100 thoughts on “U.S. Senate: Impeachment Trial (Day 5)

  • Can everyone see they were all on the take of stealing millions of dollars of foreign aid to other countries ? It's the only reason why they're so compassionate for impeachment. "I hear the train a comin, it's rolling round the bend….."

  • Trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. Remove ❌ Trump and honor the Constitution 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Republican senators receive stark warning about voting against Trump or Head on a Pike!
    0:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSPdcBzQTdU

  • Well, it really looks like Trump is Guilty, Guilty, Guilty. And so is that cowardly Senate. Shame on them!

  • I believe in inalienable rights, I believe people and the law should be real, I am a combat fighter pilot. I fly at this bar I name the sandbar it comes out of my head. I fly combat flight simulator, I have an airline with FSX, I am a very bad boy, I kick the crap out of people and then run over them over with my car (grand theft auto) I follow the rules I am a writer. There are girls at my bar the most beautiful girls in the world they have no tattoos calling me their guy, I am just an average Joe. I knocked down seven planes in just one flight. The Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds are scared to death that they might have to fly against me in a time of war. I am the best of the best, Tom Cruise and I go skydiving together. I have taken the song (fly into the danger zone) off the jukebox of the American carrier USS Ronald Reagan it belongs to me now on my aircraft carrier, USS Constitution Hard Knocks… copyright law be damned. Believe it or not, this is not what is real. Let's look at what is.

    You voted for a man to be president who defrauded a university that he created and had to pay a fine of $25 million. He calls the Democratic Party the party of crime causing one man to start sending pipe bombs in the mail. He has been impeached but won't step down even though he has billions of dollars to his name. He has multiple houses and a yacht. He married an ex-beauty queen but still won't go home. And while in office he coined the phrase alternative facts claiming the news is out to get him calling it fake. If there has ever been a time to legalize marijuana this is the time. Anything this stupid you can bet the mind needs to take a rest. You bullies have your alcohol why not try to be a little bit decent and give the snowflakes their smoke.

    PS. If you don't have a sense of humor I do not want to hear what you have to say… The world has become stupid and way too boring since Donald Trump became president as it is!!!


  • Gosh, the host of this stream is sooooooo rude. He cuts people off in mid sentence and especially Republican callers. You should be neutral!

  • I like the BOSS. Winning is fun!!! I sometimes wonder if the Democrats ever get tired of loosing, maybe they wi) when the BOSS is acquitted. God bless the boss and his family, god bless America. Long live the KING and his kingdom.

  • Truth is Powerful. You can see it, feel it. Truth is real. Facts are real. Facts matter. Hold to that no matter what happens.

  • I have a couple of quick questions…
    First – Why is the Chief Justice still using a salt shaker as a gavel on day 5? Where's the gavel?
    Second – If the House and Executive Branch are controlled by two different parties, Should one branch get to have access to the others documents, and high ranking officials sworn testimony without a court order?
    Third – If congress isn't required to go through the Judicial Branch to get their subpoenas honored, and instead are able to invent a new charge of "Obstruction of Congress", Doesn't that put all future Presidents at the mercy of the controlling party in the House?

    Just some things I've been wondering.. I made a compilation of the phone calls received during the breaks in the trial, and believe they make a great case for more funding for education in the this country. Have a listen..

  • R- James Lankford says (3:54:00 in video) that when Adam Schiff claimed that the President said "if any Republicans go against him their heads will be on a pike" is false and their was no such threat. At 3:58:00 Democrat Sherrod Brown also says that this was the only time he heard a huge audible moan in the crowd when Schiff said this statement about the President threatening Republicans.

  • Where are the heroes? The great dissenting voices like Justice Harlan. Courageous politicians like Sam Houston or Edmund Ross. Great acts of principle taken by ordinary men; taken not because they were easy…but because they were hard. Without men and women to stride in the footsteps of American giants, the great American experiment will end with hollow halls.

  • Moral courage is a rare commodity. Let’s hope our representatives have the moral courage to keep America a democracy and not an authoritarian government.

  • To me, the fact that our president disregards United States Officials, and sends a private citizen to represent the USA, AGAINST the will of the Congress, and against the National Security of my fellow Americans, that a line is crossed.

  • Damn anyone that would vote for the lying worthless piece of shit Democrats are truly sorry souls. They have become the shit stain of society.

  • This is why civics in the 9th grade, government in the 12th grade, and definitely knowing the constitution was so important in bygone days. Then we wouldn't have (no disrespect) so many ignorant people who do not know/or understand the divisions and responsibilities of each branch of the government. The sad part is even many in the legislative branch seem to be just as ignorant.
    What in the world has happened?

  • A government BY the people FOR the people. We are not just bystanders, people who observe but can't say a word, no matter what party we are.
    People who say things like people who vote for this party or that are ______ (insert negative word here) sound like they want a dictatorship where they rule everything. As long as people pay taxes, and vote they have a say in the matter.

