Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #83 (React)

– I think there’s an issue here. – What kind of waffle maker
is this? – Fart jokes have never
made me laugh. Never. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) We’ve got another
challenge for you. – Oh, do you?
Can I not laugh in this challenge? – (FBE) We’ve got a series
of videos to show you, but you can’t smile or laugh
while watching. – No, not these.
I always fail. – I’m really bad at this,
’cause if it’s funny, I’m gonna laugh. – I don’t think I ever
won one of these. Somebody always does
some dumb stuff that have me laughing.
Dang. – Okay, I’m actually kinda
good at this. I’ve won a bunch of them. – I have an idea.
Just remove all oxygen from my body
so I’m just… Pass out, you can’t laugh. – (FBE) As you may know,
these videos were sent in by fans who wanna make
you lose this challenge. – Sneaky little devils. – I’m gonna win.
I’m gonna get you guys. It’s not happening.
You’re not gonna make me smile or laugh. – I may be a little rusty
from nothing, ’cause I was never good
at this, but I know I have
a chance this time maybe, probably not. – (FBE) As requested by
our fans, we’re gonna try something new this time.
We’ll be calling you out still if you laugh or smile
at any point, but if you lose,
you’ll be back in for the next video
and we’ll just be keeping track of how many times
you get out. – Okay. – I hope I don’t laugh.
I am so ready. – Oh no. – ♪ Ooh ♪ – I can’t do it.
The first one. – ♪ Ooh ♪
– Come on. – Oh, this is really funny.
Okay. – This is funny, but I don’t
wanna laugh on the first video. – ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ – That lion got a nice voice,
though. – Okay.
That– the voice reminded me
seriously of my oldest son. – ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
– That was wrong. That was so wrong.
That was hard. That’s like Simba singing
or something. – ♪ Oh say can you see
by the dawn’s early light ♪ – Boy’s terrible. – ♪ What so held in twilight ♪
– Oh. – That wasn’t even close. – I think there’s an issue here. ♪ O’er the ramparts we watched
Gallantly streaming ♪ – No, you can’t. – ♪ And the rockets red glare
bombs bursting ♪ – Oh my goodness. – This song isn’t too funny.
It’s sad. – ♪ That the stars
were still there ♪ – Look, people really got
their heads down like they probably praying.
They praying, “Will you shut the hell up, please?” – ♪ Yet wave ♪ ♪ And the home
of the free ♪ – He just remixed the whole song. – (man screaming) – Oh my gosh,
that’s amazing. – (gasps) – Damn.
That was brutal. – We got a waffle maker. – (fart noises) – I’m the worst when it comes
to fart noises. – What kind of waffle maker
is this? – Ew, somebody got
a bootleg Goodwill waffle maker. – Fart jokes have never
made me laugh. Never. – You can stop farting now. – (fart noises) – No, it’s funny! – That’s a tough one. – (fart noises) – I hope that [bleep]
ain’t burnt. – Unplug that, cuz.
Unplug that. That thing might blow up, man.
Problem with you? – “Dr. Phil with no Dialogue.” – I love Dr. Phil.
I love this show. – I have seen this.
This is funny. – The long pauses, no. – Oh dear God. – Oh, he’s mad. – I don’t know what
was up with that one. That was weird. – Ooh, I love Shark Tank. – Oh, no dialogue
with Shark Tank? Oh gosh. – Hello? – Uh, excuse me? – You see the armpits? – Who puts these together? – Whoever edited this was
a really good editor. – It seems like it’s
a pretty bad business. – It’s so boring and awkward
that I want to laugh. – (Ethan) Deuces, deuces,
deuces, deuces, deuces. – (Ethan) Deuces, deuces,
deuces, deuces. – (reactor) Deuces, Ethan out. – (Ethan) Deuces, deuces. Deuces, deuces, deuces, deuces.
– Oh God, Ethan. – (Ethan) Deuces, deuces, deuces.
– (reactor) Deuces, Ethan out. – I wasn’t expecting that. – (Ethan) Deuces, deuces.
– (reactor) Deuces, Ethan out. Deuces, Ethan out. – (Ethan) Deuces, deuces,
deuces, deuces. – (reactor) Deuces, Ethan out.
– Aw, I remember that word back in the days. – ♪ Mm, watcha say
Mm, that you only meant well ♪ ♪ Well of course you did ♪ – No! – No. – ♪ Mm, watcha say ♪ ♪ Well of course you did
Mm, watcha say ♪ – Hey, I wanted some more music. – (reactor) Aw, that’s my
youngest son. What’s that on his neck? What’s that on his neck?
– No. – Got a big hickey on his neck. – (reactor) What’s that on his neck?
What in the– What’s that on his neck?
– That seems like a vampire bite, but I don’t see any fangs
anywhere. – ♪ (saxophone) ♪ – (reactor) What’s that on his neck?
– What is on his neck? – (FBE) I think he got bit
by a vampire. – He got bit by what? – Uh oh. – Ooh, he got busted. – (reactor) I need to talk
to him about that. What in the world?
Oh, baby. – Uh oh. – (reactor) Oh, baby.
– What episode is this? I need to see it. – (reactor) Oh, baby.
I don’t know what that is. – (FBE) Nice job, Jamayla.
You won. – That was so hard. – I’m glad that I laughed
because laughing is fun. You know what’s not fun?
Not laughing. So I’m glad you made me laugh
even though I didn’t win the challenge. – Thank you guys for watching
us try not to smile or laugh on the React Channel. – Don’t miss out on
all our new shows, subscribe. – If you liked this challenge,
then hit that like button. – Let us know in the comments
how well you did in this challenge. – Deuces. – Hey guys, Alyssa here,
a producer from the React Channel. Thanks so much for laughing
with us again today. We have so much
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