This Is Why YOU Should Never Ever Eat Your Boogers (Animation)!

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in traffic one day and as you
look over you spot a driver, two knuckles deep in his nose. He’s so busy mining for gold that he doesn’t
realize that everyone around him can see him- or maybe, he just doesn’t care. You watch as he roots around, and then predictably,
he finally unearths his find, a nice, fat, golden nose oyster. Then, to your horror, you watch him pop it
into his mouth and swallow it in one go with a satisfied sigh, then he’s back at it again,
angling for more delicious nose clams deep in his own skull. Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics Show, today we’re going to tell you why despite the temptation, you should
never, ever eat your boogers. According to statistics that we just made
up, three out of every seven Americans regularly pick their own nose and then eat their boogers. At least that’s what it seems like to us as
we’re sitting in traffic and observing our local earth cohabitants. There is no official statistic, because nose
picking is unsurprisingly something that isn’t very well studied by scientists. Booger eating is even less well studied, as
scientists can’t find enough willing volunteers to form the basis of a credible study. We’d like to think that’s because there’s
just not enough booger eaters, but in all likelihood it’s simply because they are probably
too embarrassed to admit to the habit. But other than being a disgusting thing for
others to see you do, what are the actual risks or possible benefits to booger eating? First though, we have to explain boogers themselves. What is snot exactly? Mucus is a slimy, water-based bodily fluid
that your body produces in order to help protect itself. It turns out that snot is actually pretty
important, and is typically your front line of defense against infection. That’s because snot helps trap dust and any
other particles that you accidentally inhale, which very often includes viruses, bacteria,
and fungus spores. As the would-be invaders catch a ride on air
currents, they enter your nose or throat and more often than not get trapped in the sticky
mucus that lines the walls of our respiratory system. Mucus however also helps to moisten the air
that you inhale in, which makes it easier for you to breathe. If you’ve ever been severely dehydrated you
know that breathing can actually feel quite uncomfortable, which makes you thankful for
snot in your normal day to day life. So knowing that boogers help trap harmful
bacteria, viruses and other nasty things that are best kept out of your body rather than
in, we bet some of you can make a pretty strong argument already for why we should in fact
eat at least some of our own boogers. We’re willing to bet you’re in fact already
prolific booger eaters, but hey, its your body and we can’t tell you what to do, or
not do, with it. Unfortunately. Back to our point though, some booger aficionados
claim that eating our boogers is actually beneficial to our health, as it ingests some
of the bad bacteria and viruses that the body would normally keep out and thus forces the
body to fight off a much smaller infection. These people typically base their rationale
on the way that vaccines work- which by the way, they do work and you should never, ever
take medical advice from Jenny McCarthy. In a vaccine a deactivated form of a pathogen
is injected into the body, and while the pathogen is unable to actually cause infection, it
prompts an immune system response which teaches the body how to fight this infection off. Then when the real pathogen comes around ready
to kick the door down and make your body its property, your immune system already knows
how to respond and has the proper antibodies prepared to shut it down quickly. Eating your own boogers should work much the
same way, thus proving to be a health benefit instead of a health risk, right? Well, no, because that’s just not how biology
works. See when you eat your boogers you’re not inserting
them into the blood stream directly but rather into your stomach, and most of what ends up
there gets destroyed by strong stomach acids long before it gets absorbed into the body. So you’re not really boosting your immune
system, you’re just trying to cover up your nose clam habit. But if your boogers just get destroyed in
stomach acid, then what’s the big deal- how could it possibly be dangerous to just eat
them? The answer to that question comes from two
different potential points of entry for infection that are facilitated when you pick your nose
and then eat the boogers. First, the act of picking the nose itself
can often scratch up the inside of your nose, which leaves openings for all the germs your
boogers are trying to keep out of you to happily migrate into your body. More to the point, you’re also placing yourself
at risk with bacteria that you normally wouldn’t breathe in, such as Staph bacteria that live
under your disgusting finger nails. Don’t even pretend that you’ve cleaned your
nails anytime in the last three weeks, because you haven’t, at best you’ve given your hands
a cursory washing. Staph bacteria is actually pretty common under
people’s finger nails, along with fecal matter and a host of other fun stuff. When you pick your nose you’re giving all
that nastiness a free ride directly inside your body, which is why we recommend you never
pick your nose or you cut all your fingers off. Because if you don’t, the bacteria will get
you. It’s pretty rare but one 53 year old woman
managed to carve a hole right through her sinus with her constant nose picking. While the damage was discovered and repaired
in time, holes in your sinus are a pretty serious threat and can make it possible for
the bacteria living in your nose right now to make their way straight to your brain. For some people you’d hardly notice, but for
the rest of us brain infections are very serious business that can lead to brain damage or
even death. The other way that germs can find their way
inside you by eating your boogers is by hitching a ride inside the mucus that you roll up into
a tight little ball before you chuck it down your throat. The odds are low, but it is possible that
protected by the mucus, bacteria could make their way past your stomach acid and into
your intestinal track, where it would be free to start setting up shop. So let’s say that you’re addicted to eating
delicious nose clams, and you can’t seem to stop picking your nose- what can you do to
help stop or at least limit how much nose picking you do? 1. Identify underlying causes. If you always have an itchy or runny nose
then seasonal allergies could be to blame. Over-the-counter medications such as claritin
or zyrtec can help with the symptoms of allergies. As can simple anti-congestion medications
such as cough syrup, which will go a long way towards drying up the fields and fields
of slimy nose oysters waiting to be harvested and eaten. 2. Remove your fingers. Scientific studies have proven that fingers
are the number one tool used for nose picking, and our Infographics medical staff recommends
removing them so as to prevent you from picking your nose. No fingers, no nose picking. It’s not exactly an elegant solution, but
we dare you to argue that it wouldn’t work. 3. Use saline nose drops or humidifers. Using drops or humidifiers can help keep your
boogers from drying out and thus becoming hardened. Admittedly it’s when boogers are nice and
crunchy that they are the funnest to pick, and keeping them nice and humid will prevent
them from getting that way. 4. Tracheotomy. If you get yourself a tracheotomy and then
proceed to plug up your nasal cavity you’ll no longer have a need for the upper respiratory
system. With your nostrils permanently plugged up-
we recommend humid environment contact cement- you’ll no longer be able to shove your fingers
into your nose to mine for gold. The plus side of a tracheotomy is that you
can get a voice box and sound like a cool space robot! 5. Use a memory device to help reduce subconscious
nose picking. It’s no accident that nose picking activities
reach their zenith during rush hour traffic, as most people resort to nose picking while
bored. Using a memory device can alert you to this
subconscious time waster, and you can wrap a small bandage around your lead nose picker
so that the moment you see it approach your face you realize you shouldn’t be picking
your nose. 6. Gather the Avengers, defeat Thanos, wield
the Infinity Gauntlet and use its power to wish yourself to never picking your nose again. Top medical experts agree this is the best
way to end a troublesome nose picking habit. So now that you know better, do you still
plan on snacking on some all-organic nose oysters? Check out our other video, What Happens If
You Drink Only Soda And Nothing Else! And as always if you enjoyed this video don’t
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