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The cold is my teacher To me, it’s like God We have to learn about our consciousness to become aware about what it teaches how to learn to control the mind and Making it my best friend. [I] found this shortcut [I] found the missing link [the] key to the depth of our Physiology the way nature has magnitude Because I’ve always been looking for What what what is life about? We are made to be happy strong and healthy Is there something about the cold because it’s so immediate that you must deal [with] it right now And then that leads to the breathing and leads to a real connection [with] your inside with nature mastering the breathing technique is Mastering the brain I programmed on cell level [300%] more metabolic activity If you are able to do that Then why shouldn’t you be able to tap into the hormonal system and create your happiness always? Let go If what does a mother want for her child [she] [wants] it to [be] happy strong and healthy And if there is a lack you compensate with possession with money Insecurity because you cannot Guarantee health happiness and strength The calls brought this wall very peaceful powerful silence After power power just internal power which is connection The man you are about to watch is quite easily the most requested guest ever in the history of London real and that is vim hof the Iceman [and] It’s easy with them to look at him and see a guy that makes his body cold and sets records But [there’s] so much more going on behind the scenes and that’s really why I wanted to sit down and talk to him because on top of the 26 World records he has four feats performed in the cold for climbing mount everest and Mount kilimanjaro in shorts and shoes for stayin in an ice bath for almost two hours without having a heart attack and dying [it’s] more because [Vim] thinks that we are missing a deep spiritual connection [with] ourselves and he sees the cold and breathing techniques as a way for us to get back in touch with our lizard brain and Find peace with our Spirit and to stop letting the monkey bane race around and tell us we got to do this and [we] got to by that and we got to be better than [that] guy and we have to do this and he thinks we’ve been very confused as a civilization of people and we need to get back to our roots and one of the ways of doing that is through the cold and Through breathing and to get back in touch with the spirit And he’s gone on to show that not only are these things party tricks or endurance feats But he’s been able to control his adrenaline and actually control his immune system, and he had toxins injected into his body [in] 2011 and he was shown that he could consciously battle those toxins, but that wasn’t enough [for] [him] He said [it’s] not just me I’m not this superman [I] Can teach anyone to do it and he took 12 students and had them do the same thing and they all did the same thing? And so that’s what I think is special about this man, because he’s not about himself and He’s about everything happening through us and through other people and my favorite phrase that he said during the show is Brian it’s not ego It’s we go and so I hope this is the beginning of a we go between myself and them I think there’s so many things we could do and [I] Just think our messages are so congruent in that we need to really think about the messages We’re giving and the connections that we have with our own beans And I think it’s fascinating that you can have a nonverbal connection with yourself Through your physical experience like the cold and through your breathing and now that I think about it It goes back to so many things that we we talk about on the show including Elliott Hulse with the act of [meditation], and [I] now [take] these practices into [myself] and so I do active meditation And I’ve been doing vims breathing techniques for the last few days I do it after my meditation in the morning And it’s very intense I’m going to release a video of me doing it and it’s quite simple It’s 30 very deep breaths in Rapid succession highly oxygenating your body I think it raises the alkaline levels in your body little check that with them and Then holding your breath and you can go for about two and a half or three minutes And it’s a great way to get [present] and get in touch with your body so so many things to learn from them He’s got a fascinating story a lot of heart [heartache] He lost his wife to suicide in the 90s and went to on a really painful journey But it brought him to the cold and it brought these lessons to us and He wants to see a world where there’s there’s no disease Where a world where we actually take control over our spirits and just it’s all about you know really love and getting more love into The world so we get a little teary here, and you’ll see in the show He actually gets me crying and I get him crying and we have a big hug too, so you’ll see that coming up later But it’s [a] real honor to have him on and I think you’re really going to love this show [most] likely you’re actually watching this show on the London real academy and everyone stops me on the street these days And they’re like Brian. What is the academy all about well? It’s a group of The hardest core London reelers from around the world and we get together and we push ourselves we push ourselves to just be better versions of ourselves to accomplish things to step up to go to where the fear is and to just finally [you] know just just do it and We do that through our private message board our private Facebook group. We watch premium content together and comment on it There’ll be a whole comment stream about the vehm episode here and we do through meetups because it’s got to be in person you got to look other people in the eye and See what they’re all about We have meetups here in London in New York Toronto Paris amsterdam San Francisco all around the world Australia, Melbourne, so it’s it’s something that people asking about and it’s something I’m most proud of we have so much incredible energy in there that It’s really the reason I [actually] come to the studio these days It’s really more about the academy because those people inspire me so much and I put together a short video Just a little bit about it. So check it out The intrapreneurial Journey it can be a lonely road I’ll push myself in so many areas, [but] But you know you can’t do it all yourself. I thing about the academy is it’s like look you have the ideas you have the ability you have the skill and you have the Sort of ambition for yourself, but when you have a group of people