What is Microsoft 365 Education?

– Hi, it’s Anthony. For the past year, we’ve
been busy making a number of big changes at Microsoft Education to bring our customers
the most complete set of software for the classroom. Today we took another big step by offering our customers Microsoft 365 Education, a single, affordable technology solution built for schools. If you’re currently using
Microsoft Education products, you may be wondering what
this news means for you, so I wanted to take a moment
to cover a few questions we didn’t have a chance
to cover in my blog post. (gentle music) These new packages allow our customers to get access to all of our great software for the classroom with
a single transaction. We will continue to
include free Office 365 for Education, and then
customers can scale from there, depending on their needs. These packages include the software that you know and love
like Windows and Office, our industry leading security features, and popular new software to help spark student creativity like
Minecraft Education Edition. And we will continue to offer schools free student use when they purchase. (gentle music) Our aim is not only to
make it easier to apply your Microsoft 365, but
to pack in even more value into our customers’ purchases, and in most cases,
customers will save money with the integrated offer. But for schools who aren’t
able to purchase as a package, we will still offer the option to purchase all of our software individually. (gentle music) We think the combination of Windows 10, running on low cost devices,
with free Office 365 for Education is a powerful
platform for the classroom. These are the tools today’s
students are going to use in the modern workplace,
and by giving them the opportunity to use
them in the classroom, they’re preparing for
the jobs of the future. We’re also seeing amazing
reaction to Minecraft Education Edition. In it’s first year it’s been astounding, and that’s only available
on Windows 10 and Mac OS. With Microsoft 365 Education, you get the complete
package for your schools and start seeing the immediate time and cost savings. That’s just a quick
overview, but feel free to check Microsoft.com/Microsoft-365 for more information. (gentle music)

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