Why should I care about the 2020 census? Arizona State University (ASU)

What is the 2020 census? Why do I have to do it? The census is a nationwide survey conducted every 10 years. It determines all kinds of things, like how much funds we receive, the number of representatives we get for the state and it also lets us know how the economy is doing. These are all things that affect us now, and will continue to affect us once we graduate. All you have to do is answer some questions, like: How many people live under your roof? Not your dog, or your cat, or your pet fish — just people. You just need to fill out their names and some brief demographic information. The census is a statistic covering the amount of people currently living in Arizona. Your information is legally protected, and the census bureau can’t reveal your information. No, really. They can’t. Not even to law enforcement agencies. If you’re a student living on campus, whether it’s in the dorms or upper-division housing, you are not responsible for giving that information. The university will do that for you. By April 1, the 2020 census will be well underway and conducted via the internet, phone or a real human coming to your door. Be nice to them! Be sure to check your mailbox for a letter explaining what to do.

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