  • It's strange how President didn't care about "the Biden thing" the first three years of his presidency. Suddenly, he's cared about corruption the whole time?
    The only memories I have containing "Trump" and "corrupt", is when courts were forcing him to pay hundreds of millions in fines, for running corrupt charities, schools, and shady property tax-avoidance scams.

    But that was before his lawyer went to jail, for his help covering up the pornstar affair while his wife was pregnant.

  • I feel Trump is an embarrassment to his country. Democrats have been hounding Trump since the day he took office, and before. Dems waited, when Trump made the blonder, Dems were there right on top of mess.
    Our country is split by party affiliation, and that is the worst thing in this situation. I want to be done with trial, whatever the outcome. 2020 elections conveniently only months away; let the election decide, put all this crap behind us, and move on.

  • What did you expect just look at killary and all these dems who have lied and comitted crimes and are still walking free we know they will never pay yet they want trumps head for nothing and shifty the biggest liar walking gets to chair this trial its a joke

  • Exactly a Political Witch Hunt! Re: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/gop-senators-dems-threw-bidens-under-bus-trump-impeachment-trial

  • Biden admitted on camera he threatened ukraine you cant argue with that how much proof do you want he even laughed about it rule for one not the other even when you have proof and documation you ignore dems crimes

  • You just went down in my estimation graham you wont touch biden cos you love him but you will crucify trump two faced is all i can come up with

  • How is what the democrats are accusing Trump of different to this? Wasn't Biden abusing his powers? https://youtu.be/vCSF3reVr10

  • You trump supporters would vote out your republican congressmen if they voted to remove trump. Is that correct?

  • This is EXACTLY why Trump won in 16!! The swamp has spent 3 years showing why they are so afraid of a non politician who was NEVER invited to be in their club!!! Russia 3 yrs 50 million and now this is what they've come to??? THE ONLY partisan impeachment in US history!!! No crime and Schiff says he does not trust the american people in the next election??? WOW!!!

  • Wasent it you lot who locked them out when they were allowed to be in the meeting seems its ok for you to withhold documents you did for this trial and in the past. Whats this lady selective memory seems to happen a lot with you ive heard you dems blatantly lie about trump even when documenation has been shown that trump did not do what the dems acused him off. We may not be lawyers but we are not stupid either we are well aware when you are lieing or telling the truth we expect something better from people like you

  • I think the president should wear a sandwich board one side says
    “Yes I am guilty “and the other side says “Get me an Uber “ Perhaps he could meet his plane and jet off to the Southern White House By the way he might want stop at his local Post Office for a change of address card
    Just saying

  • CNN Fake Ass News NEVER carries full length videos of congress or the senate because they prove CNN is fake news, CNN even filed false copyright claims against 3 of my full length congress videos and they are NOT theirs!!! did YouTube give them 3 strikes and shut them down? NOPE, if I did it just once the would kill my channel !!! try it and you will see, it warns you before you hit the final click about filing false copyright claims!!!

  • Yes RUSSIA breaks International law, so lets do nothing about Russia. Just help Ukraine continue a war hoping it will end. That's how you show true strength and loyalty to your ally! Fucking idiots. We either send military there and say back off and tell Ukraine to get their shit together, or cut Ukraine off. end of story! Democrats and their non self involvement in a conflict is pathetic, pure weakness! Just send em money keep em killing each other…….so much for helping your allies. and never once have i seen any politician say why Russia has invaded Ukraine. We all need to be allies Russia and Ukraine both! Democrats act like Russia will always be our enemy, when we are the 2 largest powers in the world. Seems like they'd love a WWIII.

  • MSM is cutting off President Trumps Lawyers when they speak to the Press! MSM is corrupt! https://twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/1220758756071497728

  • I just started watching this and already dont care to go any further…sorry…siting something the washington post published does not represent public knowledge of something that validly happened.

  • Had it not been for the 2014 NeoCon-backed coup in Ukraine we would not now be in this intractable mess. Obama, Hillary, and Victoria Nudelman — if they are not dragged through the mud by Trump's attorneys then this whole thing is a sham. The idea that giving $400M worth of weapons to rightwing nutbags in Kiev has anything at all to do with US "security" is a profound joke. But, by all means, let's keep provoking Russia.That's going to end well. Russia is not Iran. Or Iraq, for that matter.

    Val Demings, a former cop, cannot even pronounce Poroshenko or Yanukovych. You no longer have to have an IQ above 90 to serve in Congress.

  • Dream on shumer cant wait to see you crushed lies never overcome truth guess the overwhelming bit never materialised again ive sat for four days and heard nothing new apart from an odd history lesson and a lot of lies

  • Trump serious. These speakers sound like actors and actresses. Americans are unpolitically correct. Fake News! Fake Money Fake Teachers. Americans are waking up to the truth.

