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-The older we get, the further
we get from the truth, and the more
we search for answers. If only we could ask
the real experts, life would go
a whole lot smoother. This is “Little Kids.
Big Questions.” featuring your host,
Ingrid Michaelson and the Austin Hartley-Leonard
Quintet. -Hello. Hello. [ Cheers and applause ] Hello, beautiful people. Today,
we are talking about… [Xylophone plays]
…beauty. Now, semantically
speaking beauty… [Xylophone plays]
…i-is just, uh, one word. It can describe about
a billion different things. The beautiful thing
about beauty… [Xylophone plays] …is that when
it comes to beauty, [Xylophone plays]
…there’s no wrong answer. But how can a concept
so universal be so subjective? We should figure this out. I want some answers. And I want ’em now. So let’s welcome
tonight’s guests, Marco, Dariana, and Jackson. [ Cheers and applause ] -Hi, guys. How are you? -Good.
-Good. -Good? Okay.
You look a little nervous. -[ Laughs ]
-Not at all. -You’re not at all nervous?
Okay. Cool. So, tonight’s episode
is about… [Xylophone plays] Do you know what that means? -Beauty!
-Yes! -Like mine.
-Like your beauty? Yeah, you are beautiful.
-No, mine! -No, yours?
You’re all beautiful. We’re gonna look
at some pictures. And you’re gonna tell me
“Hot,” or “Not.” All right, here we go.
Are you ready? Hot or not?
-Yes! -No.
-Oh, sick! Blah. Sick. -Is that Lady Liberty
or something? Oh, my —
-That’s the Mona Lisa. -Oh, the Mona Lisa. So I get two — -Was I supposed to know that?
-So we have two nots and one hot.
Okay. Mona Lisa, supposedly the most beautiful woman
in the world — Two nots. Cool. Hot or not? -Who? George — George Clooney. [ Laughter ] -Boo.
-George Clooney would not be happy with that.
-No! Sort of. Sort of. Sort of. -You think sort of hot? -What’s he doing? Like… Nooooo!
-And Jackson says, “No. Not hot.” -No. No.
-Marco? -Definitely not.
-Not hot. And this is George Clooney. -Elf ears.
-What? -Wait, that’s George Clooney?
-Elf ears? -I don’t know.
That’s what she said. So, George Clooney
has elf ears, and he’s not hot. Ladies across the world,
George Clooney is not hot. -One of your guys. -Okay.
All right. One more.
Are you guys ready? This is the best one ever. -Is it you?
-Hot or not? -Yes! That’s you! -Yes.
-No. No. -Not hot?
-Yes! -Yes.
-No. -But are you only saying,
“Yes,” ’cause I’m right here? -Unfortunately,
you two look exactly alike. -So am I hot or not?
-Yes! -Yeah.
-But I — Are you saying that just ’cause I’m sitting
in front of you? -No!
-No! -Well, you said, “I’m not hot.”
-You’re not. -I’m not. I’m ugly? -My God.
-Am I ugly? -You were better
with blond hair. -Oh! [ Laughs ] -Wait,
when did I have blond hair? -I don’t know.
It’s a dream. [ Laughter ]
-Really, really? We just went through
all of that — -Hey, Mom.
He’s dreamin’ about me. -Just so you could say that?
-Okay. Close your eyes, everybody.
Everybody. Close your eyes and think
about something beautiful. Okay? What are you thinking of, Marco?
What are — -Me.
-You? Okay. You are very confident. That’s gonna take you far
in life. Jackson,
what are you thinkin’ about? -Flowers from a barn. -That sounds beautiful to me,
flowers from a barn. Marco’s doing some tai chi.
-I’m thinking about a bunny. -And you’re thinking
about a bunny? -Yeah.
-That’s awesome. Who decides what it means
to be beautiful? Who — Who makes that decision?
Like — -God.
-Who — God decides… -Yeah.
-…what’s beautiful? How do you know
if something is beautiful? -It’s sparkly. -It’s sparkly?
-It’s colorful. -How do you know
if something is beautiful? I like your face.
Is that your thinking face? How do you — How do you know?
What strikes — You — You said, “Flowers.” Why are flowers beautiful
to you? -Because they’re really bright. -Bright. Okay. -And they smell good.
-Oh, I like that. So if something smells bad,
it’s not beautiful. What’s the price of beauty? -I don’t know.
-This. -Like, how much do you think
it costs to get your hair done professionally? How much do you
think it costs — -50 bucks.
-Oh, I wish. -Really, if you wanted
to get it, like, really good, you’d have
to have, like, 100 bucks. -Can boys or men be beautiful? -Yes.
-Yes. -Yes.
-Oh! Right? I like that.
All right. I feel like we don’t even
have to go — Yeah. Cool. Because sometimes people say,
“Only girls can be beautiful.” -Okay.
Move to the next question. -Okay. Okay. You’re right.
You’re right. Okay. Cool. -The boys get uglier while —
as they grow up. -No! They get uglier
when they get puberty! -What happens
when you get puberty? I’m intrigued.
-You get pimples. -Okay. -You start growing mustaches,
like my brother. -What about — What — Okay.
Yeah. That’s true. What else?
-Um… -You seem to be very
knowledgeable beyond your years. -Yeah.
-Tell me. -You become less…likable. -Less likable? [ Laughter ] -Was it me, or was that funny? -No, it — it — it was funny. It was true, actually. I’m, uh, somewhat stumped. So let’s give it up
for our little guests, Marco, Jackson, and Dariana. -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Look what I got.
You want one? Why don’t you do
your robot dance? You wanna do the robot?
-No. -You’ll get a chance —
-I want to do it now.

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