Why Study Psychology? | BA in Psychology | Arizona Online

>>Psychology is everybody. We all have a brain. We all have a mind. We all think and act in this world. And what better way to figure out yourself and
everybody around you than to study the brain.>>One thing that I think appeals to students
most is psychology’s ability to teach students about the human condition, about
human behavior, and human cognition and how our cognition affects our behavior. In many of our courses we emphasize those
social skills that will help them to be able to improve their lives and the
lives of those around them. The psychology program in
particular is really innovative. We have some of the best researchers,
world-renowned researchers that do work on everything from cognition
to aging, to bereavement. And those people actually help
build and teach our courses. So the students who are taking classes from
us online are taking classes from people who they may not even realize
literally wrote the book on these topics, which is a really cool thing.>>Students who graduate with a bachelor
of arts in psychology have a number of different career paths they could take. Psychology is such a versatile program because essentially you’re learning how
people work and what motivates people. So many students go towards a
helping profession such as a master’s in counseling or a PhD ins psychology. Some students go into human
services or social work. A lot of our students use this degree to launch
them into a graduate degree of some sort. Students can also go into aspects of business,
marketing, human resources is another area where our students can go to with this degree.>>So someone who maybe isn’t sure about a
degree, maybe psychology would be a good place for them because it is such a
transferable skillset that can be used in so many different professions. [ Music ]

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