This is Quinnipiac: School of Business

>>Hey, Bobcat Nation! Are you
looking for a business school that stands out from the
competition? Stay right there, ’cause This is Quinnipiac. (music) Hey, I’m Sam, a Computer
Information Systems major on track to earn my MBA. Welcome to
Quinnipiac University’s Lender School of Business Center. Let me
show you around. (music) The school of business has a variety
of classroom setups. The collaborative classrooms
offer the ability to work in small groups and then share
multiple screens with the entire class at the same time. Lecture
capture classrooms give you the ability to replay and review
class materials at your convenience. Modular classrooms
offer flexible seating arrangements, great for gaining
various perspectives and altering group dynamics. (music) Are you studying finance? If
so, you’ll probably find yourself here in our state-of-the-art
Financial Technology Center. This center features 12
Bloomberg Terminals, unlimited access to S&P Capital IQ and a
student managed multi-million-dollar portfolio.
If you’re looking for a place to study and keep up with the stock
market, check out the Financial Technology Center study room, which also has its own Bloomberg terminal. (music) Are you looking for an
internship or job opportunities after college? The Career
Development Center can help you prepare for those opportunities
with a variety of resources for students, including resumé
reviews and mock interviews with recruiters in dedicated interview
rooms to name a few. Looking to make contacts? Students have
access to an online job portal that houses 7,000 employer contacts to help build your network. (music) I love sitting in one of the
many study lounges that the School of Business has. The open
layout is great for working on group projects, networking and
meeting new people. The school of business also
provides students with the ability to network and enhance
their professional careers through two centers. The People’s United Center for
Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers professional resources to
help you bring your business ideas to life. Steps away from
the Lender School of Business Center, you’ll find The People’s
United Center for Women and Business meeting space. This
center is dedicated to creating and growing a community of women
focused on achieving their professional goals through workshops,
events and networking opportunities. Thanks for checking out
Quinnipiac University’s School of Business. To see more of
Quinnipiac, click here. Go Bobcats!

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