Vaping: A Lesson in Irony

Hello? got a quick question for ya… do you vape? what? Thank you to Health Canada for sponsoring this video. But as always 100 percent of thoughts and opinions are my own. Laws of nature. They are the unavoidable forces that govern our universe. And sure in physics class, you may have heard of something like electromagnetism or… Gravity! But today I am going to talk to you about my favorite inevitability: the law of unintended consequences Now the law of unintended consequences is exactly what it sounds like. A person does a thing for a reason and then something Unintended happens Now, there are a whole bunch of types of unintended consequences, but my favorite is probably The perverse result mainly because it’s also known as the cobra effect. Hiss. I mean… [Hiss] Anyway, the cobra effect is when the action has the exact opposite effect than the one desired. It got its name from this anecdote that takes place during the crown rule of India. Basically the British were like: “There are too many snakes…” And so, they set a bounty on dead Cobras. Basically people can kill a cobra, bring it in, and get money. Which was great! Until people started farming Cobras instead of hunting wild ones which totally defeated the purpose and when the British were like: “This is not ideal!” and scrapped the bounty. All of the Cobra farmers were like, “oh well,” and freed their remaining Cobras! The purpose of action was to put a bounty on snakes The intended outcome was less snakes. The actual outcome was MORE SNAKES! But that’s just the story told in economics classes and I couldn’t find any evidence of this Cobra story besides a podcast. So, do perverse results actually exists? You bet they do! Let’s talk about vaping. Whether you were scrolling through Instagram or just walking down the street, you have definitely encountered somebody vaping before. Maybe you’ve been hit with that sweet fruity scent of a vape cloud, followed by the immediate realization that you just inhaled someone’s vape cloud But today’s modern trend of vape had some pretty humble beginnings. Now, there are a couple of origin stories for the first vape but the most popular belongs to Hon Lik. He was a pretty heavy smoker and one day he thought, “You know what? Maybe… I shouldn’t.” And he gets dead set on this idea that in order to get smokers to stop smoking traditional cigarettes They needed a bridge that was less jarring than a nicotine patch. They needed something that’s still pretty similar to smoking but safer! So Hon takes action and invents his own electronic cigarette. The first vape! What could go wrong? [cellphone ringing] Hey, hey Carl. Got a quick question for ya… Do you vape? Hey there! It’s future editing Sabrina over here coming in to say that that guy on the phone is my little cousin Carl I’ve known him since he was literally a baby. Anyway, we’re gonna call him my Official Youth Correspondent. And I just want it to be known that everything he says is his own opinion! It’s not Health Canada’s. I didn’t fact check it. So keep that in mind. Now back to the video: So assume your mom isn’t gonna watch this video Do you know what a vape is? Do you know anyone who vapes then? Who? Like classmates, or, like, older people? Classmates included then, huh? Oh, gosh! I feel like a narc. I feel like a narc right now! How – how old are you again? I’m a bad cousin I don’t know this. How old are you? So, In all of this, do you or any of your classmates ever consider the fact that vaping might be dangerous? So with all those signs around, wh-why are people still doing it? And his answers match up pretty well with Health Canada’s Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs survey which, other than having a very long name, is this anonymous questionnaire that students from across the country in grades 7 to 12 fill out. I remember doing one a gym class and realizing that I do… Literally nothing. No drugs. No smoking. No physical activity. Anyway, the survey showed that in just the past few years, the number of students who have tried e-cigarettes has grown by 23% nationwide. That’s about four hundred and seventy thousand kids, and this stands in stark contrast to the recent historic lows of traditional cigarette use by students. So you gotta ask: What makes them want to try? Have you ever been tempted to try vaping? So do you only want to try it because it’s there? And does anyone ever talk about nicotine? Like in the way that it’s an addictive chemical? Wait, so it’s like a competition? And all of that isn’t the coincidence. Maybe you have a friend and you want to try their vape just to give it a shot. Joke about doing a vape trick or make a meme reference. And then a little while later, you try again And again and again and again. And you realize you haven’t always checked if your friends are vaping with nicotine or not But you kind of just want to try again. And that’s the thing, in a lot of cases vaping is just a mechanism to nicotine Which is an addictive chemical. And there’s two big problems with that: One: nicotine can alter teen brain development which is a pretty freaky thing to think about. And Two: even if some vapes don’t contain nicotine, the ones that do vary widely in amount and that means that some vapes may even contain more nicotine than a typical cigarette. And if we’re already comparing the two, nowadays It’s a well-known fact that smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and premature death But nobody really knows what happens with vaping. Because some of the chemicals found in vaping liquid Vape juice?? I don’t know It’s stuff like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Which ARE safe for use in cosmetics and sweeteners and all of that, but nobody knows the long-term safety of inhaling them. So, Hon Lik’s purposive action was to invent the electronic cigarette. His intended outcome was to help cull an unhealthy addiction! The actual outcome? Well, while smokers are saying that vaping has helped them quit, we are also seeing more and more young people picking up a vape and risking a future of nicotine addiction and lung damage. That’s about as perverse of a result as you could ask for. But before this video gets too preachy, if it hasn’t already. Let me tell you about one last unintended consequence It’s called Goodhart’s Law, named after the British economist Charles Goodhart The law basically states that when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure. And I think that’s the problem with most coverage about youth and vaping It’s that it talks about young people instead of to them. Every news story I’ve watched and article I’ve read have just been have just been adults talking to other adults about how all of their kids are vaping and AHHHHHH! It’s so stupid! Because the whole focus is on lowering this number in a report and it ignores the people it’s about. And that’s the reason I teamed up with Health Canada for this video It’s to support their approach on speaking directly to young people about vaping, but here’s the thing, I’m not here to tell you what to do or how to live your life. I’m not your mom. This video is just asking you to think about your actions And remember that sometimes there might be some unintended consequences Ii hope you liked that video! Thank you to Health Canada for sponsoring it, and thank you to my little cousin Carl for being young and relevant… Now, what about you guys? What do you think about teen vaping? Let me know down below, and a couple of people have been asking what’s the best way to support my channel and my honest answer is sharing my videos. Maybe this one?? But either way have a lovely day

