Virtual Learning Course Tutorial Video: Jacobson

Hi everyone. This is Dr. Jacobson and I am just here to give you a quick overview
of how to navigate this course. Many of you are probably
already familiar with Brightspace, some of you may not be, so hopefully this will be an overview that gives you, give you a nice sort of um, bird’s-eye view of the kinds of things
you should be paying attention to in here. Um, so this page you should already be familiar with and you have been able to see some
of these things that show up here now because you went through
and you read the course syllabus hopefully, and then you completed the course contract. And so now what I want to do is kind of
guide you through a couple of other things that I would like for you to pay attention to. Um, so the first major thing you’ll notice is that
up here in this area there is a content link. This content link takes you
to all of the different areas of the course and when you click on it, it will, it should take you
to here or it might take you to this overview page, something like that. Um, but you will work through and what you’ll notice
here is that all of the materials are laid out here for you from day one, and so that can be really, really convenient for some of you who may be you have a vacation coming or you’ve got a lot of family stuff
going on on a particular weekend. And so this allows you to work ahead when you need to. Um, and I do have a note about that in the reading assignments area of lessons for the course. Um, rather it’s called lessons and activities
in the introduction to the course area. Um, so, there is information in here
that I’d like you to take a look at, but just in terms of this overview here one thing that you’ll see is that in each of the modules, so right now I’m in the very first module
called introduction to the course and in each of these modules,
um the structure is exactly the same. So, you’ll see that there is always going to be
a section for reading assignments and then lessons and activities, and then assessments, that’s the stuff that you’re graded on um, and then extras, this is stuff that I provide, um, mostly discussion boards usually for people to continue conversations
about particular issues that they found, um, interesting, those kinds of things go in the extras area and those are things that are not graded. And so you’ll see. and I’m just gonna go down here
and click a couple of these so that you can see each of the modules again is set up in exactly the same way,
with exactly the same structure, so that you know what to expect. Now when you look at these assessments areas, you’ll see that typically you’ll have a couple of things to do in each of these modules. Um, you will usually have a quiz, um, and then you will also have, um,
some sort of a discussion that I ask you to do, um, and so you should make sure that you pay really,
really close attention to the guidelines um, and the prompts
that I’m looking for in those discussions. So, those quizzes and discussions, any, any assigned work that you have to do that is graded is always going to be in this area called assessments, um, but you can also access it in other ways. So I’m gonna go up here to the top again and you’ll notice that up here there is a link for quizzes, a link for Dropbox, and a link for discussions. So if you come into the class
and you know, I just have to quickly come in here and do um, the first quiz for the, for the theory module, you can just just click straight on quizzes and you can go to this thinking sociologically
quiz and take it right there, okay. Notice though that when you are in the thinking sociologically module, I’m going to go back in here to content, and the thinking sociologically module, under assessments, and you’ll see that you also see the thinking sociologically quiz right there. It’s exactly the same thing,
just two different ways to access it. Um, and the same thing is true for the discussion topics that are posted in here. You will see that the discussion topic
here in the thinking sociologically module is a topic that I’m asking you to address, um applying theory to a particular video I’m asking you to watch. If you go up here to discussions, you will also see that that particular discussion
is also right here. Okay, um, that should all be pretty self-explanatory. One thing I did also want to show you is, um, I’m gonna make this discussions list a little bit more easy to look through, so I’m gonna hide all of these topics so we just see the overall areas. Um, so the overall areas in the discussions link. The first one includes all of the module discussions, so these are all of the discussions that you are being graded on, and then you’ll see this second section
which is for further discussions. So some of the feedback I’ve gotten from students in the past has basically been that, you know, I shut down the discussion boards for a particular topic when that discussion is due, and sometimes they’d
like to talk a little bit more about it, or they maybe have seen something a little bit later on in the course that they want to bring to people’s attention and so they wanted a way to do that. So I’ve created these, uh, discussion boards
in here as a way for people to do that. There’s a place here for assignment help,
so you have two assignments in particular that will be uploaded into the class Dropbox, so these are beyond the discussions and the quizzes, um, and so you will go in here to ask me
