This is MassBay

(emotional music) – I’ve been out of
school for several years. I was laid off from my job that I was at for almost 15 years. I have four children, and
they’re watching what I do. And I want to lead by example. I want them to see that if
I can do it, they can do it. – There is no place where
educational opportunities are greater in lifting everyone up
than at a community college. – MassBay is a great, great school. Not because I went here, work here. It’s because as a student also. I saw the challenges and then they gave me a good education here. – The community is just so great. You walk in and everyone
is hustling and bustling. There are friendly faces. There’s always something going on. – What strikes me the
most about our students is their resiliency. – Many of them have children. Many of them have parents
that they take care of. We have students who
are attending full time and working full time. For some, it’s a career. For some, it’s going on
to a four-year college. For some, it’s getting a certificate. They’re making sacrifices,
they’re pushing. So our goal is to just make it as easy as possible. Not academically. They have to meet the
high academic standards that our faculty set. But to solve the various financial, practical, pragmatic problems. – There is no more affordable educational opportunity
in higher education than a community college is and MassBay has made it a point to make it even more affordable through our financial aid programs and through our price point. – People were referring me to scholarships that I could apply to,
so it made it really easier knowing that I wasn’t alone. – The faculty members that you have here are equal to or better
than, in many cases, those that you would see at these high-priced four-year institutions. – The MassBay Academy concept is all about bringing students and faculty together who share common interests
and common goals. When students enter the college, they join smaller communities
of students and faculty who are studying and working in similar, related disciplines. Our main campus is in Wellesley Hills. We also have our Health Sciences, Early Childhood Education,
and Human Services programs on the Framingham campus. And then in Ashland, we have
our Automotive programs. We have distinct cultures and academic environments at each location. – Student success is really
a collaborative effort between the student and
the rest of the college. And when I say the rest of the college, I mean the faculty, the staff. Everybody from the president down. – We know how to work with
students who are stumbling. We know how to support them and how to make themselves self-supportive. So we have the counseling, the tutoring, the mentoring, all the
services that students need to get on their feet
or back on their feet. – There is so much opportunity here at MassBay for single parents. That’s really what
drives me to keep going. – We have so many supports and resources here for our students. We want you to be here. We want you to succeed. – My strongest support here at MassBay is my academic advisor. I meet with her regularly. I see her in the hallways
and she checks up with me and see how my classes are going. – At one point, I was homeless. I can relate on so many
levels with the students, not just academically,
but personally as well. – Everybody comes from
very different backgrounds. You don’t feel like you’re alone. It kind of feels like a family. – Education transforms lives. And what we do here at
MassBay Community College is we transform lives every day. And we’re very responsive to
the needs of the workforce. – For me, it was a stepping stone to a four-year college and a better life. For many, it’s a stepping stone to their career and a better life. – MassBay was such a
fundamental piece in my journey. It takes hard work, it
takes direction and passion. But you can ultimately accomplish whatever you want to accomplish. The resources are there,
the people are there. There’s some amazing
connections you can make. – This semester, I’m about to finish my electrical and computer engineering program here at MassBay. I’m going to Northeastern
University in Spring 2020. There’s a lot of resources at MassBay. If you stay and make connections, you will be able to do it. – Some come back and
say, “I came to MassBay, I encountered these incredible professors, and I learned how to be a student.” – MassBay has absolutely changed my life. It’s made me a better person
and a more hard-working person. – Now I have the confidence
to just know that I can do it. And it does get better. MassBay got me through
the worst time of my life. – It’s really a place of second chances. This is a great opportunity to learn and to figure out what you want to do. It’s a place to make mistakes. It’s a place to try something
you’ve never tried before.

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