100 thoughts on “Vaping: A Lesson in Irony

  • I have seen more videos against vaping rather than cigarettes which makes me start to think that they are trying to increase cigarette sales by getting rid of the competition

  • I vape. I had some friends who were super into it and showed me the ropes safely and without nicotine. This was back when people were more worried about vapes blowing up in your face, and they taught me how to build coils and use a vape safely. They could do a bunch of tricks and it got me very interested. I didn't actually get one yet though.

    Fast forward a little over a year later and I had a really bad breakup… thing (we're married now) and I turned to smoking. My grandmother smoked into her 80s and the smell was comforting, but I never liked the flavor or the cottonmouth that came with it, so I didn't do it much, but I did smoke.

    After we patched things up I mostly quit for a while. I went from about 3-4 a week to 1 every week or two, and even tried some cigarellos (which I liked better) and cigars. I was not a heavy smoker. XD Anyway, eventually my roommate sold my an old vape and I got back into it, and I've been vaping ever since. I still build my own coils, do research on the vape juice I order, and treat it like a hobby.

    Now don't get me wrong, inhaling ANYTHING that isn't unpolluted air is probably bad for you, and I have no doubt that I have some level of nicotine addiction. I usually order 2 bottles of the same juice, one with 3mg and one with 0, and switch to whatever I feel like. I also drink fairly regularly, and don't exercise much, so I don't know how useful my take on stuff is, but hear ya go.

  • nicotine inst inherently bad it was everything else that came with the cigarette and what makes 90% of vape juices bad are vitamin E which when vaporized becomes toxic in fact most parts of nicotine are actually good for you but i still dont vape nicotine just pure thc resin or wax what ever you want to call it so i dont have to risk addatives for flavors and all that. my rule is if it comes in a vial then it is unregulated and most likely not good for you nicotine or thc wise

  • look.. i've never in my life have touched a cigarette but am thinking of buying a juul/blu since all my roommates have either or & i occasionally hit it when i'm out of bud.
    what're the chances i will speed up lung damage once i buy my personal juul & hit it everyday/every other day??

