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– I tried to start leaning German cause my dad is Swiss German, right. And so I was like, I
wanna learn his language cause I never learned it growing up. And then someone was like “Why don’t you learn Swiss?” and then I heard Swiss
and I was like “No.” (laughter) I’d rather learn German. And so I learned German, cause I thought it would bring us closer together, right. Cause I lost contact with
my dad for like 10 years. And so when I met him again I was like I wanna learn German and
impress him, whatever. I met him, and then I started
speaking to him in German and he was like “What are you doing?” (laughter) I was like ” I’m speaking German” and he’s like ” It’s better
if you speak English, no no (laughter) It’s better if you don’t speak
German at all, it’s fine.” But then now I could speak a bit of German so I was excited to go to
Germany and stuff and practice it and I had a lot of fun. Until I found out that
the way I spoke German sounded a little bit like Hitler. Which no one told me on
this side of the world cause we don’t know how he
really spoke or anything. But I would be in Germany and apparently the way I would hit certain inflections would freak people out. (laughter) Think of it like Barack Obama’s voice. If someone learned English
in America and they got here and they were like “I
just wannaaa have aaa” and you’d be like “Hey, you’re
doing the Barack Obama thing” and they’d be like, what
are you talking about? You know what I mean? So I would do that, I was
going places and order food and someone will be there “Guten
Tag, was wollen Sie haben?” and I’d be like “I will
ein klein Broetchen haben!” (laughter) Bitteschoen! With the Schinken! And people would look at me and when we left my friend was like, and I was like why would they look at me? Did I say the wrong word? She’s like “No, you sound
a little bit like Hitler ja (laughter) and the people are really
frightened about that.” So I was like, did I spoil their day? And she was like, yeah you did you know. And I was like, well that brings
me a lot of Schadenfreude. (laughter)

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