pulling you forward [it’s] so important accountability is what’s missing from most of the programs or Any gurus or any? internet mentor that I had before I want to get some accountability. [I] wanted to make myself accountable to group to you The reason we started academy is because I felt like we [were] doing these amazing talks like we’d have a peter sage episode or damn painting episode or a kala or someone and you get super inspired and then YouTube stops and then You go back to your life, and you [don’t] make any changes and it was just like what it felt like what are we doing? You’re designing your life right the good times are now and in a few years. You’ll look back and say wow that was amazing Think about the academy is it has so many different sort of layers to it. I think your web seminars awesome The way you broke it down and the style of your teaching is is pretty awesome. [I]? like to [feed] When I have to motivate myself I kind [of] look at they’re struggling and getting over those those struggles So I actually follow Daily defeat Best facial babies or [face] [book] aspect of it the social media aspect of it as in creating a profile With your goals your dreams There was on the same vibe, and we may be at different stages in our journeys, but everyone’s in the [same] page, [and] [then] [maybe] everyone’s really trying to push themselves and and Building the best you it really really resonates wiggly And the fact that I’m committing a small amount of money and the fact that I’m actually trying to interact with those people Means that I’m invested and means that I will [keep] it for the long run You have to be serious about yourself and what you want to achieve if you’re serious about yourself This is going to be such a fantastic platform London Real Sponsored by Bullet This is London real. I am brian [rose] my guest today is wim hof aka the Iceman you hold the world record for the longest ice bath lasting over one hour and 52 minutes and 20 other world records for feats performed while withstanding the cold You have climbed mount everest and mount kilimanjaro in just shorts and shoes your method enables you to control your core body? Temperature and immune system and can be learned by anyone including me I hope later Your ultimate goals are to end all disease to Facilitate a paradigm shift towards health to promote care for our planet and to bring back love and happiness for all People by encouraging them to get in touch with [the] cold you plan to do all this under the scrutiny of science Wim Welcome to London real. Thank you, [Brett] Yeah, I listen to what you say right now in the introduction. I think Wow, that’s a real summary. Go fast through my life. Yeah, and now we are here now. We are here You know you’re the [Iceman] But I think so much of you is not about the ice and so we’re going to get to that Because there’s so much more going on [at] the surface And that’s why I think so many people are drawn to your ideas because it cuts across cultures it cuts across physiology Spirituality so I want to get into all [that] stuff [and] as I said everyone’s been asking me about the [Iceman] Everyone wants to know when you’re coming on I’ve had famous comedians [here] famous musicians people don’t want to know they want to know about you including my 11 year old daughter She wants [to] meet the Iceman so let’s start with the ice you said once the cold is a noble force Merciless, but righteous it is my teacher Can we start from the beginning? Maybe the first lesson? How did you first meet the cold? Yes, yeah Many books I’ve [been] reading many esoteric disciplines I went in because I fell there is more between Heaven and but I couldn’t find it and add this feeling inside and After years I found myself in the park in Sunday morning. Everybody still sleeping and Was you know pondering within once again like always [course] it doesn’t stop you know the brain doesn’t separate that brain doesn’t stop if you really search for [something] and you haven’t found it your brain just keeps on yeah you You’re into your mind, so this Sunday morning. I was walking [through] the park and I just felt this attraction to this thin layer of ice on the water [I] looked around there was somebody and just the [idea] Came [up] I Go into that water Once again, and I looked [around] he undressed myself When the intuitive water and yet, I fell I fell deeply Inside it meant silenced me. I felt. This is it without thinking Later I began to know yes, the the Nicole brings you in a deeper connection with the deeper parts of the brain which [is] the adrenaline the reptilian mode the primitive bring the reactionary Brain which is not thinking, but only feeling This is what I was [looking] for something Beyond religion We beyond concepts of philosophy or if you do this this happens ok ions of disciplines But never this depth in my brain connected with the depth of my body and it that that moment that just it’s blank [buts] there and It made me feel really good [just] [one] minute it was the first time I played a little bit with the eyes, and I was witnessing I had no I Didn’t feel the cold whatsoever. I felt power power just internal power which is connection and This connection time if you feel it and you get out then you have triggered something inside Something deep and it makes you feel good because feeling good is deep connection and I took it home. [I] wasn’t thinking about it. I was [just] into this feeling give me a rush, so [the] other day I came back and did [the] same thing and had the same feel and I came back every day, and I lengthened in time because I felt I was able to do that and a certain moment I began to become aware I was breathing more Deeper Deeper and As Deeper breathing brought about in Oxidization in my body tingling [and] all kinds of sensations, and I could after like 25 of these breaths [I] could Go in the fetus position under the water Ice [would] stay five minutes six minutes seven minutes no problem No, Force just feeling underneath [the] eyes Silent Puter silas from Within and out Connection so you were learning about this plane with this experimenting with cold and how it affected your body? Yes, it brought this deeper feeling connection about [the] [eye] from there, I never I was totally convinced with him and always went back or always when I went back, so Because people thought of me as a crazy man who is going to sit in the freezing waters? like 35 years ago and [he] he must be crazy [inessa] day and what people think it affects in a certain way [I] just kept it secluded For 12 about 25 years didn’t