  • Dumb video. Kids (minors) aren’t supposed to be able to buy vape products. So they shouldn’t do it. But wait. Kids aren’t supposed to drink alcohol either. But they do…in larger numbers than they vape. They are also not supposed to be able to buy and smoke cigarettes. But they do. Not in as large of numbers anymore since vaping has been around. Now in the US. we are facing a vape ban because people are getting sick and some die because of the THC oil they buy on the streets and black market sellers. Not from vape juice from a reputable company. My point is, kids are gonna do things they aren’t supposed to and always have done that. Alcohol and tobacco kills WAY more kids AND adults than vaping ever will. In fact, there have been ZERO deaths from those that vape responsibly and with good, reputable e juices. If a ban happens, then that will just create more and more black marketeers selling cheaply made and dangerous oil containing pods and liquids. Meaning more people will die from it. Talk about unintended consequences!

  • The question, which this video did not attempt to answer, is this: is vaping a good way to stop smoking? Who thinks that inhaling a substance has no side effects? Taking an aspirin has a side effect. Also — nicotine is not the issue. It is harmless. It is no more harmful than caffeine.

  • I think you're missing the bigger picture… you asked your cousin and he said no one really smokes anymore.
    On it's current path, vaping would've gotten rid of smoking almost all together,
    substantially reducing the pull of big tobacco and their lobbying power.
    Vaping also comes in zero nicotine… therefor, when used as intended, you end up not addicted to anything.
    Do flavors need more testing? Yes.
    Are they what caused the lung infections? Mostly no.
    A few flavors already had inhalation hazards, but the information regarding them wasn't recent or readily available.
    Lessons learned.
    The recent "vaping deaths" almost certainly have NOTHING to do with vaping eliquid.
    The word on the net seems to indicate the real culprit was illegal THC oil cartridges.
    Unsafe plastics, wick materials leeching into the oil, and impurities in the THC oil…
    that is what caused the hysteria and cost those people their lives.
    China has one of the biggest vaping cultures in the world (mostly since the tech is developed and manufactured there).
    Not much coming out of china about vaping killing people.
    You know why?
    Illegal THC cartridges are a non-factor there.

  • someone invented vaping in the 80s if not earlier. And can you actually do your research please,
    Dude this is literally just kinda looking over-self accountability.
    Go hit a vape and then run a lap, and then go smoke a cigarette and try the same lap. Meanwhile y'all all overlooking the fact people being dying over fake weed pens not the juuls, and that tobacco is probably just trynna make money by funneling nicotine addictions in a new direction.

  • While there are no long term studies on the safety of inhaled vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol there are also no definitively apparent dangers. Every death/injury that has happened has either been a result of something combusting (unrelated to the act of vaping) or, when from actually using a vape, have been linked to synthetic vitamin e oil, as it was present in all cases. Vapes are factually safer than smoking when considering what we are aware of, and this video is a blatant assertion that, even if better than cigarettes, vaping is still worse than air. This is obvious. The narrative attempted to speak to children rather than about them, but said something inherently obvious. This epidemic stems not from the misunderstanding of how dangerous vaping is, but rather the lack of care and visible consequences. Good try though.

  • i’ve been smoking cigarettes since the 9th grade. i’m in 12th now and i vape, and it’s really helped me get off ciggies.

  • I think that we just have a society of people with addictive personalities. The generation before us sparked a war on drugs that has yet to yield. Now our generation has to have nicotine to focus. It’s interesting to stand back and see the big picture. Yes, it’s not crack, however it is still a huge health risk that will disable a generation if we aren’t careful.

