we often say the word “education” what do you immediately think of? Colleges, right?! It’s about getting that degrees so we can find a great job with the great company but what if we said there are in fact two very different types of education that has been around for more than 700 years that had stayed consistently over the centuries those are the poor people’s education and the wealthy people’s education now let’s quickly define the words poor and the rich people. When we say poor people, we’re talking about the employee mindset of how people think about creating wealth whether that’s in money time, relationships, or knowledge. So it’s not necessarily about money but it’s more about to do with the mindset. When it comes to the wealthy mindset these are people who focus on attracting richness and not only money but also in time relationships and knowledge so let us give you a quick historical background as to how education worked seven hundred years ago. In the early 1300 european society there are two very different classes of people the rich and the poor. The question is do we still classify people today in the same terms obviously yes! The rich people were educated in ways that they learn how to readwrite and would often times worked closely to the king or the lord to the land now on the flip side very few poor people got to learn how to read or write. most poor people learned how to farm, tend to farm animals and learn military fighting to protect the Kings land the bottom line is that the poor people got educated in those specific skills to serve the king in exchange for protection and a home the poor people would often work to provide the king or the Lord with food, supplies, labor for the royalties properties. Now let’s give over the 1500 in my opinion the world’s greatest invention was discovered in the interim the printing press! when the printing press was invented, the mass had access to literature and books. now the poor people got education and learning how to read it right now but what did the rich people started doing? The idea of early modern universities became a popular form of Education for the rich. The rich people send their children to learn how to not only read and write but also to apply philosophy reasoning logic and rhetoric as part of the education process. The rich also started forming large trade organization where they controlled ships and merchants to produce more revenue unfortunately, like 700 years ago the poor were getting educated only to work for the rich. Without reading or writing how else is a common employee to follow these written instructions for form or decrease by the rich. How come nothing has changed since 1300? Surely we had to progress further than that, right? I’m sure jumping over 21st century have solved these issues. so let’s finally jump over to the 21st century model of Education. In today’s world everybody has the access to a college education and public school systems perhaps we stopped educating our population to work for the rich people right well let’s take a quick look at our current education model. the “poor” people now can have access to universities without much limitations today our US government offers student loans to pay for college education but what are the university’s actually teaching our students. Ever wondered why our universities never teach anything about starting your own business learning how to manage your taxes, how to open a bank account and learn how to invest? Now what if we told you nothing has ever changed since the 1300s. Guess who provides funding and support to the college curriculum boards? The rich people! These rich people control large investments and corporations that tell the curriculum boards want to teach in the universities across the country to stay accredited what’s even worse the rich people who control the banks are also the one who loans the money to these students so they can get in debt and that they would have to get a job to work the same companies that these rich people own and guess what! our government is ok with that because it keeps the society pain taxes and keeping them just smart enough so that they know how to work the machines at the job. Our universities and our schooling is designed so that ninety-five percent of the population can go work for a job and get stuck in the traffic for two hours every single day now we all know this sounds like a conspiracy theory and maybe challenges your belief. At one time we couldn’t believe this to be true either we rejected utterly and when we heard about this, the more we thought about it it was true so what are the rich people doing as far as their education? Are there any more reasons like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, James cameron and many more all dropped out of college to pursue something even greater so here what the rich people are doing today they’re getting educated on how to start their own businesses and control large assets, they’re getting specified financial training to not only learn how to do the pythagorean theorem but to learn how to realize their ideas into motion now here’s the good news. our country, the United States allows anybody to choose either the rich people’s education or the poor people’s education ulike 1300s and 1500s where powerful relationships are required to gain access to education today anybody in united states can choose to learn how to control assets and gain financial literacy so that you you can be wealthy. now I want to personally invite you to an education that will not only help you start your own business but is also going to teach you how to control assets such as a rental property. if you had 10 rental properties that paid you a thousand dollars a month each wouldn’t that be a better alternative than working for a job or for a company or for someone else now keep in mind you don’t have to clock in and clock out with owning rental properties. we would like to invite you now on our real estate investment education where you can learn how to buy, sell, find rental properties without your own money or own credit not only that, we’re going to teach you how to pay sixty-five percent less taxes with the rest of your life using key tax-laws we’re going to teach you how to pay off your mortgage within five to seven years and listen, if this all sounds too good to be true we want you to consider the possibility that someone you know is already doing this and believe me we found out about this education coaching while we were broke in college today we learned how to raise over a million dollars of starting capital and just learning how to talk to the right people with the money we’re going to teach you how to do just that and even if I’m half right about all this you’re going to be very very impressed so if you’re interested in getting coaching from us and finding more information about our real estate investor education go to where you can go fill out information to get started with our candidacy process! thanks for watching!

