Universiteit Utrecht en Hermitage

I wasn’t really looking for an honours programme, but when I saw this, I immediately wanted to do this. We followed Cathelijne Broers for three days, and saw what her day entails. And she also picked some interesting days, such as the management-team meeting we attended… …and that gives you a very personal view of what happens at such a cultural institution, which is very interesting. We got a very good picture, I think, of how she does her work… …the considerations she makes, the dilemmas that eat her. Of course, leadership is quite a broad concept. You can view it from all kinds of angles, and that makes it so fun to see in practice what someone actually does… …what has to be considered? It was really special to see Cathelijne take on a different attitude, another role, in almost every meeting… …because that meeting has a different goal or need. So it’s very special to see that for real, as you don’t get that from a book. Many museums wonder how to reach the younger generation more easily and how to get them to enter a museum. So it was a good question for Nina, Siem and Thaïna, and they got to work on that. It’s a very difficult question, but it’s great that they wrote a very smart and nice advice in little time… …with which I think we can start with tomorrow. So it was a very fresh view on a museum, but also on what a museum director does and that was fun. You’re aware of your own actions, and they look at you with fresh pairs of eyes.

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