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(upbeat music) – [Justina] Hey guys,
welcome to Lip Locked, the show where we put your
mouth to the ultimate test. Do you think you can pick your
partner out by kiss alone? Well we have a couple
standing right here and we’re about to find out. The game is simple. One person is going
to be blindfolded and they have to
kiss three people. One is their partner and
the other two are decoys. Can you kiss and tell? – I’m Delanie. – And I’m Candace. – And we’ve been
dating for over a year. – Hello ladies. – Hello.
– Hey. – There’s a lot of
estrogen up in this bitch. – Yes! – What’s going on,
how you guys feeling? – Pretty good. – Good. I’m a little nervous. – A little nervous. – Suddenly, yeah.
– That’s okay. – We met in Iowa at
a theater conference. I was a playwright
and she was an actress in a play that I had written. – And it was gay. – It was very gay.
(Delanie laughs) – It was a gay play. – So tell me more about
just the chemistry, how did you know, like,
we need to be together? – For me, it was almost
like, when I met her. I wasn’t out yet, I
hadn’t dated a girl yet, but I was, like, finally
coming to grips with who I am. And I met her at this
conference and I just thought she was the cutest thing
that I had ever seen. – She is cute as
a little button. – Yeah! Little Nebraska girl. – Do you think you guys
will be able to tell who’s your girl
just by kiss alone? – I think I can. – You think you can? – I think so. – Alright, so enough
about these two lips and these two (beep),
who’s getting blindfolded? – I think it’s me. – Are you a little jealous? – It’s funny because
I think people thought that I was
the jealous one but, honestly I think I’d
be more worried Delanie was going to fight the
other women than me. (laughing) – We came here dating,
when we got here, but, uh, we’ll see what
happens afterwards. (Candace laughs) – Let’s bring out these kissers. – Oh my gosh, I’m nervous. – I’m nervous
Candace is going to whoop someone’s
ass, but, you know. – She will! – Alright! Line up right here for me. (mumbles) Ladies, the rules are
no talking, no touching, just using your mouth, alright? You all look like
you’re good at that. And I am Justina Valentine,
the Hygiene Queen. Fly (beep) in the house
but what about the mouth? Open wide. Where that bad
breath likes to hide. – Candace’s kisses are– Oh, that sounds really
cute, Candace’s kisses. (laughing) They’re just really sweet. Yeah. I’m also very competitive
so I’m here to win. – Kisser number one. (suspenseful music) (funky music) Yowzas! Thank you kisser number one. What’d you think
of that, Delanie? – That was great. – I don’t know if I’m getting
all tingly because of the kiss or I just sprayed
Binaca all over my face. I don’t know what’s going on. Kisser number two, step on up. (suspenseful music) (upbeat music) Alright, get a room you two. Thank you kisser number two. What’d you think of
that one, Delanie? – Also good. – Also good? She’s an easy woman to please. (laughing) – Sorry babe. – Kisser number
three, come on in. (suspenseful music) (soulful music) Kisser number three, thank you. What’d you think of
that one, Delanie? – You guys brought in
some great kissers. – I tested them
all out before, so. – My first reaction to
number one was nope, next. I knew, right away. The second kiss I’m
definitely thinking it’s you. So, I didn’t want to
get too cocky just yet. Number three. – That was a lot slower,
and a lot longer, and I was really starting
to be like “Oh no.” – She took her time. (laughing) – Which kisser, Delanie, do you think was
your woman, Candace? – It was number two. – You sure? – I’m positive. – Positive Patty. Alright, number two, step on up and lets have one more
kiss before the big reveal. (jazzy music) Go on, go ahead,
get all in there. Don’t be shy now. Alright, well, Delanie
let’s see if you were right or if you were wrong. (mumbling) – Okay, okay. Yeah, that’s what I thought! (laughing) – Honestly, when you picked me, I was a little shocked. – (gasps) You should
have more faith in me. – I do. – If you liked that
episode of Lip Locked you’re going to
love our brand new MTV dating show Flex On My Ex. Check out this sneak peek. – In this final round we are
digging dirt on each hopeful by asking the person
who knows them the best and the worst, their exes. – So exes, when’s
the last time you’ve hooked up with these
ladies post-breakup? – Roughly around there. (record scratch)
(laughing) – [Host] What? – [Ex] She picked me
up from the airport. – Is this true?
(laughing) – Honesty is the best policy. – Is this true? (laughs) – You was like, “Come on, we got to go do
this show tomorrow.” – It’s all going down
in Flex On My Ex exclusively on
MTV YouTube channel.

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