Why Students Love the STEM LLC

– I just think the chance to have a small classroom size of people that you’re
gonna spend the year with and get to know and kind of have that easier source of communication and advice and especially with the RAs and having an easier time getting to know what’s going on in school cause you’re not fighting
for the attention of your RA with, you know, 50 other girls. – The people around
you are similar majors, so the people, the friends that I have now are a lot of the friends
that I had my freshman year. So, all four years, I
had the same friends, plus more from other things, but same people in my classes, same people helping me, and it was good friendships, good bonds. Do it. It’s so cool. You get to learn about faculty and you get connected. I met the Dean through this LLC, and so we used to go Bear
Fit classes together, it was really like chill. – I know one of my concerns was like making friends since it’s such a big campus, so and I know that’s what a
lot of freshmen think about, so what I like to tell them is if you’re really looking
to make that good connection, and long term friendships, then you should definitely join LLC, cause I am really good friends
with like half the floor, than I was when I first got here, so.

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