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What’s the best rim joist insulation?
Let’s talk about it! Welcome to Foam University, today we’re
gonna talk about the best kind of insulation for a rim joist. Well it
really comes down to three common type of materials first we’re gonna look at
fiberglass, foam board and then spray foam. Well let’s pump the brakes real
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Thanks, so fiberglass, it’s very common there’s some pros to it obviously, you
can get it almost anywhere and it’s usually going to be the least expensive.
You can also install this yourself relatively easily, you know, if you’re any
type of handy person, usually you can be able to install fiberglass. Lets look at
foam board real quick. A lot of the same pros to this. it’s relatively inexpensive,
usually a little bit more in cost than fiberglass. You can install yourself, it’s
a little bit more challenging but it can be done also you can find it in most
places. It’s not as commonly seen as fiberglass but it can still be had. Now,
lastly spray foam, some quick things about spray foam, obviously this is going
to be the most expensive and we’re talking about a high pressure system,
having a professional contractor come in and spray foam that rim joists. Again
this is going to be the most expensive, usually however this also comes with the
best performance this will also come with a warranty usually, which is not
something to disregard. Now when we’re talking about the rim joist specifically
there’s something that we should all keep in mind and that is air seal. The
rim joist is one of the most common problems in any house for air
infiltration. Air likes to come right in through that rim joist and wreak all
kinds of havoc, creates cold floors it can go up your walls and cause problems.
Obviously it causes issues in the basement, so keep in mind whatever
material you use you want to make sure that it establishes an air seal. So
here’s where fiberglass really kind of falls short. Now there are some steps you
can take to help fiberglass provide an air seal in or around the rim joist. One
thing you can do is caulk or silicone around each cavity to when you put the
fiberglass in to help cut that air down. The problem is the face of that
fiberglass, the body of that cavity itself has no
way to stop air. Fiberglass bats are simply not an air seal so they will
always fall short in this regard. Foam board can shine in this category though
because foam board, the material itself usually can be an air seal. Now again
like I said with fiberglass it would add a few steps. You will have to silicone
and caulk around the edges to provide that seal around the board itself, but
again that will help you establish an air seal. So when you looking at foam
board, it makes a real viable option for a rim joist because you can establish
that air seal. You can do it yourself and you’re at a much lower cost than having
a high pressure spray foam contractor out. So when we look at that what are the
obvious pros? Now like I said, they all have benefits to each other. It’s gonna
come down to what type of project you’re looking at, is cost the biggest factor
for you, do you want to be able to do it yourself, do you want a warranty, because
if there’s a problem in a year you want to just be able to call up the
contractor who did it and have them out to fix the problem or are you just
looking for the best performing product? There is, you know these are all
questions you’ll have to answer for yourself. I hope this video was helpful
I hope this one helped shine some light on this. Please be sure to check out the link in
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