Vladimir Putin’s Early Life Story

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October
7, 1952 in Leningrad, Soviet Union, the city now known as Saint Petersburg. Growing up
poor, he chased rats around the stairwells of his shabby apartment building. His father
– also called Vladimir – served on Soviet submarines and, during WWII, was severely
wounded while fighting on the front lines against the Nazis. Putin’s mother, Maria,
was a factory worker. She had given birth to Vladimir’s two older brothers, but they
both died before he was born. Vladimir’s grandfather was apparently a talented chef
who cooked for Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. As a young man, Putin spent a lot of time
in the streets of Leningrad, which was in bad shape after losing 800,000 people at the
hands of a relentless Nazi siege. He became a hooligan and jumped at any chance to brawl.
In sixth grade, he found an outlet for that aggression in Sambo, a Soviet martial art
combining judo, karate and wrestling. Eventually he took up Judo too, and currently holds a
6th degree black belt in the sport. Influenced by movies and books, a young Vladimir also
developed a desire to become a spy. At the suggestion of a KGB recruiter, Putin went
to university. Soon after finishing, Putin entered the KGB, the main security agency
of the Soviet Union. Around this time he married his now ex-wife Ludmila after a strange proposal
in which Ludmila actually thought Vladimir was breaking up with her. In 1984 Putin got the break he had been waiting
for, and was sent to spy school in Moscow, but was disappointed when he was assigned
to work in Dresden, Germany to gain information about the west, mostly by just collecting
press clippings to add to the growing mountain of unimportant information produced by the
KGB. Putin’s biggest success while in Dresden was in contacting an American Sergeant, who
sold him an unclassified army manual for 800 marks. Putin was depressed. He stopped working
out, turned to the bottle, and put 20 pounds on his narrow frame. While Putin was toiling in Germany the Berlin
wall fell, uniting East Germany with the West, bringing everything Putin had been working
for down with it. Forced to return his young family to Leningrad, the now 37-year-old Putin
resolved to do everything in his power to keep the Soviet Union he knew and loved alive. But as the Soviet Union collapsed, Putin seized
an opportunity to become involved in politics. He started working for the mayor of Saint
Petersburg, who was one of his former college professors. While heading the Saint Petersburg
Committee for External Relations, Putin was investigated by the city council for corrupt
practices and it was recommended that Putin be fired. But, because he was the mayor’s
right-hand man, Putin stayed in the St. Petersburg government until 1996. Putin was then called to Moscow where he held
a variety of governmental posts under President Boris Yeltsin, rapidly charming his superiors
to climb the ladders of power, while building an inner circle of influential allies. Yeltsin,
often drunk, in poor health, and paranoid, made Putin the head of a powerful successor
agency to the KGB, the FSB. Putin was credited for modernising the security apparatus to
take on new threats like organised crime, corruption and terrorism. As Yeltsin’s own
approval ratings plummeted, he wanted to give the Russian people a successor with little
baggage, so he made Putin Prime Minister. And after Yeltsin’s surprise resignation,
Putin became President of Russia, rising from utter obscurity to become the most powerful
man in the country less than three years after his arrival in the capital.

100 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin’s Early Life Story

  • i remember watching Putins nomination by Eltsin, and saying: whata joke who's this guy..?

    But now! i take those words back…

  • What a total badass. I would of loved to had a drink with him when he was drinking and at his lowest. 'Ahhh its alright mate its all going to work out'

  • Lots of made up garbage in this. Putin didn't just collect press clippings. He talks in his autobiography of the extensive network of agents an officer in his position had to build up. He didn't get depressed, didn't "turn to the bottle" – he just likes German beer and added it to his diet. However, because of a heavy work schedule and no gym facilities he stopped working out, which is why put on some weight. Not sure if this vid is worth going on with. It's already got too many errors and made up stuff – to start with no KGB agent worth his salt, as Putin was, would ever talk about his work, and what he did. The thing about him buying a US army manual is also made up garbage. I think this vid isn't worth bothering with.

  • I am not Russian, nor American, but I always thought it to be so weird that the little Americans consider their nation's president to be 'sooo powerful', meanwhile I always saw American presidential position as nothing much. But Putin on the other hand… I always considered him with prestige and power. It's not about the country. It's about the brain running the country.

  • The reason why I don't like him and his leadership is because of how he is kind of trying to stop Ukraine from doing things to help the country. But I do love how America and Russia are trying our become allies.

  • Putin had strong reputation being honest and law abiding in KGB several investigations were launched at him to bring him down but none could bring any result

  • Very interesting, I respect Putin but would not trust him. Why? Well because he was a spy, and he has too much power. Nothing good can come from that.