  • Question: What holes do you see in the prosecution's case? Answer: Nancy Pelosi sat on this for 30 days.. Resolve: wtf?

  • Q: Are you going to argue there's nothing wrong with pressuring Ukraine or that Trump did nothing wrong? Jay: Hellifino..?

  • It is purely the houses and Schiffty Schiff's fault they could not prove a case, and they can't do so because there is NONE!

    Investigating corruption is not an impeachable offense and Joe Biden is not immune from investigation simply because he is running for POTUS.

    Trump literally did nothing wrong.

  • Trump literally did NOTHING wrong. Investigating corruption is the Presidents DUTY. Biden is not exempt from investigation because he is running for POTUS. Simple.

  • You need to hand in your job it isnt right to cut people because you dont like what they say evidently you are cherry picking what people can say obviously a dem should be sacked


  • About five percent of callers say anything reasonable. All the other comments are just emotional repetition of media talking heads. Shows the outsized role of media in the US and the lack of logical and use of critical thinking skills by the voters. Sad century for the US.

  • How would you feel if Bill Clinton had blocked Monica Lewinski from testifying?
    How would you feel if he didn’t turn up to his investigation?
    How would you feel if Bill said his sex with Lewinski was perfect, get over it?
    How would you feel if Lewinski was the president of another country?

  • 5 days of repeat, repeat, repeat. Ridiculous process. We heard you in the congress say all this… can we please hear from the republicans now?

  • On day one President Trump 45 lowered his pay to one dallor per year so he wouldn't be accused of running for personal gain. Biden sold his running mates position to China for 1.5 billion to his son. Just one Stark example.

  • To believe the Democrats case you have to first believe a set of facts that are against Trump and ignore every single fact that exonerates him. The fact that Trump brought up Biden's son in the call? Doesn't matter. Schiff claims it was Joe. Zelensky brings up Guiliani first? Invites him to visit the administration? Doesn't matter. Guiliani was trying to run a smear campaign. The fact that there WAS an investigation into Burisma and therefore Biden, that WAS terminated in 2016 after Shokin had already begun the process to interrogate Biden? A baseless conspiracy theory. You have to actively ignore so much of the larger picture of what has gone on to believe the Dems narrative. The truth is, you have to be completely ignorant of the facts. If you are paying attention, you understand that it is absolutely stone cold corrupt for Biden to install his son at a corrupt company when he was supposedly tasked with cleaning out corruption. Talk about abuse of power…the Dems feed a version of reality that suits to protect their party and insulate the corrupt individuals inside of it. Or claiming that everything being about his re-election somehow means the information that would be obtained in that investigation would be NOT BE MATERIAL, and somehow just a conspiracy to "dig up dirt". Whenever the last several years we have seen so many instances of the Democrats and national security state "digging up dirt on Trump"; whether any of it is true or not. It's so unbelievable that there really is such a concerted effort to subvert democracy whether it's the Clinton campaign hijacking the DNC or it's the media collaboration to push false stories or it's the protecting of their rich pedophile donors, while they simultaneously wave a flag of "protect Democracy!!!!"….We see you clear as day RATS!

  • Hes totally delusional nothing new here just a complete waste of everyones time and now is going to repeat it all again. Roll on tomorrow when they sink like a brick and its all debunked because nothing they have said was overwhelming i really thought they might have thrown something out.

  • Republicans haven't even got the chance to tell their side, when they gonna get to speak, all I'm hearing is talk from the democrats with of course no physical evidence

  • This is really sad,no evidence no crime,witnesses that heard it from a friend of a friend,who "supposedly" heard a phone conversation ! Gee this would be laughed out of a criminal court !

  • All I have to say after watching this bullshit…….there better not be any such thing as reincarnation. Once I leave this planet, I never want to come back. One time is too many times as it is. Just want to stay in the Afterworld for all of eternity and just chill. Ugh.

  • The wrong doing isn't in question. This trial is to determine whether it was intentional and therefore counts as an Abuse of Power and whether that wrong doing is worthy of removal from office. The Impeachment Vote is over. Donald Trump has been impeached. Whether The Senate decides to remove him from his office is still up for debate. This is the Impeachment Trial.

  • Adam is one of the biggest creatures in the swamp. Looks like a child molester…look at his eyes…his face looks like smacked ass…Democrats are a disgrace….

  • We the people need to hold the Senate accountable for allowing Putin appoint cheating president to get this fare, because they we're sworn the oath unto GOD ALMIGHTY lies after lies and now they are showing America to the world as a corrupt nations of Americans, every one must get out and vote vote vote…..

  • Are the defense team actually there in Court. The only person I have seen over the past 5 days is that liar Schiff!!!!!!! Have Fox not done anything on Trump Defence tam in court?

  • Oh this is just so painful to listen to,you care not if Trump really did anything you only want to prove that you have the power to impeach ! Are you really that anal ?

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