tell anyone [I] didn’t tell nobody [I] was always going into the park where I lived in this out of a and in amsterdam in the squat place it was and Just between two trees. Nobody could see me there. Just did my [thing] because I’ve just felt very peaceful Powerful Silence and That’s my that’s the way it all started and from there I became aware that There [is] a deeper power, and I challenged it and as certain moments I could say I said all night long in the shorts outside in freezing temperatures that’s power that’s something beyond the what we think its just feeling pure feeling and It may be they were all kinds of things like [it’s] [no] [ok] you go walk barefoot for hours and hours No problem feeling good Just that silence no oh no no no jez you just feeling Because I’ve always been looking for What what what is life about? what is the real sense of life and And you cannot find it in the books you [are] the book you got to open up? And begin to read to be conscious of what you have inside That’s my convinced and conviction We are made [to] be happy strong and healthy and right now making a big step We got it into the sides that we are able Everybody to tap into the autonomic nervous system in two days [I] found this shortcut I found the missing link [the] key to the depth of our physiology the way nature has meant it to be and That brings about the poor the poor The poor Yada the ability to tap into the deepest layers Which is the endocrine systems immune systems? And what is endocrine systems all that brick makes you happy that is being? Those are hormones Happy Hormones all that makes you powerful those are adrenaline hormones and What is health is just tapping in all the layers of [the] immune system [and] we? got it and Now it’s in the books in the third year in the American university books it’s all there the chapter the Iceman and the cream systems immune systems Possibly given hope for those who have we suffer for example from hIv and things like that Because [we] could not tap into these immune systems now we do How does some guy from amsterdam in a squat teach the rest of the world about human physiology? Do you ever stop to wonder how that happened? [yes], uh You know after after? 30 years of Mockery which I endured [it’s] belief a Man is not able to endure 30 years of Mockery if he hasn’t got this belief. You know I See this chair. This is here. You [cannot] make me say it’s not here What I felt was there You nobody could say hey you don’t what you do is craziness No, I felt a whole lot better than ever before So that was my conviction and I stayed in it and and this belief finally got through the wall of both ignorance [Bow] Ignorant and the way, we think we can handle our physiology My conviction is once again We are meant to be able to tap in any time into our system to make us Happy Strong healthy We alienate it from that, and I’m [gonna] bring it back [thus] I think we’re going to stop the world because if what does a mother want for his child and the mother is [the] one who gives the birth to our existence She wants it to be happy strong and healthy And if there is a lack you compensate with possession with money Seeking security in this all insecure because you cannot guarantee Health happiness and and and strength now. I want to show this scientifically We already did but they are very stubborn and as I [said] Science is as slow or as fast as a slow turtle But finally it’s the fastest way [to] get people convinced a paradigm shift made them make them see by results numbers statistics blood results chemistry that we are able to Activate these hormones which makes us happy Strong and tap into the immune systems. That’s what finally every person wants for His or her job And then is there something about the cold because it’s so immediate that you must deal with it right now And you can’t check your phone you can’t think about what someone was saying about you that you deal with it right now and then that leads to the breathing and Leads to a real connection with your inside with nature is that one reason. Yes, absolutely it is People think I like the call too much, I fucking hate it man. I Don’t like it at all. I like a warm. Hot place. [I] like palm trees The cold but as long as I’m in a place [like] that [I] use their force to tap into the deeper parts of myself and Thus I respect the cold Very much, it’s my teacher it is Like you said in the introduction merciless, but righteous it brings you into the er this this quarreling of the mind is [stilled] in it you just survive and not only survive you find out if you are relaxed that you are able to endure and this power within begins to grow which is dealing with the impact of this force called the cold and Then after which you feel well, I’m filled up with power And it feels good and once you control that you begin [to] control and finding out that [it] is in the brain that we That we tap into the deepest part of our brain which is pure feeling and and it’s great and it hasn’t got anything to do with [coal] right and You see you had searched you had looked for the gurus you had read all the books you were looking for The answer per se. It’s not like you haven’t looked, but you stopped looking once you felt the cold yes What I I encountered took hold here. I stopped reading stopped everything It’s all [various] on the surface the old guru thing in the buddha thing and the and the catholics and all that it’s What is it a lot of war though not all [lot]? Controversy because they quarrel on the surface. It’s like engages the monkey brain. Yes, you’re going back to the lizard brain exactly I Just made a song crazy Monkey And you’re talking about the monkey brain and you know it’s all about this the crazy monkey crazy like a monkey Let’s be funky And [let’s] say I forgot about the lyrics but I got it on the guitar and everything is there beautiful Yeah, going back to the this reactionary part of ours which is a lizard the lizard is not thinking about this about to Texas and What he’s going to do tomorrow and how to make secure his house and the living and all that [and] Mathematics or whatsoever. He’s just into food fuck fries Fight and flight, that’s it very primitive that’s real and we showed in the University People lying in bed doing this breathing which was a result of being in the cold Becoming aware later using it. I saw all kinds realize another I think a lizard is looking at that like just lie beauty yeah, this is the way you’re like a chameleon They get girls like that. You know what what does he see? And what do we see? We think we know it