  • In my opinion, I'd rather see someone experiment with vaping (a proven smoking alternative that is 95% or safer option) than trying cigarettes, a proven killer. I don't condone anyone to start vaping without a preexisting nicotine addiction, but the whole point is harm reduction. No vaping can't be called "safe", but it's the better of the two. Kids will be kids. In the 80s students were allowed to smoke at school, even with the known health risks. So why are we now acting as if vaping is even if not worse then smoking?

  • What is all this vaping propaganda?? Is there’s some kind of conspiracy? These issues were caused by black market ThC cartridges not conventional vape juice. I just don’t understand

  • Don’t forget if you make something seem off limits or unavailable to people people are obviously going to be curious and want it and because it is illegal teens like going against laws cause they think its cool and edgy

  • This is pretty idiotic. The dude who invented the vape invented a product that saved millions of lives and let's be real, kids vaping is far better than kids smoking cigarettes (which a lot of high school and middle school kids did back in the day). It's 95% safer to vape than smoke cigs, so if the kids are gonna do it anyway (because news flash kids experiment with drugs) it's much better they're vaping instead of smoking traditional cancer causing cigarettes.

  • Vaping is a hobby, stop using kids as a way to say it's bad and it's the issue. The parent's are the issue, you can not go into any vape store and not get ID'ed I have had plenty of moments at my vape store of parents come in while their kid is in the car and they buy their kid vape juice. There is so much more to vaping then a simple e pen or sub ohm tank. You have mech mods, rda's etc while building your own setup can be fun and creative. Vaping has saved so many lives it crazy you stated in the description "new product is on the scene threatening to replace it and revive an addiction we all thought was over"

    1. Vaping is saving people's lives and is a way healthier then tobacco products.
    2. You can vape 0mg nicotine, that is option, the point of vaping is to get off tobacco, you start at the amount of packs smoked and measure the nicotine level that equals to the amount they smoke of tobacco and lower the nicotine level to get off of vaping, not everyone can quit a addiction cold turkey.`
    3. Vaping has been scientifically proven safe, and no fox news isn't correct or a good source of fact's
    4. Vaping can be a hobby, and people have the choice to do it as a hobby.

    You obviously have never been addicted to any substance in your life and have not a single clue on how much vaping has saved peoples live's, stop trying to brainwash people and kill people. Vaping has saved me and my friends, really hope you get the time to learn facts and do real research on what you say because words have strong impacts. If vaping is gone, people will go back to the one thing they know that will provide nicotine and in fact cause death, ruin peoples lives and family's as well as jobs an businesses.

  • Banning vaping to save the parents from giving their precious time to educate their own kids or control them has perverse result of Millions of adults dying from cancer as they go back to smoking cig, which is 95% deadlier than a regular vaping.

  • The one thing that pisses me off about the Indian snake story is that they didn´t kill the snakes but released them close to their neighbours and their neighbours released them close to them so that even more people died of snake bites!
    Also, AFAIK, the British Empire didn´t give a F about the problem until a kid of a VIP got bitten…

  • i’m not sure that MOST people are trying to get a higher nicotine amount in their juice, just has to do with their tolerance.. just because you need more hot sauce than your friend doesn’t mean you’re more addicted to hot sauce than your friend.

  • so for nicotine my life matters I reach my full potential but I might die sooner rather than later and i'll be hurting myself by damaging my lungs. Seems like it's completely worth it. 100% worth. If I don't die I will become successful and do the best I can worth imo

  • It's a bit odd that there arnt many opposing POV in these comments…

    In terms obviously they shouldn't be doing anything that will effect their brain growth in a harmful way.
    The counter, is that his original purpose for a vape alternative to cigarettes is a benefit so far. With a vape (not a "e-cigarette" Juul type) there is a healthier way to slowly lessen the amount of nicotine your in taking to the point that you can go to 0 nicotine level and eventually quit all together.

    I agree to be aware of what your doing to your body is wise. I'd also say that the entire thing is unnatural (same with cigarettes) these are things that are not foods or water and are our bodies were not designed to vape or smoke cigarettes.


