Who are Frontline Retail?

Frontline Retail started because there was a real gap in
the market in recruitment for retail companies, and they really needed help
especially in Sydney finding staff for their stores. I find that the way we
collaborate, we share information and work together definitely sets us apart from
other recruitment agencies. The biggest change in retail recruitment has been the
influence of technology. When we started recruiting in retail we were working out of a newspaper, placing ads in the newspaper These days the ads go on job
boards, they go on Instagram, they go on Facebook, they go on LinkedIn, and there’s completely
different channels of candidate attraction . Very big changes in recruitment and particularly retail recruitment through technology Confidentiality is paramount in our
business. We take on the trust of both clients and candidates and need to protect
their information at all times. Nearly all of our consultants have a background
in the retail industry. We think at Frontline that it’s important for our
clients and candidates to trust that we have a very deep understanding of their industry sector. A client says to us I’ve got a role to fill, before we’ve even put an ad up, we’re searching our database. So in all likelihood, we can put three or
four candidates in front of the client before we’ve even started receiving
responses from the ad, and receiving responses from an ad is pretty quick so we can get a database turnaround on candidates within an hour. At Frontline Retail we
have a team-based recruitment process, so that basically means that all our
consultants work together to generate as many ideas as possible for our candidates that we meet, and to provide them with the most choice. When we meet with a
candidate, we like to get as much as possible in regards to their skill set,
in terms of their needs, in terms of their personality, and also their interests, so we can be as thorough as we can, but it’s also the information that our clients would like to know about their candidates as well At Frontline Retail we offer all our
placements with a guarantee period, so that actually gives our clients peace of mind
that their investment is protected. The most important thing that Frontline does for it’s clients and candidates I think is that we are there for them, we’re a genuine, honest team, we’re really upfront and like to give feedback to our candidates and clients, but I think most importantly
we really like helping our candidates and clients. We like to help candidates get
the right job, and we like to help clients find people. Pretty excited about the future of Frontline. I know that we’re growing, it’s definitely exciting and
we’re really owning the market.

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