Why study an online Master of Analytics with UNSW?

(bright instrumental music) – If you were to ask me, “Why
should I study analytics?” I’d say because analytics
is part of our future and it’s part of the
careers of the future. There’s been a lot of research as to where the jobs are emerging and the kinds of skills
that we need going forward and skills in analytics are an absolutely essential part of that. When you think about it, analytics plays such an important role in the kinds of decisions that we need to make going forward. It doesn’t matter if you’re in business, in health, in government, in economics, really, all of these areas need to be able to make better decisions and better predictions about the future and this is where analytics comes into it. So if you’re interested in being part of that decision making and being someone who can use your skills and your background in
whatever field you’ve come from to improve the way we strategize, the way we look at the world, the way we make predictions
and make decisions, then I think this analytics
masters is for you. (bright percussive music)

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