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  • 射手座で、STに、産まれた事を、後悔する事が、いっぱいです!凄く、残念の、思いだけが、残り、

  • あんまり、だったら、中国と、離れる決意も、しつようかな?頼っても。何か⁉️起きるか?文化的だよー

  • 己を、捨て、ひどいを、愛するが、教えです!やがて、幸せが、そこに、ある、考えが、近づいてきたら、お祓い

  • he is good in stealing billions from his own people… its one of the best in manipulating people and extremely intelligent BUT… putin = 666 devil
    1991 he murdered a lot of his own people when blowing up buildings claiming it was terrorist attack and took over power! ..
    And his palace and billionair friends says it all

  • A spy ehh? Thats cool
    But its so difficult especially if you don’t know anything about politics

  • When I was in Russia I hung out with spetsnaz soldiers eating shishkabob. I'm black, lived with a russian girlfriend. Russians are cool people. But I don't agree with whats happening in Syria and I don't condone violence.

  • After Hilter you would think he would have a heart and fight class war and racism and help the ruskies peoples become strong, but he turn the another way and became the devil to his own peoples.

  • How come nobody mentions the fact that Putin's mother is a jew?
    It says on her 1933 passport clearly" "JEW"
    It is a documented fact.
    The stupid goy Christians who worship this evil jew are totally brainwashed.

  • If there is any killer who is ready to kill this crazy maniac – I know several countries who will be ready to donate for his liquidation.

  • Чтобы использовать свою позицию таким образом, что вы предоставляете информацию о конфиденциальности другого человека, это слишком много слишком много преступлений, и они сделали это со мной и поделились со всеми гражданами репиблики сербии и за рубежом,и сегодня они угрожают моей максимальной жизни.

  • where do you get info about American manual and his alcoholism? none of these sources are confirmed and Putin himself and his ex said that he never drank,just when he was a student he drank beer with friends,but after that he stopped drinking completely,even durring social mettings now you can see him usualy fake drinking/sipping shampaign and he himself constantly speaks against drinking alcohol. And then working for Yeltsin he obviously didn't drink a sip after such experience.

  • Mostly true but with some big lies :
    1 : He was NOT a criminal
    2 : He did NOT love the ussr.He was loyal to his country,no matter the sistem.
    3 : Since returning in 1990 home and preety early after entering politics,untill 2000 you deduct there were only 3 years ?

  • russia will become rich country in world and not think to build more weapons and russia will go for one to one fight soon rather breaking whole country who will abuse russia citizens and will do wrong with russia commonsense.UN

  • A biased and simple-minded insult to everyone's intelligence. Yeah, his childhood is summed-up by chasing rats. Sure. The maker of this video is a Western shill.

  • Putin. Da man. Does fats Domino,,. Blue berry hill,,,,,,went viral world wide,,, Latinos hispanics mexecans zut suts cholos mehecanos Chicanos lvlvlvl da man

  • Stay two yrs old US gov tag showed shown true colors pin on tag I'm 2 today let em shine color law makers disturbed silient sound

  • You cav pay erfrecht for me president putin ♥ 🏇📱 kaptan Ervaring. ✅ 📄 🌐 2019 #1 📱 Nederland alway love you video plezier.


  • A rat chaser, that explains it all. Warmonger troublemaker to the world and rat chaser.Hooligan rat chaser. I was right about him all along, ingrained communist, father cooked for communist leaders. Corrupt and a spy as well. Obviously, Putin is an eternal enemy of the west that no leader in the west should trust or have anything to do with. The only reason he is the leader is that he was in the right place at the right time and power was handed to him. Anyway, communism is doomed to fail and Putin with it. China will never be a superpower and North Korea will dissolve. Now I fully understand the evil of communism run by an evil person. Russia become a true democracy like the USA and be prosperous like the USA. Democracies never make war with one another. There would be a lasting peace. Get rid of that communist Putin, your living standard and quality of life will be so much better as a real democracy, not a pretend one with Putin as the dictator.

  • Just another commie. It was a dictatorship back then. People starve to death. Poutine is a dictator and is skillful to use deception to make people like him like any dictator

  • …..

    what about his sex life? He has a young female fan club called Brides of Putin, they do flash mob appearances at places where the man will be arriving. Like a rock star he surely has some fun with his groupies.

  • Though I am only an ordinary old woman but I wish Mr Putin to read bible and study where his country stands and the prophecy regarding future of Russia. I am praying for you the president. I like your simplicity and hope you will fulfill my last wish that you should consult well prepared and educated bible scholar. I donot know wether you believe bible is a prophetic book .I am worried about Russia as well as the whole world.anyway best of luck.

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