Training day

There’s been a dirty bomb that has been
dispersed it has radiation and we have people with injuries both from the
explosion and we are decontaminating patients that have been exposed to
radiation so we’re here today at the National Center for Medical Readiness
where we have local professionals that nurses EMTs we have nursing students
from Wright State and from Indiana University all practicing together in a
disaster exercise. There really isn’t anything like this close to us we have
great acute care centers and medical centers and that kind of thing but in
terms of disaster and community-based things that’s just not something we have
anywhere locally to us so it’s fantastic so our students can
experience it. It’s very informative an eye-opening feel like it’s good to know
that this is something I’m gonna be able to know how to do. It is very unique to
have another university or a school of nursing here with us and I’m we are
learning from them and they’re learning from us. It doesn’t matter where we come
from it doesn’t matter what school we went to we’re all coming together and
working it towards creating like a safer and healthier environment for our community. There are only a few
places like this in the United States and we’re lucky enough in the Ohio
Valley to have this facility here and Wright State hosting this program. Disasters occur infrequently but they’re low volume but they’re high risk
events training in an environment like this it’s just something we can do to
make them better prepared when something actually does occur.

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