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The Trumps are good copy, and the gossip columnists are
in for a field day. NARRATOR: In 1991, when
Donald Trump’s personal life was headline news… NEWS ANNOUNCER:
A high octane mix of the stuff that sells
newspapers. NARRATOR: …he did a phone
interview with People magazine under the name “John Miller.” MAN:
It’s an artifact of the time in that he never
disguised his voice. It’s clearly Donald Trump when
you listen to the recordings. FISHER:
This was his way of pulling himself
out of himself and touting himself
to reporters in a way that even Donald Trump
with all his unbridled ego couldn’t bring himself to do. FISHER: When we confronted
Donald Trump with this, he didn’t exactly deny it. He now is at a point where he is
sort of sheepishly saying, “Well, some people say that.” NARRATOR:
It wasn’t the first time Trump had used a pseudonym. It happened in 1980. Donald Trump was looking
to make his mark in Manhattan real estate. WOMAN:
And Donald came upon this site which had the Bonwit Teller
building on it. It was kind of
a landmark building. It was next door to Tiffany’s. He loved it. NARRATOR:
It was to be called Trump Tower, 58 stories of high-end retail
and high-priced condominiums. But before he could
begin construction, Trump had vowed to preserve
two valuable sculptures. And these were absolutely
beautiful Art Deco sculptures that had been promised
to the Metropolitan Museum. MAN: It was delaying
Trump’s construction, so he brings in
a gang of workers to just break the stuff up. And boom– dust. Gone forever. NARRATOR:
The press was all over him. FISHER: Trump suffers
a major hit in his reputation in New York because people see this
as an act of vandalism. BRENNER: And everyone
came down on his head. He was in a lot of trouble
in the city. He was in the headlines
every day. NARRATOR:
Donald Trump went underground. READER: Repeated efforts
over the last three days to reach Mr. Trump
have been unavailing. NARRATOR: But the press
would hear from John Baron. READER: John Baron, a vice president
of the Trump Organization, said three independent
appraisals of the sculptures had found them to be
“without artistic merit.” MAN:
There was a Trump spokesman, John Baron,
who called the press and explained why these things
couldn’t be preserved. READER: John Baron said,
“The merit of these stones was not great enough to justify
the effort to save them.” D’ANTONIO: And it was his first employment
of this fake persona. NARRATOR:
Trump had learned the tactic from his father, Fred Trump, who sometimes used the name
“Mr. Green.” WOMAN: He was Mr. Green,
Fred was, when he called up, and asked questions. He said, “This is Mr. Green.” And Donald was later John Baron. WOMAN: I don’t think Donald
was necessarily evasive with the press
when he used his alter ego “John Baron.” I think it gave him
the opportunity to say things that he couldn’t say
as Donald Trump. NARRATOR: John Baron helped
take the heat off Trump. The media moved on, and Trump Tower became
his most iconic property. FISHER: He saw this
as a crowning achievement, and he was willing to take
the PR hit because ultimately, Trump Tower would be
this great monument to himself. NARRATOR: For Donald Trump,
the experience would shape his dealings with the news media
for decades to come. SUNSHINE:
He doesn’t care. He simply doesn’t care. He simply thinks that
bad publicity is good publicity and it’s certainly better
than no publicity at all. MAN: The clear lesson that Trump
took away from all of this was the worst publicity
in the world can end up being good publicity,
meaning, “Yeah, people said
terrible things about me, but they sure know who I am.” And a month later
or three months later, they don’t remember what it was
they didn’t like about you; they just remember
they know your name.

49 thoughts on “Trump’s Alter Ego | Choice Moments | FRONTLINE

  • You know how many Marxist chicks I grew up with that have like five different names now? Frontline you bunch of leftist weasles.

  • This was made "Pre-Jim", the latest manifestation of his alter-ego.
    His "friend" Jim emerged when he wanted to diss on Paris/France, so he quoted his imaginary friend, Jim.

  • How f*#ked up is it that this John Miller thing is out there… and the John Baron thing… and yet, the freak is president.

  • "For him no minstrel raptures swell; 
    High though his titles, proud his name, 
    Boundless his wealth as wish can claim 
    Despite those titles, power, and pelf, 
    The wretch, concentred all in self, 
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown, 
    And, doubly dying, shall go down 
    To the vile dust from whence he sprung, 
    Unwept, unhonored , and unsung."

  • During His first face to face interview in the White House he got mad because he was asked a question he could not bullshit his way out of. He immediately calls an end to the interview, and went behind his desk to hide behind papers, and pout like a little bitch. Obviously, he’s been controlling the dialogue by hiding behind fake names, and now, using the exact same same obfuscation he used then. I can’t believe this horses ass is President, and that poor people identify with him just because he says what they want to hear. Listen to these interviews, and see he does the same thing with whoever he’s talking to. He’s a snake oil salesman, and he is great at it…that is nothing to admire, and definitely not what we need from our President.

  • With all these stories percolating from just about everywhere it's a mystery to me how many more of his base aren't taking if not whole but some of these allegations of the multitude of improprieties and outright illegalities seriously.

    It's almost cult like because I cannot for the life of me comprehend their blind adoration for this con man.

    I was hoping that the president would do an about face and act more in a manner befitting the presidency rather than a spoiled 12 year old girl. But those hopes for his success have been eroded by his actions and word or words that prove to me, at least – that this man has no desire whatsoever to improve the country and the many lives of it's people. Instead, I honestly believe that his mission while in the white house is to ride his term but acting in a position to further improve his and family's net worth.

    It is a shame. But it's like the saying goes… It's gonna get a lot worse before it gets any better. Ying and Yang. For every positive action there has to be an equivalent and opposite, negative reaction.

    I hope this is not a sign of the end of days.

  • When I first heard of Trump ruining his marriage with hi first wife, I was deeply shocked and speechless. Not only did he do it with Ivana but with Marla. And he’s done it with Melania and it continues on. His current wife Melania continues to deny of what happened and won’t say anything against him. Nor will she do anything about it. Let me tell you. President Trump is a hypocrite and will without any doubt become the worst president in American history.

  • His administration will go down in history as the biggest blemish on the history of this country….It really is no different than if Don King was President!…same crazy hair …evil narcissist …sucessful at others expense!…no morals …winning is everything!…"only in America! "…And I would guaranty…Don Kings security is better than Trumps!…

  • Individual 1, john baron, john miller, baby POTUS, whatever he calls himself, is a piece of trash that destroys everything and everyone he touches or comes into contact with. Worthless

  • He should update his media strategy to take into account the new fangled internet thing and how everything is archived

  • Doesn’t even disguise his voice. LoL – full on Dunning- Kruger.
    He has so many personality disorders.
    Malignant narcissism, antisocial, and probably some level of paranoia, dementia,…..

  • Roy Cohn Drumpf's mentor taught him how to use the media. Roy Cohn who was described as a SATANIC figure, a vicious attorney with deep dark connection in all the right places. Cohn, as in the McCarthy Red Scare, mentored him for over 30 years. Now, there is Roger Stone, aka, The Creep, who according to my eyes, emulates Jimmy Savile, the FIXER. Netflix has a video on him, The Fixer.
    Drumpf sold his soul a very long time ago, he has zero compassion for anyone, he has no interest in anyone but himself, he is a fatalist. Drumpf learned from the Satanic figure and associates with The Creep and Epstein the Convicted Child Molester. What more do you need to know, Drumpf CHOSE THE DARK SIDE, he possesses not a drop of good.

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