  • Friend:"Bro wanna hit my juul?"
    Me:"Ah hell no I'm already having a hard time breathing and you want me to vape?Bro I'd get a fucking asthma attack"

  • Yeah kids vaping is a problem but I’d rather them being addicted to nicotine that addicted to cigarettes. Nicotine ingested isn’t bad for you. In fact in moderation it’s a great stimulant that can help concentration and activity. Inhaling anything is going to harm your lungs. Breathing in too much moisture will leave liquid in your lungs that you have to cough out. Everyone talks about how terrible vaping is but nobody talks about how terrible cigarettes are with their addictive added chemicals. I’d 100% support my future child vaping over smoking cigarettes.

    TL;dr yes vapes have a high amount of nicotine but cigarettes have high nicotine and many other substances included such as the wrapping paper, the tobacco itself, and any added chemicals to make it more addicting.

    Everyone wants to end vaping but nobody wants to end computable tobacco? Sounds like the big tobacco corps are pushing an agenda so they can keep profiting off of these cancer sticks

  • Eh, this isn't a perverse result. The creator of electronic cigarettes set out to construct an artificial cigarette that was healthier than the additive riddled alternatives. He has done so. Your video goes to several lengths to prove as much. You seem to correlate nicotine consumption directly with bad health, and while it may be addictive, many things are. That doesn't mean it's the nicotine per se that gives you cancer or an other aforementioned illness. He never meant to get people off of nicotine, he likely realized it was impossible. He simply wanted a safer medium for those who choose to pursue it to use, which he accomplished

    Also, this video lacks irony

  • I have friends who vape while I do get interested once in a while I know that we still don't know much about vape than we do with years or decades of cigarettes albeit short or long term effects of it. Who knows maybe it might cause some long term radiation damage since it's electronic.

    I haven't smoked or vaped in my entire life, my point is that it's still an unknown practice that may or may not lead to damages to our health.

  • I think it's gonna turn out to be as harmful or worse than smoking in long term tests
    I've been a smoker for years and olny roll my own tried vaping made my chest awful as do tailor made cigarettes
    The levels of nicotine in vapes is quite high a lot of people end up smoking more than they did before when they sack the vape off

  • You know I get really sick and disgusted by people who say they’re so concerned and worried about kids and always say things like “We’re doing for The Kids!” But yet lots of times these same people are all for unrestricted abortions up to the day of delivery. Don’t tell me how much you care about kids if you’re all for murdering them in the womb. Maybe just mind your own business and leave everybody else the Eff alone. The “We Care About Kids” excuses for making everybody else miserable is getting old.

  • Fam i vaped like 100 times now and im not addicted ypu only get addicted if you are stupid with it. If you feel like you need to vape stop like that decision is yours but dont be stupid. Im 14 to if your wondering.

  • i cut out caffeine and replaced it with nicotine basically but i ain’t no kid, wish there was a way to regulate it more but idk still feel it’s better than smoking :p whether it’s a fad or not. nicotine by itself isn’t all that terrible, in quantity. i’d imagine that would be true of a lot of chemicals. great vid tho, way better research than buzzfeed lol i’d also like to point out the majority of “issues” are a minority. 👍 keep up the great work.

  • Kids are gonna smoke. Why do you think cigarettes are going down in use as vapes go up? Which one is worse? That's what i need to know.

  • all good but you missed a point. Those young people vaping would instead be smoking. Young people smoking was a huge problem for decades and now instead of that we have young people vaping instead of smoking. Yes, it IS bad that they're vaping, e-cigs are meant for a safer alternative for smokers. BUT all those kids that would be smoking are vaping instead. It is a real problem still, but at least they're not smoking. The thing is, there will never be a 100% safe way to have a nicotine addiction so both must be stopped. Smoking and vaping. For now, vaping is taking smoking out of the way so the step forward from there is to stop the nicotine addiction entirely. We're a long way from getting there, but replacing smoking with vaping is a good step forward.