any questions that you have. There’s also a general area um, and so this area has an area for you to ask any sort of general questions that you have about the course if there’s something that’s not making sense to you, um, something that doesn’t have to do
with a particular assignment, then you can post that question here. There’s also a community chat area in here so that you can just go, go in there and talk to each other
about whatever it is that you want to talk about that maybe doesn’t have anything to do with the class. Maybe there are some of you who live in the same area
and you would like to form a study group or maybe some of you who work in the same field
want to create a discussion board to talk about your field and
how sociology comes together with it or not. Feel free to do that in there. And then finally there is an area for library assistance for some of the assignments that you’re going to have. So, that’s just a really brief overview. Anytime I have grades for you they will always be posted here in Brightspace so you have a really, um,
easy to access way of seeing them. Typically for the discussions I will post
a class-wide feedback video that everyone sees and then um, try to keep fairly, you know, brief individual comments so I can get you some pretty quick feedback. Um, so if you’re interested in feedback
for your discussion scores, you’ll want to make sure that you not only take a look at
the individual feedback that I give you, but also the videos that I make for the class
after each one of these discussions. Um, so, again I think that’s really just the, um down-and-dirty overview of what
this course looks like in Brightspace. As always if you have any questions at all and you’re not sure about something and you want to reach out there are a few ways to do that. Um, you’ll see here in this contact me area
here on the first page that my email address of course is listed there. This is my office phone, but, uh, I will say that over winter
I am almost never in my on campus office, so probably the best way to reach me is either to send me an email or, uh, some of you may be familiar with zoom if some of your other instructors have used zoom in another class I’m just gonna briefly show you
what that looks like, looks like. So, Zoom basically we can use, it has a chat feature
it has a video chat function as well and we can use that to hold individual office hours. I can also use it to set up, um, maybe a lot of you have a question about a particular thing we can all kind of meet in the same
virtual video chat room and that way it’s a really easy way for us to connect. So I’m just gonna quickly show you what this looks like. Um, one thing I’m also going to say here
before I do this is that you’ll see that in the technical resources area of the introduction to the course module there are links for zoom and if you have an iPhone or an Android phone there are also apps that go along with those phones for zoom. Um, so it is something that is pretty nice to have
and pretty nice to use to stay connected for us. So I am going to open this up so that you can see what this is going to look like
when you click on that. Now if you want to meet with me,
I don’t just hang out in here so you will want to make sure that you maybe shoot me an email first and say, hey, can we meet I want to talk to you about
whatever it is, and that way I can plan to meet you here so that we can have this discussion. So when this pops up, there I am, when this pops up uh, sometimes it will pop up
as a video automatically, uh sometimes it might ask you,
I’m not exactly sure why, but there it is. You’ll see here that there is
only one participant in here, um, but you can also use, um, you know,
your phone to zoom in and talk to me as well. So, I’m just actually gonna do that here
really quickly. I am going to just join this meeting that I just created
just based on that link that I just clicked on. And, it’s super easy it asks you to put your
name in, so I did that. Oh my goodness, there I am. And you’ll see that here I am in two places because one of me is on my phone and one of me is on my computer so there’s a lot happening here, but this is a nice way for us
to be able to stay in contact with each other. So, you know, if you want to meet with me about absolutely anything at all, if you have questions about your- I’m gonna get rid of this because it’s very strange for me to see like eight of myself at one time. Um, so if you have any questions
and you want to ask me anything at all it could be about a discussion, it could be about, um, you know, the final project, anything at all,
please feel free to just shoot me an email, set up a quick time, and we can
just do this really, really quickly. We can also do some screen sharing on here,
so if you’re not sure about how something works, I can sort of model it for you on my screen and I can also kind of take a peek at your screens so that we can, um, make sure that
we are quite literally on the same page. Uh, and so that is how you are going to reach me, and all of that information is
right there on the main page there. So again if you have any questions please
feel free to reach out, in the meantime, start working through the course. I know we have a lot to get through
in a short period of time, but I really look forward to working
with all of you.

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