26 thoughts on “The World’s GREATEST SCAM – Truth About Education

  • Hi Sam, nice vid. spent 40 years learning how to achieve "success" using the "poor method". With hard work, you can make it to 1% just based on the "poor method" largely based on hard work – namely what most asian immigrant parents encourage their kids to pursue- doctor, lawyer, engineer. The only problem is that most of the 99% will watch this video and totally not get it. Unfortunately even the top 10% (engineers, lawyers, doctors) will most likely just continue to work for an employer/boss rather focus on passive income/investing (namely real estate). Even doctors mostly spend their first 10-20 years of their career paying off loans, "just getting started" (buying a home, educating their children, buying depreciating assets-cars). So I totally get it now, but I feel like so many Asian immigrants especially – gen Xers! were completely mislead about the real american dream! but after my eyes got opened (REI), I see the lie that many immigrants are still believing that a college education/professional education is the key to wealth. Wealth is almost never created by salary alone (Even at the top 1% salary). Wealth is created via investments – money working for you while you are sleeping.

  • SPOT ON. I can't believe theres not a million views. This has been on my mind a lot for decades! Thank you for speaking my mind!

  • I don’t think South Koreans should comment on the US public school system. Especially when South Korea’s economy literally runs on the backs of American tax dollars. Jobs. Zuckerberg and Gates all dropped out because while attending school, they were able to come across an idea that can turn until billions.

    If we wanted to become as poor and dependent on another Country like South Korea, then yeah we should not go to school. But going to school has made us the top economic power and who we are today.

  • Professor of Economics Richard Wolff gave a lecture on a very similar subject with similar conclusions. You should go learn from him – he's the only one i've seen that isn't full of shit and will tell you the EXACT truth in easy to understand terms.

  • No matter how many times I read a summary out loud, I just can't find the answer, which I hate reading comprehension so much.

  • Incorrect.

    It's NOT "the rich people" doing any kind of exploitation. Rich people are rich because they know economics and creates wealth for everyone, poor people are poor because they don't, and the exploitation comes NOT from "the rich", but from the parasitical class of non-producers with a monopoly on violence, coersion and perpetual extortion, called GOVERNMENT.

    How DARE you accuse peaceful productive individuals following their own talents for things a violent criminal gang of thugs with badges does????

    Repeat after me:

    Good ideas don't require force.

    Capitalism is freedom.

    Statetheism is slavery.

    Taxation is theft.

    Voting is violence.

    Humans are not cattle.

  • By owning your own business you are still benefiting the rich simply by paying taxes!? As long as your being taxed your losing and someone is gaining, Titles and labels don’t change a damn thing.

  • This is based on a western side of the world, where as in Eastern side people don't pay much money for education and in a lot of countries is free

  • School is for dummies. They are just trying to indoctrinate children to get use to working unfulfilling jobs and deal with bullshit.

  • School is a scam
    It teaches people to scam each other, defend the scam, and to believe the scam will be worth it in the end.

  • 99% of teachers waste your time and money. The 1% that tells you something inspiring, probably got his inspiring ideas from youtube

  • USA, absolutely a 3rd world country socially speaking. And LatinAmerica, of course, suffering from these same stupid and abusive system..

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