This is Quinnipiac: The Learning Commons

>>Hi, Bobcat Nation! Are you
looking to improve on your academic skills, need peer
tutoring or just help in a class? Well I know just the best place
to go. Find out right here on This is Quinnipiac. (music) What’s up? I’m Irsa. Whether you
need some extra help in a class or just want to learn new
material. The Learning Commons has many full time staff members
and peer educators. The Learning Commons is also home to the
Office for Student Accessibility. So, if you need help finding the
right services for you, come talk to the front desk. There are many resources in
the Learning Commons to help support you. Peer Tutors meet
with students on an appointment basis, one-on-one or in small
groups. Peer Fellows are individuals who work directly in
traditional lecture and exam driven classrooms. Peer Catalysts
are specialists that work in first year seminar courses and
lead a range of in-class initiatives. Academic Coaches are
on hand to work with first year students. While Academic
Specialists work with sophomores and above. Now, let me show you
around! (music) Just past the front desk is
the multipurpose room that offers a collaborative, flexible
workspace. It can be used for group trainings, meetings,
tutoring, as well as a testing center for midterms. (music) Are you looking to
keep doing well in your classes? Here in the tutoring area, you
can meet with your Peer Tutor, who can help you achieve your
academic success. This space offers study
cubicles, style tables and interchangeable whiteboards. Peer
Tutors are available any day of the week by appointment to help
you with specific classes. Appointments fill up quickly
during midterms and finals. So make sure you plan ahead. The Learning Commons, along
with the Office for Student Accessibility, work together to
ensure that you have equal access to educational opportunity and
provide you with the resources that you need to succeed. Thank you so much for joining us on
This is Quinnipiac. Go Bobcats!

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