What is online study?

So right now you may be tossing up the pros and cons of studying online via distance education
or on-campus? Perhaps it’s because you don’t live close
to a uni? Perhaps it’s because you work full-time, have a family, you’re the team captain, play
the bugle, have a two pet dogs and a fish!? Either way, USQ’s online and distance ed programs
can make uni happen for you. In fact, USQ is Queensland’s number one University
for online & distance education. It’s little wonder then that 75% of our students
choose to study this way! So no matter where you live, you’re never
alone. We’ve built a support network that will see you through.
Let’s get started with the StudyDesk. The way that the StudyDesk is structured then
I can access it whenever I need to, whenever I want to.
So you could be sitting in your house in Timbuktu, open your laptop, and log on.
Here you can access all the course info you need… lecture notes, study materials…
even chat and collaborate with your classmates and lecturers.
But it doesn’t stop there. Our library has been voted Australia’s Best Tertiary Library.
The helpful staff can even post you materials if you don’t have great internet connection.
Of course, even if you choose to study online, you can still mix it up and come to campus
to take advantage of all the great facilities we have to offer.
In fact, some courses will require you to complete a practical component on-campus.
These students can take advantage of our residential schools.
The uni offers the res-schools which are fantastic. You get to do the testing, you get to see
how the actual engineering side works — you can’t teach that stuff out of a textbook.
And when it comes time to do your exams, you’ll need to sit them under supervision.
Worry not! You can choose between over 450 exam centres
located throughout Australia and the world. Yep, depending on your program you may never
have to come on-campus at all. In fact, many of our students only make it to campus for
their graduation! They know that you’re whole world doesn’t
revolve around uni. Life here is hectic some days and frantic
others, but I still find the time to be able to study.
Most online students study part-time, completing 1 or 2 subjects a semester.
At soccer I can sit there and read and at swimming I can sit there and read or I can
work on an assignments. Sometimes I take my study books with me when
I donate blood; while I’m waiting for the girls to finish school.
So have a look at your lifestyle and calendar to see what you think is possible.
At USQ YOU choose how YOU want to study, always with the support you need.
Talk to us on: 1800 269 500

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