all and it’s a way a human superior a titre we are not When you get to a bridge, and you got a jump down? you know like [a] [mortgage] [up] [a] person has fear going into his first bunker jump and He knows [he’s] secured nothing happens He’s confronted with the illicit at that moment because he paralyzes he is not able to control Whatever is going on because this reptilian is looking well and using his eyes he’s looking at the [abbess] at the depth and Taking it in and he is taking over this conscious brain of ours, and he cannot do anything he’s paralyzed, so this causes a Adrenaline inside, but aren’t not non-controlled now. We showed lying in bed And I learned it from being in the cold the breathing becoming aware Lying in bed making people just in two days or something egg producing more adrenaline But now controlled no trigger. Whatsoever just in [peas] and bees to tap into the deepest part of the brain Producing more adrenaline than the person in fear going into its first [bunge] jump That means tapping into the depth of the brainstem hypothalamus pituitary gland pineal gland all that, or there is a primitive part and Thus a Bacteria has no chance. They injected these guys whom I? Instructed they first injected you yes, so you went from the cold Mastered the breathing the breathing you felt you could master your adrenaline response, and then you decided well, let’s take this a little further nice Well [that] well said well [good] good to resume. Yeah a lot I love intelligent people man because we gotta cut through this and get to the bottom and Make it accessible for anybody because it’s very very effective [I] did so many years of mockery. I did so many years [of] study trying to find out Why are we not able to tap in our happiness strength and health? spirituality [love] and now you’re saying this yes, I mastered the breathing and Yes, I made [it] accessible by and showing it in laboratory setting first they came to me I Did a experiment? control the in a physiological Department in A University 2011 yes 2011 standing before a tank going into a tank burst with eyes for a minutes And they saw you know what they saw I was standing just before They drew blood from me all the time you know Just to have it analyzed later. [what] is going on in this body? this Iceman and they saw me just standing before I went into this tank and They and because I knew I was going into the Tech I programmed on sal level [300%] more metabolic activity more energy in Producing like heat in such just caused by my mind who [you’re] breathing or through your mind I just [by] the mind okay. This is where it goes to what are you thinking about then are you thinking about certain things? Yeah, I’m thinking I’m gonna. I’m gonna beat the cold I’m going to use it and tap it and it’s happening and you’ve done that so many times before yes But that you’re used to that. Yeah very very used and anybody can do it So we but we lost a connection between the Brain-body connection we lost it and The cold Triggers the cell activity to go on more. I mean to to you know to develop More energy enabling you to go into the cold, but that’s the Call using the cold to get this good And just by thought Now what what if you are able to do that? then why shouldn’t you be able to tap into the hormonal system and Create your happiness a happier modes these power these adrenaline Hormones or the strength and the immune system is what we What has been shown for these your ideas were you like? I want to take this further yeah, I want to take this further Yes, okay? Yes. Oh yes, I persisted that at Because the neck about [wood] [is] not standing in an ice bath for 80 minutes is a is a big deal and a scary thing For most people, but the next level you’re getting injected with a toxin dendrotoxin [Toxin] is supposed to make you sick. Yes It’s a controlled experiment. It’s called tea and a toxin which is a e.coli bacteria Which causes a fever [headache]? overall Agony uncontrolled shivering back aches muscle aches for 3 to 6 hours so Yeah, and I show to within a quarter of hour add to complete control over over adult and they chose also in the in the blood so [One] [Day] Sata told me Sorry they told me I [ain’t] but you are the Iceman you you will confirm the rule you are an exception and This is what it is and and I told them no Anybody can do this and that’s the turtle of science because when you show the exception they say that’s the That’s the rule because it’s just a 1 yes, art yes when you’re going to battle that toxin Do you plan your brain differently than say just battling the cold? Do you think different thoughts when you know that toxins coming in or do you even know where you’re going mentally yes? Oh, yes? With the cold it’s too cold is an impact. I’ve just made alert my body Activate my body and with the Bacteria [I] did not know what opponent opponent. It was I just said to myself I’m [ok] he’s going to get in I’m Gonna be ready The way I [think] it to be I don’t know who [yes] where he is But just [do] it, and it appeared that it was very effective did you feel anything? No they told me now it’s in and it’s for an hour it should be on its period As it is desert and The guys who I instructed later, they told me I? Prepared them in just in four days. They were able. It’s all story behind it. I will tell you but they totally there I think they these people from the universities professors are fooling us it’s a It cannot be a bacteria its sugar water Because you trained 12 people to go in and do the same thing yes, and you trained them in a few days [I] trained them in a few days, and you know what I told them Mindset about Mindset [I] told them hey guys really serious getting into brains like With this story just came up with this earlier how to get people going for something real? I told him we are going to win the greatest war with the most victims and misery created ever Which is the war of [the] Bacteria back [sill] and the virus? We’re going to do this and and the doctor told me and professors. How much days do we need to Weigh with these people then if you’re convinced, you are able to pass this on disability of yours to enabling people to Tackle a Bacteria on the immune system [how] much a 1 year 1/2 year? said 10 days just 10 [snice] number It took me four days These guys were really alert their mindset was like we are going to win The this the the greatest war ever we are the new gladiators There was the mountain anybody can do it So I made them Ready mentally focused memory and breathing techniques of course from there. We began to do the breathing