User Case Study: Week Three Of Using Forex Source

(light music) – Hi, guys. Welcome to week three of this
particular trading series. It has been our return,
based on all of our trades, you can see that there
have been some minor slips, but mostly it’s been doing really well. Coming up to, around 18%
on the accounts originally. Which is really good. Here you can see the trades
that were specifically for this week, so that is
coming up to 10% on the account just this week. So let’s talk a little
bit about the clearest, more, I wanna say easiest
trades that I had this week, which are this one right here,
and that one right there. Besides that I wanna talk
about one that was very tricky, but managed to play out
successfully in the end. At the beginning of the week I tuned in to the Forex Source terminal. I saw that the dominant
sentiment was that the pound was being pressured, still,
by the conservative– by the narrowing lead of the conservatives that was that week. So, since the pound was being pressured and the market was very risk off, I decided to pair it with the yen. But then the moment I placed the trade it started going in
the opposite direction. The pound was being pressured,
so I entered a trade right around here, which started going in the wrong direction now. I held on to it for a little bit, hoping that it was just a retracement, but then, went in the terminal,
I saw a couple hours later that it said pound was recovering because of month end flows. There’s month end demand for the pound. So at that moment I decided, let’s just better cut our losses. And that was this first,
initial loss that I had here. So then at that exact
moment I placed a trade in the opposite direction,
and then I rode this trend up for a good amount of time,
until reaching this point right about here. This particular trade
resulted me in about 3% on the account, which was quite good, which is the one that
you can see right here. Then after that the week went
on to be really kind of quiet. I tried to trade a little
bit in the general direction of the dominant sentiment of the day, I made several trades, just light earnings right about here, that you can see. However, this trade right here
was a very interesting one. Now, on Wednesday,
throughout the day there was rumors that there were
going to be release a poll, which was said to be very, very reputable. So this poll was going
to be released at four, and people were expecting it to be good. So throughout the day, price was going up, but because of the uncertainty
I didn’t really wanna go into the market without
a really strong catalyst, so I decided better to wait
until the moment of the release. The moment the news was released
I heard it over the Squawk, again, this news was very positive. Let’s see if we can find it right here. So we, here it is, exactly at 3:55 p.m. The YouGov general election poll showed that the conservative party
was in for a big majority win. So I actually managed to
place a very, very good entry, right about here. Now, this move, I clicked it right here, and I closed it as it
was reaching the mark right about here. I did that knowing because it
was just a little bit higher than what was previously
thought, I thought this might be a place for it to start turning around, so right about here I decided to close it. And it turns out to have
been a very, very good idea. It resulted in really quite a large trade, like you can see right here,
of about 4% on my account. So that was really, really good. One final trade I want
to cover during the week, which was a very tricky one. I had entered a long position
on the British pound, right about here, because there was, as I said, a lot of very positive news coming from the British pound,
and a lot of negative news on the trade front with
Trump fighting with Beijing, so right about here I placed a long order. I was expecting it to just
flow higher throughout the day. What happened was the opposite. The deal actually started
retracing, all the way down. I decided to hold on to it,
and I placed a take profit right at the highs of these
previous sessions right here. The reason I decided to
hold on to it for so long, I was really quite negative, in total I got to about maybe
minus 10% on my account. I refused to let it go
because the fundamentals had not changed. The pound had still positive
tone because of the election, and the Australia dollar was
still supposed to be pressured because of rising tensions
in the U.S. China trade war. So I decided to hold on
to it for about two days, a day and a half, maybe. To my surprise, suddenly I get
a notification on my phone, that my take profit had been hit. It came up right about here, and I’m happy that I listened to the sentiment stream. I’m happy that I decided to tough it out, because the fundamentals had not changed I could always expect it to
come back to where it was. Now, these are obviously risks because they could have
happened that while I was down, the middle of the retracement, that I could have gotten some bad news that would change the fundamentals, that would pretty much
take away my reasoning for the money to go back up, then I would have had to close
it with a significant loss. However, since the
fundamentals did not change, I held on to it, and
eventually it did come back. So all in all, it was, again,
a very, very successful week with several very clear sentiment shifts that I managed to catch. My main tool that I do use for information is the Forex Source
terminal, which pretty much just let me stay in
context of what’s happening in the market with all the upcoming news, and they also provide video commentary into what exactly is moving the market at any particular moment. So we are now closing this
week with about a 10% on profit on the account, and a
conclusion of about almost 20% ever since we started these videos. So, I hope you’re enjoying them. If you have any questions or
comments please let me know in the comments down below. And, I’ll see you hopefully
with another positive, profitable week.

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