  • Why don’t people just use smokeless tobacco, still has nicotine but it doesn’t damage your lungs, and why are their no anti smokeless tobacco ads? Is this a conspiracy…uWu

  • i was 12 when my dad gave me a hit on his vape, i inhaled and i choked on the puff that he gave me, of course i was a kid and i thought it'd be cool to try vapin, so after i puffed it and choked on the cloud, i thought i wouldn't get taller anymore due to a chemical reaction that somewhat scared me the most, i stopped thinkin about it because… I don't wanna be a midget, i wanna be a healthy MMA fighter that's tall and buff, but now 2 years passed and i'm almost taller than mum so i reckon it was a shitty thing to try.

  • The cobra thing didn't work in India because killing snakes, especially cobras, is considered an extremely bad thing as it will give the person killing the snake bad luck and will recive the wrath of Lord Shiv.

  • im not proud of it, but i’m 16 and have vaped for over a year, and recently i’ve quit, and it’s honestly great.

    i’ve had my withdraws recently, and my personal fitness class was killing my lungs anytime i ran.

    if anyone who sees this and hasn’t vaped, DONT do it, please.

  • “The only chemical linked to outbreak is related to illegal THC vape oil. Therefore we must ban nicotine vapes but only the flavoured ones” 🤡

  • mountain dew isnt pure water but we shove that down ours and our kids throats like it is. and nobody says shit.

    also. seeing the decreased use of traditional cigs. seeing as it is 95% safer i would call this the absolute win.

    Nicotine on its own isnt actually that addictive. i know from experience. nicotine's main issue is when it is combined with the other chemicals in cigs. I have been vaping 50mg nic for a few weeks. No addiction at all. every day I have to make a conscious decision to do it every time. I am of legal age so dont lecture me.

    If you dont want your kid to vape. BE A GOOD PARENT! it isnt the vapes fault. it is purely the parents fault.

  • You could insinuate that the commodification and market liberal attitude toward vaping is what pushed the problems with youth and vaping

  • For those of you who skimmed news articles and jumped to conclusions without actually reading them in recent days:

    Liquid pneumonia is caused by inhaling certain minerals that while are good for the skin, arent intended for inhalation.

    Why is this important? Well the recent hospitalizations due to "vaping" is why. Regular e liquid that you find in vape shops contain vegetable glycerin, propelyne goycol, nicotine (although you can get it without) and a flavor, notice how there are no mineral oils in these liquids.

    The people who were hospitalized all admitted to vaping products that didnt come from these stores, AKA the black market, this includes THC pods etc.

    What does this mean? Well its the black market, compeltely unregulated and people like to put mineral oils and terpenes (yet another thing not supposed to be inhaled) in the e liquids as a thickener…

    Moral of the story? Regular vaping hasnt caused shit, its the shit from the black market thats been causing shit because unfortunately, they (black matket) dont give two shits about your safety.

    Now then, for those of you who dont care about the facts and are still sticking to the "Vaping is bad and should be banned" bs:

    For argument sake, let us assume that vaping is indeed the cause if these hospitalizations and deaths…

    Smoking kills more than 480,000 people per year, as a comparison "vaping" has only killed 5 people over the span of 10 years.

    Even if that number became 500 or 1000 (not likely but just an argument), just compare that to 480,000+. Can you really argue that its not safer than smoking cigarettes?

    Why should we ban something that is a safer alternative to smoking and risk more people going back to smoking and growing that number higher?

    Could you imagine if even one fourth of the people who died of smoking had switched to e cigarettes prior? Thatd be 120,000+ lives saved.

    So a question to you now… why is "Vaping" so "evil" ?

  • Let's face it, vape nowadays are ADVERTISED to youth. All those vape tricks and all, when it should be infact advertised towards smokers, who want to quit smoking for a "healthier" alternative, or to eventually quit. But no, corporations are greedy. Advertising and targetting youths is where the money is at, rather than targetting a market which it was intended for. All for money. That's why kids are getting hooked on vape

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