the Breathing brings about it changes the chemistry to word The way nature has meant [us] to be or like did you ever see a rabbit go to a pSychiatrist or a pharmacy or a hospital It’s because they have ph levels are all okay one day before a rabbit is dying It’s still able to flee fight To do eat and to do it all Then it dies and it sleeps And it does it off gets into the central nervous system And probably he’s gonna go to rabbit have it I mean in going into this nice light of him And that’s why they don’t have fear they fear real fears Flee fight the predators and all that we with our [ph], levels, we have really done because we think we are superior to nature We dress up all the time we actually Disconnect Ourselves from [Nature] because there is no stimulation as a neutral zone So the body gets weakened the Brain-body connection gets weakened therefore And we create low, ph values because of that Oxygen is [less] because there is no stimulation if it would be colder here you would breathe Deeper naturally and That activates all the veins we got we got 125 thousand kilometers, which [is] about 80 thousand miles of capillaries arteries veins and all channels of Blood and blood [Transports] oxygen Oxygen is being needed to make the right ph levels in the body Everywhere the way nature has mattered to be is Alkaline and for example in the stomach needs to be very acidic [their] [lung] slime needs to be very acidic because the Bacteria is [a] [to] [nature] it did a perfect job until we began to scrub it up and And do these clothes and we will go on the Catwalk. I look how beautiful. [they’re] [fucking] sick man it Sometimes you got to go back to way To the way the nature has mentors to be and we forgot about this you have a phrase no ego we go yes, I’ve heard you say that [and] Whereas most people might perform the act of Battling the the endotoxin and say look at me you go train people and say anyone can do this You say anyone can do these breathing techniques and [two] other responses and get back to themselves Yes, sir, and I wanted to I want to make it even more accessible Because I think this world is about to change if we are able to make iphones right now an iPhone iPhone 6 for example Has more intelligence than the whole apollo 13 project With all the NaSa things and and the data, and then all these people you know we use them do you read me and all that and all the romantics about it and all that big intelligent A Center and dealing with the moon and everything iPhone 6. That’s the fruit of our mind [ok] we are there. We got all the technology, we cannot Have control over our happiness strength and health it’s time We take this intelligence and go within and I want to make that Accessible For anybody on Earth just showing it scientifically, and it’s up non-dogmatic It’s a choice You [can] make there is a way to tap [into] your endocrine systems amuses us or your physiology That enables you brain-body connection to get a hold of your happiness strength and health and I think every mom Really wants [that] for her child? and that’s the way we bring back peace and love and with all the scientists in the world and all the Billions and trillions of dollars and all the research it takes a guy from amsterdam You know who was you know out in the ice on his own for 30 years to teach us this Why why didn’t anyone else figure this out? Why didn’t they make the connection why do we need you to tell us? As long as there is nobody who is doing this for real so clear? Somebody’s got to do it So let me do this shit. Okay? I do it I have no fear this life is too short not to live it and I got a right to live and they got an obligation to pass the dog because we are the teachers You and me we are the new teachers the adults otherwise What do we teach the new children the [new] generations the living entities on this planet? It’s a mess Still now we [gotta] bring it back to love constituted by Happiness strength health and why I don’t care why I just do it That’s why I’m here to talk with you because you are a media. I bring it out. I use you you use me We bring love to all the world and [that’s] the way we do we do together. No ego. We go Tell me some of the things you’ve done with cold they attract attention [I] think you first did 30 minutes in ice was your first piece, and then you broke that record 12 days later Yeah, and you’ve gone further and further then you’ve climbed climbed the mountains. You’ve dove underneath sheets of ice What are some of these things that you’ve done and what’s got the biggest reaction. What scared you the most? Yeah, [it’s] [a] nice story many Stories, but yeah one of the I had to do it rehearsal before was going onto the ice [I] Was in Finland yes a pillar they had to cut through it with cutter cutter. [so] like a meter of ice a yard melt more than a yard and I had to do this rio, so and there was no diver underneath and But at and I took tomorrow I got to do this record. I’m not going to do the half I’m gonna do the hope to make sure I’m this is the way it goes with the it’s Rehearsing as no I got to do it for real now like 50 50 meters 60 yards or something On the water in the ice, and I went out I did my breathing you know with the eyes, [ha] meter how long do [three] for like two three minutes ox energizing the body it feels like a Lot of as a carbon dioxide go goes out a lot of oxygen gets in body gets to be alkaline alkaline and Then I get [on] a horizontal Because ice is like a meter yeah So if we she gotta get down there you go horizontal, but I had no goggles on So my rating the it froze after 35 meters [I] couldn’t see the hole anymore and I just went oh instinctively going out and passed when bypassed there the hole on the right [side] second haunt of two holes to say yeah, [you] [suck] [at] [all] and when I was at like 60 meters like forty eight strokes got to go back six drugs and going back and Nothing going that way six trips once again just glass the wall and from there to that place the Scariest moment of your life [absolutely] [not] I lost a fear of death To watch the rest of this fascinating interview click on the link below and go to London real Academy.com there you can sign in with your social media login and watch the rest of the episode for free Along with all of our [episodes] on London real my webinars and all of our premium content all located over at London real academy.com So click on the link below you’ll be directed there and you can watch the rest of this fascinating interview going to see their breathing prior to going in at [sidra] and taking the Ph levels, so

