University of Michigan Student Vlog: First-Gen Experience

It is miserable outside. There’s the Big
House in the distance, so that’s a plus. but it’s raining it’s cold, Sam how bad
is it outside? Great! Boo! My foot’s not asleep anymore, I think I can start this. Are you proud of me? I am proud of you. Thanks Alec? Hey guys, my name is Zane I am a fourth year
senior at the University of Michigan I say forth because like many students I
will be completing a fifth year. I am studying English and music, though I
stopped at econ, stats, I think I stopped at Spanish at one point along the way,
political science. I’ve switched like 50 times my transcript is mainly just all
of my major changes. So yeah I just want to talk to you guys about being a first-gen student, being a STEAM student, and all the resources that are out there at
the university that you can lean on there. What I have personally used in my
first four years here, and hopefully you can take something cool away from this. So first I want to talk about academic advising just because I think not only
as a first gen student, but as a STEAM student it’s really important to have
that like academic adviser that you’re tight with, that you can really like feel
out what you want to pursue. I am in the school of LSA so I go to Newnan academic
advising. I actually used to work at the front desk there, and my adviser Ryan
Pliss really helped me figure out my path as I change major over and over and over
and over again. Early on he, I brought up to him that I’m
a first generation student. I was a little nervous coming in here. I went to
Waterfordmont high school. Shoutout Corsairs. And I think I am one of two
students from my graduating class of 350 students in Metro Detroit here. So, we
don’t send a ton of students to Michigan. I was a little nervous when I first came
in but he really helped ease my nerves early on help me build like a proper
schedule to ease myself in as a freshman, and it
built my confidence and I’ve I have felt throughout college like I can tackle any
course here that I want. And even if my results in calc two and three were a bit
worse than my other results I got through them.
I felt accomplished after taking them and I don’t know if I would have pushed
myself to try those without having Ryan and Newnan advising to help me out. Another one is either going to the University Career Center which is open
to all students at the University or to your school’s specific career prep slash
internship office. So for me as an LSA student we have the LSA Opportunity Hub. We are coming to you live from the LSA Opportunity Hub, where Antonio is
showcasing our vintage hub sticker This is our vitange hub sticker. You can buy this for three easy payments of 5… [Laughs] Of five? 1/3rd cent. Nice I’ve been interning there for the past
year and a half, and we do so many different things there. We have funding
for students with financial need that wants to pursue an internship that helps
you pay for like your living expenses while you do that internship.
There’s also coaching where you can come in and talk to a hub coach who will help
you just work on whether it’s your resume, whether you’re trying to get your
internships internships search started, whatever it may be, they’ll help you out
and there’s just so much there to. Like, they bring in some of the coolest alumni
to talk with us. I’m working on a team that’s helping to launch a platform
where students can interact with alumni mentors online. That will launch next
school year so look out for that if your in LSA. It’s it’s an awesome resource
and I really recommend that everybody check it out. Another thing to really
focus on if you are, I’d say especially as a first gen student is when you first
show up here especially if you haven’t made a lot of friends yet on campus um
check out um all the student organizations available. I came in as a
freshman not sure what I want to do exactly, but I knew I have a passion for
sports and music. So I came in saw that these guys were starting up a baseball
analytics student organization and that club, MSaber has become one of the largest clubs of its kind anywhere in the world.
I helped co-found it as a freshman started the website and everything I was
an officer my first semester on campus which not every club is gonna give you
that opportunity but I’m glad that I had it. Um I ran the group for two years
handed it off the two great friends of mine, Duncan and Max. And when I ran the club with my buddy Max Smith we just like bonded so hard. I created such a
lovely group of friends. We kind of have a network now. We have like guys
graduating getting jobs in baseball so that’s that’s probably been like perhaps
the most fulfilling thing of my college experience, and the only thing the only
way that I was able to go do it was to put myself out there and try it out. um
Additionally I just like to do different creative stuff on my own so as you can
see I’m making this right now for UMSocial I normally blogged monthly
for undergraduate admissions. I write for a tight Detroit Tigers blog called Bless
You Boys, and I’m also an indie musician working out my first EP. So like keep
yourself busy. First-gen students, you can do this here.
You may be the first in your family to come here and try this out, and yeah it
is a world-class university but it’s entirely possible for you to go out and
thrive and just blow everyone’s expectations
out of the water, so go and get it. STEAM students, use your use your
academic resources. I’m just gonna I’m gonna say that. Alec, my roommate here is an
engineering student. You have any tips for all the STEM slash STEAM students out there? I mean honestly, I hear English is a great major. [Laughs] Yeah, I do like it a lot uh
so yeah. In conclusion, Just find what you’re
passionate about. Go for it, put the work in. It doesn’t really matter what
background you come from as long as you have hard work, determination, and an
enthusiasm unknown to mankind!

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