Trivia Quiz To Test Your General Knowledge

Welcome to the Internet, dear user! So, how
well do you know this place? Do you spend a lot of time online, you know, playing
games? Or maybe you surf through all kinds of websites, Trying to find the next big
thing? I’ve got some internet questions for you! You’ll be able to answer them if,
and only if, you’re a real internet pro! Check out these fun facts and try and guess
if they’re real or fake. 1. Your internet is slow at night because
all the servers slowly shut down for a good night’s sleep. True or false? It’s False! No way! Servers are up and working all the time! Then what’s up with different internet speeds? Well, did you know that the Internet
has a “rush hour” from 7 to 11 p.m.? It’s the busiest time on the web! Everyone
comes home from work and…well they gotta check if anyone liked their post! The servers
get rammed. Guess I’ll have to come home earlier then! 2. Google uses one computer to find an answer
for you, when you search for something. True or false? A single Google query uses 1,000 computers
in 0.2 seconds to get your answer. That’s right. That means that Google is looking
eeeevrywheeeere to give you all the information you need! 3. About 20% of Google searches every day
have never been Googled before. True or false? I can’t believe it either but it’s true! every fifth question
we ask Google, every day, is totally unique! Wow! There’s so much Google still needs
to learn! And so many weird questions still left to ask. 4. More than 80,000 YouTube videos are viewed
every second. True or false? This one is true as well. That’s a pretty impressive stat! We’ve all been in that same situation: One more video and I’ll go to sleep! I swear!
What’s the most videos you’ve watched, you know, right before you go to sleep? 5. Everyone is connected to the Internet
nowadays. True or false? Actually, it’s false! Some people have never used the Internet! It feels like you can find everyone online, but it’s not like that at all. While most
of us are addicted to the Internet, more than 3 billion people have never used it!
That’s crazy, it’s 2020! 6. Almost 3 million emails are sent each
second. True or false? Yes, emails are pretty much vital for day
to day business! Bonus fact: more than 60% of those emails…are spam! So many ads! 7. Thanks to strong security algorithms, websites are rarely hacked these days. True
or false? It’s false. You probably won’t believe this, but about 30,000 websites are hacked daily!
It’s because hackers are pretty good at keeping up with new technology. Watch out! 8. Wireless internet was invented in the
2000s. True or false? It’s false! Actually, Wi-Fi’s been around since September 1990! OMG! It’s almost 30 years old! Bonus fact: Wi-Fi signals travel from your router
in a doughnut shape. What a tasty thought! 9. Wi-Fi stands for “Wireless Fidelity”.
True or false? It’s false! The term “Wi-Fi” was invented as a sort
of joke on the word “Hi-Fi”. It doesn’t actually mean anything at all. “The Standard
for Wireless Fidelity” was the original advertising slogan. It confused everyone…so
the term WiFi was born. 10. The weight of the whole Internet is approximately
equal to a strawberry. True or false? Sounds weird but it’s true! If you weigh
all the electrons on the servers you only get around 50 grams! Of course, the electronics
required are waaaay heavier! 11. Wikipedia is the most visited website
on the internet. True or false? It’s false! We all know that Wikipedia is really popular among students, wink-wink. But where do you go first? It’s Google, of course! 12. The country with the most Internet users is China. True or false? It’s true! China has the most Internet users of any countries! Bonus fact: 98% of Internet users in China are mobile. Wow! 13. The city with the fastest Internet is New York City. True or false?

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