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  • One of the most things I adore of this gentleman – Wim, is his great and adorable sense of humor! His so delightful and engaging with his wisdom, and truly humble and genuine in his intentions to help and share with others! Though that humor is a blessing onto itself…he makes me easily both smile and laugh! Well in this interview anyway! 🙂

  • Great interview Brian, really related to your comment at the end about talking to your daughter re "go to college get a job etc" the saying "what am I doing?"

    Vim's method does get an immediate result, remind me of when I was in Irish Summer College as a kid and we used to squat down, hyperventilate then stand up and hold our breath for a head rush .. often passing out.

    The achievements Vim has made are astounding, but his explanation of what is going on, to me, sounds off. If you look at free-diving talks that cover hyperventilation, and why the hyperventilating head rush happens, it seems more that you are depleting your body of CO2, not charging it with O2. I am surprised you didn't know this with your vast experience.

    Freedivers do not recommend, in fact they say not to do this practically to a man/woman, as what actually happens is your desire to breath, which is caused by a build up of CO2 not a lack of Oxygen, comes late. So when you dive without hyperventilating and you get the desire to breath, you can fight through it but you still will come up in time, but, if you hyperventilate it comes late and people don't have enough time to get up tao the surface and they black out under the water. If you look up "shallow water blackout" you will find this.

    Now that is not saying the method is bad, except for freediving, but it explains by practical demonstration in diving, what is happening.

    This is my understanding anyway, but it seems very strange that Vim gives, what appears, to be a very wrong explanation i.e. your body is getting supercharged. If it weren't for his amazing feats, you could say his is just a way to get a head rush. I have used the method and got that result. Has there been any blood test or brain scan showing his claims re parts of the brain being activated or the adrenalin kicking in?

    It sounds like Vim is speculating on what is happening physiologically, educated and sensible guessing, but not based on study of what is actually happening re blood composition and brain use . It is pretty well known though that that sort of breathing has the effect of purging CO2, this is why you can hold your breath so long after on the full exhale, you won't feel the desire to breath till the CO2 levels tis to normal then up to a level the body feels is too high.

    Has anyone else studies freediving, breath and blood composition or the like and can conform or disconfirm this?

    Very enjoyable interview. .. perhaps being a bit more challenging would have added to it though.

  • This is so funny because he comes from Holland which is well known for his drugs and narcotics liberty. And then comes Win and brings a natural "drug". Blows my mind every time I think about it

  • Mind over matter & oxygenating the body I can see there is some power in that but his lizard ice God chat is where the alarm bells ring that he is a hyperventilating hippie trying to start a cult…darkness in his eyes…
    I'm a fan of the breathing & cold showers but it's not a cure for cancer & everything…

  • The Himalayan caves.
    One can find 100 s of Saints living in ice with regulated breathing, regulating Heart Rate, regulating Metabolism , no food for days still healthy and divine. This for centuries and still unbelievably existing.
    Its the Yogic way of living.🙏

  • Oh my God I am so grateful for this video which I found when doing a search for Tesla on the problem with human energy.

    I simply tried breathing deeply and quickly for 30 or so times and holy fucking shit about 10 in I felt incredible bubbling tingling in my hands I can't decribe it and as I kept breathing and it kept getting stronger. AMAZING. If only for that simple feeling. Thank you. I could cry.

  • I believe this ability of modern human brain is a large reason we survived the Neanderthals, as it is estimated that their prefrontal cortex had a smaller size.

  • breath is the key … enlightenment is what happens … freedom of mind … completely rooted to WHAT IS .. in the NOW … meditation is the way

  • 42:46, fruedian slip. The interviewer calls him a clown. I am sure he respects him but part of him also thinks he is funny. Amazing video, thanks for the share. The work of Win Hoff is really important.

  • It certainly is true that Buddhism is words, words, words at the level of culture, millions of words have been been written on Zen for instance,. What Wim has reached all by himself through giving up words which are only able to point in Buddhism and Zen is true freedom to be truly HUMAN beyond the sufferings of cultures. This is available to all humanity if only it looks beyond the little belief in an essential self, the self that prevents that which Wim has found the deep power (CHI) and his happiness that I feel is his BLISS.

  • A deeper connection my ass, Love brings a deeper connection, he tryna kill y’all all smh AND STOP COMPARING HIM TO JESUS CHRIST 🤭🥶😡🤫 But you mfs want to say Dr. SEBI was a fraud…. STUPID ASS WORLD, stress will kill you faster, and your body would be stress the fuck out if you mess with the cold, I hate the cold. And his ass said He HATE THE COLD, but yet he praise it. This world is so lost. AIN’T NOBODY BELIEVING YALL LIES NO MORE, it’s over Monkey Brain BYE

  • Beyond religion or philosophy he says, yet the foundation of his thinking and yours is the Luciferian occult lie of the religion of racist savages thanks to forced indoctrination and social engineering called EVOLUTION. Debunked long ago. DUMMY UP PEOPLE!!

    All you need is in JESUS/YESHUA/LIVING WORD. These awesome bodies were His CREATION!

  • He said " then we can bring back peace and love" ha wow! There never was real peace or real love anywhere near that psyop. That peace & Love psyop counter WAR culture was a preplanned as were the wars whom "they" funded both sides. All a mass psyop!!!

    Satanic Antichrist movement as part of the FREEMASON ALICE A BAILY'S –
    ● "50 YEAR 10 POINT PLAN"
    Which/witch was a great success!!
    Pervert the nation while taking God/YAHUAH/YAHUSHUA ans the LIVING WORD/JESUS/YESHUA out of the minds of the cattle. Leaving them easy to mindslave and manipulate with the craft.

    Next what's left as we've come so far since that psyop – legalized slaughter of 3500 – 4500 innocent children started in 1973 in the womb by our women/mothers (who were mindfucked) in America alone.

    Destruction of the family from within (Check!)!
    Destroy the minds of the dumbed down flouridated and TAVISTOCKED masses! (Check!)
    Set the WORLD STAGE for the ushering in the Luciferian UNITED NATIONS/NWO AGENDA – return of the (dragon) NEPHILIM and the NEPHILIM KING/ANTICHRIST.

    The demon spirit Porney came out around the same time. Now wwWeb is being weaved.

    Right around the same time was ROCKERFELLER speaking openly followed by every PRESIDENT since, and the few other outspoken elite since of the coming BIBLICAL PROPHECY UNFOLDING as we are led to speak of the OLD BIBLICAL FIRST ATTEMPTED BY NIMROD/OSIRIS/ABADDON/APOLLYON NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.

    Let's not deny the spoken of openly by BILLY GOAT GATES
    Speech. Thanks to Vaccines and Health care industry alone we can successfully decrease the human population by anywhere up from 10 – 15%. Paraphrased

    legalizing all forms of perversions. Manipulating the hormones and psyche of the dumbed down flouridated masses. Creating mass confusion attacking the children pushing the KINSEY INSTITUTE directive that Carrie's over on the heels from ALICE A BAILY AND HER 50 YR 10 POINT PLAN

    Legalized incest & pedophilia (thanks lil g of government, we need you to say it's all ok first then we can all be sickos legally) will be what's left on the AGENDA/MOVEMENT in full effect.

    This whole WORLD STAGE has been exposed by no other source 1st but the LIVING WORD/JESUS/YESHUA. Timeless truths of the CREATOR MOST HIGH.

  • This works. I've been taking a cold shower every morning for the last two years and have not been sick once. It's crazy. And the feeling you have afterwards is 100 x better than after a hot shower.


  • This guy is a legend.
    37:50 "we dress up all the time" Looking straight into the eyes of a man wearing a suit and dressing shoes.
    39:08 "You fucking sick man"
    41:35 "Somebody's gotta do this. So let me do this shit."

  • Such a remarkable man. He found a way out of suffering that is so simple, yet so powerful. The film revenant with Leo DiCaprio spoke similarly to me. Thank you Brian for having such amazing people on the show! =)

  • The viewing experience on mobile using the website is 💩 and all the reviews for the app say it doesn't work. I really want to finish this episode, and I will but you're making it extremely difficult.

  • We were almost to lose a legend, in that time he was under the ice, when his retina froze and he were unable to see anything. But he still fight for us to prove what is our body capable of doing.
    My respect for him and people who contribute to help him prove all of this.

  • Wim hof you are my hero. I want to have your amazing strength of mind, spirit and soul and i am training to be just that…you are like a god of our time. Thank you thank you 🙏🏽🤗💗💞

  • Anyone knows anything about cancer patient on chemo and radiation doing this method? I do this methid now 3 days cold and breathing it has transformed me compleltly…my husband is the cancer patient and i know from what this is doing to me that it will take him high high and fast track to healing (mostly from that chemo shit). So can he do it being on chemo and daiky radiation? He is young 39 and strong and amazing and i love him😍

  • You inspired me to change my life in 2018. Now i even quit smoking 2 weeks ago….I tell you more in some weeks. 💛💪🌈

  • This was a fantastic interview! Initially, the only reason I watched this was to hear Wim Hof speak; but now it looks like I'll have to start following London Real as well. Really like your background story. Also, you're a great interviewer, very genuine.

  • I think he specifically said he was going away from reptilian mind set @LondonReal …. reptilian blood/mind freezes.. dies.. like the mind being weathered down.. no not reptilian but infinite!

  • Spectacular interview!! Wim ICEMAN Hof is a true living angel. For those that want to DIVE right into the interview it starts at 11:00.
    Surprised to see such a long intro. Usually all intros on LR are much shorter. All good, Brian always delivers wonderful content as usual. 😉


  • This guy hardly talks about the breathing exercise he learned from a Hindu guru from the Himalayas, which made the present day him…. He is a hero now in the west.

  • After the 21:00 mark WIM mentions belief, this "belief" is truest meaning of Faith, it's actually KNOWING.
    How does one come to know because as a general rule, the human minds are filled with "beliefs", these assumed realities,accepted realities but aren't the actual realities??
    It starts with another word,idea,ideal better put,Consider,consideration,considering.
    To consider, one is unbiased, one is open,curious,one is aware that there is more,there is "other" than conclusions,endings,boxed formulations.

  • How could you cut it there to register to your site what an absolute turd. Russell or rogan don’t do dumb sheeeet like that

  • Nobody discovered it partly because we are to concern about forming dogmatic doctors instead of creative ones… we are also too concern about selling drugs rather than understanding how to heal

  • I'm a quadriplegic from Alabama that would give anything to take part in your class and your vision for the future

  • I cant say it enough times. This interviewer is the absolute Best there is. There are others too but this is the Best… love him and his interviews.

  • The man is the real deal,take that and think about it,i am doing the breathing session along with cold showers.I smoking about 20 years,the last days i cannot tolerate the smoke,i have reduce smoking cause my lungs can't take it.What we have here is the my organism start to reset him self to the era before i had started to smoke.I think when you elevated oxygen in the lungs you cannot tolerate the smoke,this is the reason for many smokers that can't smoke after a running session.With the exercise of breathing you elevated the oxygen supply.Thank you Jon Ronson for getting this great man the legend wim hof.

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